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Crep Protect Vs Scotchgard: What is the Best Sneaker Protector?

Crep Protect and Scotchgard are examples of protector sprays. Though appearing the same, the two sprays are unique in their own ways.

This article takes them head to head, giving us a vivid idea of their differences, not to mention their similarities. Only then will we get the functionality and performance of the two sprays as sprays, while bring to light their contrasting features.

Without wasting more of your time, let’s embark on Crep Protect Vs Scotchgard

Tips to Note;

In order to use these aerosols, you will have to clean your item first, so that the aerosol helps maintain that clean nature.

Always test for drying before immediately embarking on the use of items you used either of the aerosols on.

The layer that the spray protectors put on your fabric is invisible. You will only know that it is working by putting the item to test. For instance, apply some dirt on your shoe after use of either Crep protect or Scotchgard. If the shoe repels the dirt, then you know that your aerosol is working, and can confidently wear it to harsher conditions.

Function of Crep Protect

Crep Protect is mostly used on shoes. Generally, it puts a kind of protective layer on your shoes to prevent dirt, debris and even water from getting on your shoes.

Use canvas, nubuck and suede shoes, with sporting brands such as Jordan and Air max and Adidas. Primeknit and mesh will also be effectively covered by this protective spray. It is an ideal choice of a dirt barrier.

The quality of these shoes will remain despite sporting in the mud, dirty terrains and sporting grounds and even in the rain.

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Crep Protect further provides for travelling wipes, which you can use for random stains. They have a smooth and a rough side. The smooth side is used for soft and general marks, while the rough side will help you with the tough stains.

Function of Scotchgard

Scotchgard is a fabric protector, which is usually used on the following;

  • Upholstery
  • Drapes
  • Sofas
  • Suede and Nubuck shoes
  • Carpets

Use it on school bags and travelling bags to protect them from dirt, enhance the quality and increase their durability. Better still, you can use Scotchgard on any canvas shoes to repel dirt.

Procedure of Crep Protect

Apply Crep Protect on your shoes and be done within half an hour. For it to have a lasting effect as it should, you should apply two layers.

Always apply it at a distance of 20cm from the shoe, spraying in circles.

Apply the first layer and wait for it to dry within 10 minutes.

Apply the second layer, and also wait for ten minutes, then put your shoe to test.

This can be through putting a little water on the shoe, or some dirt.

If it rolls away, then the shoe was correctly done. Your shoe is safe, and you can confidently wear it to any place.

Procedure of Scotchgard

Always shake the spray before use, so as to mix all the ingredients for an optimal performance.

Check whether it is suitable for the color of the material of your fabric by spraying on a hidden part. If you rub and the color remains, then the spray is good for your item.

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At a length of 15cm, spray the items, slowly and in sweeping or circular motions. Two layers will be enough for protection.

Allow the items to dry, leaving them at least overnight.

A Head to head comparison between Crep Protect vs Scotchgard

Crep Protect


 A fresh smell will grace sneakers that have been treated with Crep Protect.  Contains a mild floral aroma, which blocks the harsh smell of the chemicals making it.
 Suitable colors 
 Crep protect can be used on all colors. It is very effective for stain prevention even in white colors.  

It is suitable for most colors, but depending on the material, the color of your fabric may not be suited. For this reason, you need to check for colorfastness before making the major application. Test for this as indicated in the procedure.

 Duration it takes to dry 
 The protector requires two layers for effectiveness. Each layer takes 10 minutes to dry.  After applying on your fabric, you will wait for approximately 24 hours for it to dry up. If the weather is colder than normal room temperature, it will take more time. In warm weather, a maximum of 12 hours will get your fabric ready for use.
 Protects your shoes for around two to four weeks, depending on usage.  You will have your fabric protected for a whole year, hence only applied annually.
 You have to apply Crep Protect within less than a month. Mostly, after a maximum of three weeks of use the layer needs replenishing.   

Takes long to dry. Without the use of fans and air conditioners, it takes at least 12 hours to dry. Takes longer in cold weather conditions.

It is extremely flammable, hence keep away from fire as it dries.

 Approximately 15 dollars, depending on the seller.  Approximately 13 dollars, depending on the seller.
It is available on online shops such as Amazon and eBay, and you can also check them on Walmart and local stores. It is available on online shops such as Amazon and eBay, and you can also check them on Walmart and local stores.

Bottom Line

Crep Protect and Scotchgard are almost similar in their function of protecting the items they are applied on. Nevertheless, as seen above, they have their differences. Both are quality spray protectors, so the difference in function will determine the protector you choose for your specific item.

I hope you now have an idea from Crep Protect Vs Scotchgard why one would prefer Crep Protect over Scotchgard or vice versa. The Bottomline is, you know what you really need. As far as versatility is concerned, Scotchgard wins. For various shoes collection protection, then Crep Protect is the best.

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