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How to Lace Ultra Boost 19 | Top 3 Easy Ways

Ultra Boost 19 is a sneaker type of shoe from the Adidas brand. Hence, it is versatile in use, whether you want to use it in athletics, basketball, golf or just as part of your casual outfit.

It is available in a spectrum of colors, mostly in double or triple colors that have been blended to bring out an elegant shoe. Better still, you can get yourself a singular color, say white, of the shoe.

How to Lace Ultra Boost 19? Depending on the shoe, you may decide to tie different lace colors, types and thickness to suit your taste and look different in the same shoe.

Do you want to learn how to also tie them perfectly to add to your groom? Keep reading

Different Reasons You Tie Shoe Laces on Ultra Boost 19 Differently

Different Functions

When Going to the field in your Ultra Boost 19, you will need a simple style that will be fast to do.  On the other hand, you still need to look neat even if in the field. How your tie your shoe laces will make a big difference, but you probably already know this.

On the other hand, if preparing for a party with colleagues or classmates, you have time to try out a unique shoe lacing design for your shoe to stand out.

Different Outlook

People wear different sock colors and pattern for a different footwear look, and the same applies to shoes.

But did you know that you can also make a difference by changing your shoe laces? You don’t have to wear the same laces you bought your shoes in. and to make it better, you don’t have to be in the same lacing style simply because you want to wear your Ultra Boost 19 on several occasions.

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Tie different laces, different colors and different styles on your shoes to bring out a different outlook.

To Look Different

Is everyone using a crisscross shoe lacing design in your circle? Do you always have the same lacing design? Why not try a different design for a change?

There are numerous lacing methods, you will not finish them all in a week. If you are a color fan, try using a different color of laces, each with an own design, with your multi-colored or white Ultra Boost 19.

Actually, there are designs that allow you to use several shoe laces at a go, such as the spider design. This will however be great on a single-color sneaker.

What are the Different Ways How to Lace Ultra Boost 19?

If you are wearing your Ultra Boost 19 for basketball, volleyball or tennis, let’s have a look at a simple procedure you can follow;

Procedure for X Shoe Lacing

Step 1

Starting with the eyelets at the shoe bottom, ensure that the shoe lace has equal parts from both eyelets. Ultra Boost 19 has 4 pairs of eyelets.

Step 2

Crisscross the shoe laces, alternating the two ends of the laces until you get to the top.

For a looser feel, you can skip the third eyelets to the top. This will minimize the hot spots brought about during intense sporting activities.

Step 3

Tie a knot after the top most eyelet in your own preference. You can prefer to tie one by inserting each side of the lace in the other, tighten it and then make a ribbon with the second knot. The ribbon will not only create a stylish outlook, but also act to minimize the length of the remaining lace ends. Therefore, you will protect yourself from the danger of tripping over loose laces.

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But what if you feel that the laces are tight for you, or feel irritated by a lace knot at the top?

Your solution is still possible with Ultra Boost 19. After you are done fixing the laces, you can tack the remainder at the sides of the interior of your shoe.

Secondly, you may want to tie your shoe differently to enhance your casual outlook. Let’s have a look at a simple but classy way you can tie your shoe;

Procedure for Straight Shoe Lacing

Step 1

Start by inserting the lace in the bottom eyelets, from the outer side. You will have both sides of the lace from the inner side of the closure space. Ensure that the two sides of the lace are equal.

Step 2

Take the right lace side and insert it on the second eyelet from the bottom, still on the right side, but no from inside out. From the outer side, take the lace across to the second eyelet.

Get back to the left lace side, and take it to the third eyelet on the left, inserting it from the inside to the outer part of the eyelet. (Remember the second eyelet to the left has already been occupied by the other side of the lace).

Step 3

At this point, take the first lace again, and repeat the procedure.

With only 8 eyelets in total, it won’t take you much time to have your shoe looking superb.

Step 4

Tie your shoe knot at the end of the lacing, and confidently step out of your house.

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For a Unique outlook, why not try the loop back lacing method?

Loop Back Lacing Procedure

Step 1

Take your lace through the bottom eyelets, and hold them in equal lengths from the inside of the eyelet closure.

Loosely take the right-side lace back to the second eyelet of the right side.

Step 2

Take the left-side lace, and cross it with the first, making a pattern at the center.

Insert the left lace in the second eyelet to the left, from the outside to the inside.

Step 3

Continue with this pattern to the top. Finally, tie the Knot.

Bottom Line

How to Lace Ultra Boost 19? Now you know_ There are so many ways your Ultra Boost 19 can look different on different occasions, simply by lacing. Its sneaker type allows all the lacing designs to easily blend.

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