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6 Best White Volleyball Shoes for both Men and Women

Shoes designed specifically for volleyball are essential for the sport, given that it has specific needs. Volleyball requires both lateral and vertical movement, hence shoes that can accommodate both efficiently. Usually, volleyball shoes will concentrate on excellent traction, superb cushioning, and support, not forgetting lightweight.

White volleyball shoes are cute and favorable for the dustless indoor court. They also complement a range of volleyball uniforms, hence high preference. Besides, white color reflects light largely and adds to comfort. 

Why are White Shoes Preferred in Volleyball?

Volleyball pitches are usually dustless. Therefore, wearing white shoes will not cost you the shoe outlook. White is also a universal color, matching with a range of volleyball uniforms. And lastly, white shoes are adorable on the volleyball pitch.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best White Volleyball Shoes

  • Color: looking for a white volleyball shoe, right? The shoe should therefore feature white as the prominent color. It can have another color to blend, but the primary color should be white.
  • Size: volleyball shoes are predominantly true to size and will even feature half sizes in most cases. Therefore, you can take an exact sizing. Remember that shoe fit is paramount to concentration in volleyball.
  • Traction: since you have to make multiple lateral movements, traction is necessary for volleyball shoes. Volleyball shoes have a gum rubber for the outsole, ensuring that you don’t slide or fall in the smooth volleyball pitch.
  • Cushioned midsole: the midsole should have superb cushioning and shock absorption. It will help prevent pain when landing from a jump.
  • Breathability: Most volleyball shoes will feature mesh and other material that provides for aeration. It helps in preventing soggy feet from sweating, which will definitely be part of you if not taken care of.
  • Lightweight: the shoe should be lightweight, which translates into swift movement when jumping or moving around. It also keeps you comfortable, so that you can concentrate on the sport.
  • Overall comfort: the interior, closure design, and general shoe design should be comfortable for you. 

Best White Volleyball Shoes

Let’s see first quick view and you can also find the deep review of every shoe by scrolling down.

Best White Volleyball Shoes for Women

  1. White Nike Volleyball Shoes – Zoom Hyperace 2  For Women
  2. White Adidas Volleyball Shoes – Ligra 6 for Women
  3. White Under Armour Volleyball Shoes – Highlight Ace 2.0 For Women

Best White Volleyball Shoes for Men

  1. White Asics Volleyball Shoes – Gel-Rocket 9 for Men
  2. White Mizuno Volleyball Shoes – Wave Lightning Z6 Mid for Men
  3. Under Armour Men’s Charged Bandit – 3 Ombre Volleyball Shoe
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Best Womens White Volleyball Shoes

Shoes with a feminine design, fit, and outlook? Join me in the show;

1. White Nike Volleyball Shoes Zoom Hyperace 2  for Womens

  • Size: 5 to 15 (with half sizes)
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Upper material: mesh
  • Color: white (with a small colored Nike logo and lace eyelets)
  • Gender: Women

The Zoom Hyperace 2 is your best shot at comfort when your volleyball court features really hard flooring. Its traction does not wear out with the hard court, neither does it compromise.

Other than that, the shoes are highly lightweight, which comes in handy due to the numerous jumps you have to make on the court. The light feature also prevents you from foot fatigue, hence enhancing positive performance. This shoe will be favorable for quick action, whether you are playing the defense or the attack positions.

The shoe has great cushioning, which ensures that not even a high jump initiates a pain in your feet.

Designed in pure mesh, the upper shoe brings you optimal ventilation. It prevents excessive sweating by providing a cool atmosphere for the foot. Even when you sweat, the mesh material facilitates quick-drying, hence preventing a soggy feel.

2. White Adidas Volleyball Shoes Ligra 6 for Women’s

  • Size: 5 to 15 (with half sizes)
  • Color: white
  • Upper material: synthetic and mesh
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Gender: women

For a highly lightweight Volleyball shoe, Adidas Ligra 6 is a fantastic choice. It weighs less than a pound, allowing you to soar to heights without limitations. After all, the gum rubber sole ensures that you have sufficient traction when you land and during lateral movements.

Essentially, the upper shoe is mesh, which combines with synthetic overlays for lightweight and breathability. The lace closure further adds to the breathability by allowing you to release the pressure points at will.

The rubber outsole is highly durable and quite outstanding in traction. Then there is the lining, which is meshed to encourage moisture-wicking.

With half sizes available, you can choose an exact sizing for your foot. After all, with volleyball, a snug fit translates to minimal limitations.

