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6 Best Shoes for Kickball that Worth Buying!

Kickball is a game that, roughly, combines football and baseball, though unique in its own way. It has 9 players, just like a baseball, or even a softball. However, it slightly resembles football in that the players use their feet to kick the ball, which the opponent team throws it at them. Moreover, an inflated rubber ball is used, hence safe for kicking.

When contemplating on what are the best shoes for kickball, you should take into account the fact that you will be kicking the ball or defending for your team. Hence, the shoes should make your position easier.

6 Best Shoes for Kickball

Just like football, soccer and baseball, the defending team will require high levels of stability should be facilitated. Moreover, light shoes that allow you to run with speed, while providing traction, are necessary.

Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for best shoes we found for you.

  1. Adidas Copa Gloro 19.2 – Best Kickball Shoe for Men
  2. Adidas Goletto VI FG W – Best Kickball Shoe for Women
  3. Vizari Stealth FG – Perfect Kickball Shoe for Kids (Unisex)
  4. Adidas Copa Mundial – Sturdy and Comfortable Kickball Shoes (Unisex)
  5. Adidas Mundial Team Turf – Most Stable Pair for Kickball (For Men)
  6. Dream Pairs – Great Value Men’s Shoes (Affordable Price)

Let’s have a look at the perfect shoes for kickball, combining the above characteristics.

1. Adidas Copa Gloro 19.2 – Best Kickball Shoe for Men

Looking for the ideal shoe to suit your kickball game as a man? Adidas Men’s Copa Gloro offers this convenience, in terms of size and other foot needs, as stated below.

First, the shoes are leather on the upper side, hence quality and durability. It has been meshed near the shoe opening on the shaft of the shoe. This enhances breathability.

Second, the shoe has a lace closure system, which not only allows for adjustment to enhance fit, but also allows the player to loosen or even skip eyelets to avoid heat build-up.

Third, the shaft measures low-top from the arch, which will facilitate stability and structure.

Fourth is the outsole, which is TPU in material. With this sole material, what will prevent you from having a steady and firm ground contact. Coupled with the premium soccer cleats, your grip on the ground becomes better. Hence, kicking the ball and holding it in perfect balance is obvious.

Then there’s the integrated X-Ray vamp, which adds to your foot control, ensuring the ball does not slip away.

Finally is the wide variety of colors available, suiting your kickball costume. Thus, when looking for the best shoes for kickball for men, this pair is a great idea.


  • Durable and quality calf skin construction.
  • Stability by TPU sole and soccer cleats.
  • Foot control enhanced.
  • Reduced heat build-up and hot spots, and also breathability allowed.


  • Fairly wide and large feet not considered, as the sizes run up to 13.5.

2. Adidas Goletto VI FG W – Best Kickball Shoe for Women

Does a women specific shoe fit you best, giving you a relaxed mind about the fit and design whenever you have made an order? Well, then this Adidas Goletto is your perfect choice of shoes for kickball. Let’s see why it ranges in the best shoes for kickball for women;

First off, these shoes are built with ground stability and speed in mind, exactly what you look for in kickball shoes.

They come in a classy outlook in white, energy blue and easy coral colors, which are conspicuous from a distance.

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Then there is the upper shoe, which is in 100% synthetic material. It is easy to clean, with just a simple wipe. The upper is graced in white laces, which you will adjust to fit snug while ensuring they are not tight. Whenever you feel too much pressure in the field, you can always loosen the part of the lace closure that gives you a hot spot.

Talking of pressure and hot spots, the interior of the shoe is purely mesh in design. This will give your foot comfort, absorb moisture leaving your feet dry, and also enhance breathability. Hence, heat pressure will be minimized.

The outer sole is in rubber, facilitating flexibility in running. Not forgetting the protruding soccer cleats, which control the sole with the traction required when kicking, throwing and receiving the kickball. With such a shoe bottom, whether on natural green or dry grass, you will be at ease.


  • Women specific, suiting the specific needs of a woman’s feet, such as a narrow heel.
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking, hence comfortable.
  • Traction and speed guaranteed through the sole of the shoe, not to mention the light weight.


  • The cleats are too narrow for some players’ liking.

3. Vizari Stealth FG – Perfect Kickball Shoe for Kids (Unisex)

Kickball is the best game that you can use on kids who want to play baseball later in life. Moreover, today the game is advanced, hence pursued even in adulthood. Therefore, if your child is in the game, prepare them properly by getting them the right gear. Vizari Unisex is such, and the best part is that you can buy it for either your son or daughter.

The shoe is actually available for children from toddlerhood, all the way to 12 years. The spectrum of colors available allows you to choose your kid’s favorite color, or one that suits their kickball team outfit.

The upper shoe is highly breathable, with numerous mesh perforations to enhance this. This makes the shoe ideal and comfortable to play in even in summer.

Then there is the closure system, which is lace. You can always ensure that your kid is comfortable and the shoe fitting them well.

A padding all around the collar of the shoe and in the footbed makes the shoe comfortable to wear even over long hours of practice. This feature gives you rest, knowing that your child will not come home in blisters.

Finally, the shoes feature molded rubber outsoles. Rubber combines flexibility and traction. And with traction, the shoes also come with stealth soccer cleats, which facilitate it.

Overall, the shoe has all the aspects that provide your child with safety, comfort and confidence in the field. Chances of scoring more innings become high with a great kickball shoe.


  • Highly breathable mesh upper.
  • Traction and stability by the rubber outer sole and cleats.
  • Speed enhanced due to the shoes light weight.
  • Comfortable collar and shoe interior.


  • Fits smaller than in the sizing chart.

