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How to Clean White Volleyball Shoes? Quick Tips

Wondering how to clean white volleyball shoes? This is usually a challenge to many, given the most complex color to remove stains from. But it doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore since this article offers some simple yet great tips that you can refer to make this a walk-over.

What’s Different About Volleyball Shoes?

Volleyball shoes are different from basket, soccer and other sporting games, simply because volleyball is a different game altogether. The sport requires you to mostly move forward and sideways. The result? Your mid-foot to the forefront of the foot will be most the pressured part of the foot throughout the game.

For this reason, volleyball shoes are designed with a strongly cushioned forefront. The mid-foot is also in strong foam, while the heel is in air foam to release the pressure.

The top of the shoe is usually mesh, or at least in mesh incorporation. This will enhance breathability and prevent heat build-up during the long and intense playing sessions.

You can get special insoles for your shoes to enhance arch support and anti-bacterial protection too.

Let’s skip to how to clean white volleyball shoes, given this material background.

How to Clean White Volleyball Shoes?

Below are a few quick procedures on how you will leave your white volleyball shoes spotless, not to mention smelling good and fresh, ready for your next game.

Cleaning White Volleyball Shoes

You will need the following;

  1. Water
  2. Laundry soap
  3. Crep protect or other protection aerosols
  4. A soft towel
  5. A toothpick or something that resembles one
  6. A soft brush/ an old toothpick


Step 1 – Use the toothpick remove the small stones

Most volleyball pitches are indoors. This, however, does not mean you will not get some fun playing outdoors. If so, this is our starting point.

Using the toothpick, remove the small stones or pieces of mud in between the sole patterns.

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Ensure you do a thorough job, leaving no piece of debris behind.

Step 2 – Remove the laces and wash the laces

Remove the insole. Since most basketball shoe insoles are removable, washing them separately will enhance the cleaning process.

Also, remove the laces, so that you can wash them separately. Actually, you can machine wash the laces, or simply hand wash them together with the insoles.

Step 3 – Use the soft brush

Using the soft brush or an old toothbrush, softly brush the top of your shoe. Brush it in circles, one point at a time to eliminate the dust on your shoes. Whether in an indoor court or outdoor pitch, dust is almost obvious when playing volleyball.

Then, do the same with the soles, starting from the sides and down to the bottom.

Step 4 – Warm water is preferable

Put water in a small basin. Warm water is preferable, which will prevent the chances of your white shoes from mineral stains.

Add some laundry soap in the water. Do not put too much soap, so as to prevent excessive foaming.

After this, dip the cleaning towel in the water. A white towel will prevent instances of a towel that fades, which will color your white shoes.

First, wipe the interior of the volleyball shoes. This will freshen up the shoe.

Then, moving in circular motions, wash the shoes in the towel. In case of persistent stains, you can dip the towel in vinegar. Apply specifically to the stains, very gently and lightly to avoid discoloration of the shoe.

Now move on to the sole. Beginning with the upper shoe prevents the dust of the sole, which is obviously more, from making the water dirtier for the upper shoe part.

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Anyway, you can always replace the water if the dust is too much for the next part of the shoe, then repeat this step.

Step 5 – Wipe the shoes by soapy towel

Put clean water in a small basin. Dip a rinsed cleaning towel in the water. Now it is time for you to wipe the soapy residue off your shoes.

This step should take place immediately after step 4, which will prevent the soap from drying up on your shoes.

Again, move in circles to ensure a thorough job, until all the soap is gone.

Step 6 – Remove insole and Brush it

At this point, you can now concentrate on your removed insole. Wash one at a time.

Brush it thoroughly with a soft brush in soapy water.

Rinse the insoles in clean water, then air dry them. Do not expose them in sunlight for too long, which may lead to the hardening and damage of the insole.

If the insole is worn out, or you simply need a new pair, you can get rid of the old ones.

If you want to hand wash the laces, you can do it at this point, with the insoles.

Step 7 – Air dry your shoes

Air dry your shoes. Note that you cannot expose your shoes to sun rays for long, so as to protect them from damage.

Step 8 – Insert the insoles

Once your shoes and insoles are completely dry, you can insert the insoles. Alternatively, replace the insoles.

Step 9 – protect your shoes against stains and moisture

This step is optional. Nevertheless, it is essential if you want to protect your shoes against stains and moisture. This will make cleaning simpler, hence enhancing the shoes’ lifespan. Most people find it helpful for white-shoe color protection.

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Use Crep Protect or any other protective aerosol to on your shoes. These sprays will provide an invisible protective layer on your shoes, which you will only notice by seeing how repellent your shoes are to dirt and water.

Spray the aerosol is gentle circular motions, and wait for it to dry.

Reapply a second layer, which enhances the functionality of the spray. Allow the shoes to dry, then test whether the aerosol worked. This is through putting a little water on your shoes, which will fall off.

Step 10 – Use fabric softener for protect from bacteria

Place a fabric softener inside the shoes if the insole is not anti-bacterial the night before your exercise. This will enhance the fresh smell of your white volleyball shoes.

Final Verdict

You now have a great idea of how to clean white volleyball shoes. With these 10 simple steps, you will always be fresh on the field, while your shoes last longer from good maintenance. Now, you can confidently step onto the volleyball pitch and perform your best.

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