3. white under armour volleyball shoes Highlight Ace 2.0 for Women

  • Size: 5 to 12.5 (with half sizes)
  • Weight: 9.2 ounces
  • Color: white (with small gold logo markings)
  • Gender: women

A boot design in a volleyball shoe optimizes ankle support, and this is why we have the Highlight Ace 2.0 from Under Armour. It comes with an entirely knit upper, which facilitates flexible support and maximum comfort in one.

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Despite the high upper shoe design, it is lightweight, ensuring that it doesn’t hinder the lateral movement you require. The textile and the synthetic composite have minimal weight on the shoe.

Moreover, the forefront is lined with mesh, which facilitates flexibility and breathability. It prevents pressure points at the toe area while ensuring that your feet are aerated and dry.

The shoe features a rubber sole for traction, with less weight but fantastic traction on the volleyball court.

And for increased stability, the shoes use a webbed lockdown lacing system, which also customizes the fit. And let’s not forget the extended ankle collar, which has startling retention to enhance support and control.

Best White Volleyball Shoes for Men

Let’s venture into the wider and larger shoe options that volleyball men appreciate;

1. White Asics Volleyball Shoes Gel-Rocket 9 for Men

  • Weight: 2.15 pounds
  • Upper material: synthetic and mesh
  • Color: white (with minimal gold decorations)
  • Gender: men

This shoe stands out with its amazing bounce and shock absorption, which keeps the feet from pain when landing from a high jump. 

The bounce stems from the Eva midsole, which has optimal cushioning features. Not to mention the forefoot gel cushioning system, which further attenuates the shock during impact.

Even better, if you just recovered from an injury and have to use a medical orthotic, the shoe sock liner is removable for the orthotics. Therefore, you can have a comfortable training session without putting your foot in danger. 

Furthermore, the shoe construction, which is a combination of mesh and synthetic, facilitates breathability. It is also excellent for moisture-wicking, ensuring that your feet remain dry and comfortable.

The shoe utilizes the Trusstic System technology, which minimizes the sole shoe weight. This adds to your comfort and performance on the pitch.

2. White Mizuno Volleyball Shoes Wave Lightning Z6 Mid for Men

  • Size: 7 to 17 (with half sizes up to 12.5)
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Color: white (with traces of navy)
  • Upper material: mesh
  • Gender: men

If you are ever sweaty when on the pitch, this shoe is an excellent solution for men. It comes with a 360-degree highly breathable and moisture-wicking mesh, reducing the sweat and facilitating a dry foot.

With a flexible diagonal groove at the Eva midfoot, the shoe encourages a swift turn and optimal speed jumping and moving around. And being lightweight, the shoe ensures that you have minimal weight on your feet, hence comfort in constant movement.

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Moreover, the shoe uses wave technology, which brings excellent cushioning and stability. The rubber sole further increases stability by incorporation a skid-free design, hence suitable traction.

3. Under Armour Men’s Charged Bandit 3 Ombre Volleyball Shoe

  • Size: 5 to 11.5 (with half sizes)
  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Color: white (with traces of metallic gold)
  • Material: textile and synthetic
  • Gender: men

This shoe stands out with its superlative support and stability, regardless of the weight of the player. The midfoot has full-length charged cushioning, absorbing impact and ensuring comfort.

On top of that, the shoe features an abrasion-resistant 3D rubber toe cap, which protects you from injury and friction. It is also suitable for the durability of the shoe.

Basically, the shoe is textile and synthetic, with a mesh forefront for increased breathability. The material is also highly lightweight, bringing comfort and performance in the game.

With a 4D foam sock liner, the shoe customizes to the shape of your foot so that it neither leaves space nor tightens your foot. The shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch, which encourages a hugging and comfortable fit.

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Q1. What Type of Shoe is Best for Volleyball?

Shoes that are specifically designed for volleyball, supporting lateral movement and high jumps. They have cushioned midsole, are lightweight, highly breathable, and with fantastic traction.

Q2. Can You Walk Outdoors in Volleyball Shoes?

No, you can’t. Unless you no longer want to use your volleyball shoes on the pitch, you should not use them outdoors. Outdoor ground texture reduces the traction on volleyball shoes, which is paramount for pitch safety and performance. 

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Wrapping Up

The best white volleyball shoes will allow you comfort and performance on the volleyball pitch. The shoes should take you through a full season uneventfully with optimal midfoot cushioning, breathability, and traction. 

For your best fit, consider the buying guide, your position in the field, your weight, and, in some instances, the pitch you are playing in.

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