4. Adidas Copa Mundial – Sturdy and Comfortable Kickball Shoes (Unisex)

Looking for the good shoes for kickball for a mixed men and women team? Or a standard shoe with a design favorable for both men and women? Best proven shoe- Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial, which is in a cute black and white blend.

The shoe is in 100% Kangaroo leather construction on the upper material. the forefront is reinforced with premium K-leather, which provides comfort and protection, in addition to flexibility. The shaft measures approximately 6-12 inches from the arch, quite large for a good arch support.

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Then the closure system is lace, as with most kickball shoes. This will give you the opportunity to release pressure where you feel it most during the game.

With a sole that is synthetic, the sole features soccer cleats. The sole material and design bring stability and traction on firm natural ground. Also, the synthetic sole is lightweight, allowing players to move with speed and accuracy. The die-cut Eva midsole enhances this purpose other than comfort.

A soft yet durable synthetic material lines the interior of the shoe, providing comfort and absorbing moisture from the foot.


  • Universal wear, hence a good choice for both men and women.
  • Durable and quality leather construction for kickball.
  • Legendary cleats that provide traction and stability regardless of the playing ground.
  • Cushioned inner material for comfort and a dry feel.


  • The quality has diminished compared to the previous versions of the shoe.

5. Adidas Mundial Team Turf – Most Stable Pair for Kickball (For Men)

Want higher traction on the kickball field, especially when playing on hard surfaces? Then more cleats on your shoes will play the trick. This is the best part of the Performance Mundial Cleat.

Fundamentally, the shoe is 100% leather, with traces of suede that provides your foot with a responsive feel that is most comfortable. The boot opening, which is 0-3 inches all round, ensures that the shoe hugs your foot perfectly for safety.

The shaft measures 6-12 inches from the arch, providing some arch support and also fully protecting your heels from possible injury in the field.

A rubber outsole with studs all round make the bottom of the shoe. For this reason, you will have traction, stability and the flexibility you require, whether playing indoors or outdoors.

A soft synthetic lining cushions the interior of the shoe, for comfort, protection and dryness. Additionally, the midsole is Eva in material, which is lightweight to enhance speed, while providing optimal cushioning.


  • Great traction from the outer sole.
  • Comfort from flexible upper material and inner cushioning.
  • Lightweight, hence speed in the game.


  • Less durable compared to previous versions.

6. Dream Pairs – Great Value Men’s Shoes (Affordable Price)

If you are looking for the affordable shoes for kickball for less than $30, then this Dream Pairs cleat is a choice to go by. With a spectrum of colors to enhance your team color or favorite color, the shoe comes with most of the features you want in a kickball pair.

Firstly, the shoe is in synthetic textured upper, which handles the ball impressively. The adjustable lace closure system makes it easy to adjust as per your wish and the weather conditions.

The design in itself is just comfortable, stylish and breathable. It is in more than one color per pair, which blends to bring out a fashionable style. An array of perforations will enhance breathability and aeration to your feet.

Then there is the sole, which is synthetic. Better still, are the conical studs protruding from the shoe, which offer your feet stability and traction, hence sufficient safety in the field. It is light in weight, making movement and running at its best.

We will not forget the insole, which plays a crucial role in a kickball shoe comfort. Dream Pairs Men’s Cleats come in a cushioned insole, which provides protection and comfort to your feet.


  • A value shoe, with a minimum cost for its impressive features.
  • Perforated upper shoe for breathability and aeration.
  • Stability and traction enhanced.
  • Comfortable and stylish.


  • The sizing of the cleats is not appropriate.

Which Things Should You Consider When Buying the Best Shoes for Kickball?


When looking for the best shoes to wear for kickball, it is essential that you take into account the material of the shoe. Both the upper and the outsole materials are important to take into account.

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Get material that you will be comfortable in and also convenient for kickball. for instance, with breathable mesh or perforations, air wicking lining and flexible yet tough upper to handle the ball. The kickball game is rotational, so one way or the other you will have to kick the ball. Thus, strong upper material essentiality.


You will need shoes that will last you at least a season. This will save you from mid-game inconveniences. Thus, invest in a quality pair that will serve you long enough.


Kickball requires swiftness, accuracy and speed. Having lightweight shoes will offer you this, hence improving your performance.


Kickball calls for very good traction and stability. For this reason, most kickball shoes are cleats. This enhances your traction on the ground, even the hard floors.


Your kickball shoes cost will depend on how much you play. If it is for an informal and inconsistent game, a cheap yet quality pair will do. For professional playing, quality and durability are paramount as compared to the cost.


Generally, get a shoe that will grant you all the comfort you can afford in the field. A pair of cleats with all the above characteristics goes a long way in ensuring that you are happy, motivated and peace during the game, whether it is a formal or an informal kickball game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best shoes for kickball?

The best type of shoes for kickball are actually soccer shoes. this comes from the similar feet needs of the two sports, including good traction and ground grip, lightweight and comfortable shoes.

Do I need cleats for my kickball shoes?

Not really. You can play in other shoes, as long as the sole traction is good.

Can you wear soccer cleats for kickball?

Yes, you can. Soccer cleats are actually the best for playing kickball, due to the similar feet needs of the two sports.

What do you need to play kickball?

To play kickball, you will need an inflated ball, players (a formal game requires 9 players for each team. An informal game can take in any number), and a court. Either indoor or outdoor court will do.

Parting Shot

The best shoes for kickball? The answer is right here, above you to be precise. Whether men, women, kids and standard shoes for all requirements, you have your choice above. Get a pair for each of your family members, and try out an informal kickball game in your backyard for a family bonding time. We have further addressed the various things you should take into account when buying the best kickball shoes. Now it is your turn to decide the most suitable pair.

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