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6 Best Insoles for Jordan 1 that are Extra Comfortable

Jordan 1 are among the best Jordans, and owning a pair must be satisfying. Nevertheless, the excitement is never complete without a matching insole to go with.

One thing you should know is, the best insoles for Jordan 1 will provide you with optimal comfort. From providing sufficient arch support to wicking sweat and offering breathability options, you will never go wrong with these recommended insoles.

Best Insoles for Jordan 1

The list below brings on board the best insoles in the market that go well with Jordan 1, whether for sporting or casual wear.

  1. Superfeet Green Insoles – Great Insole for Jordan Boots
  2. Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles – Quality product at a great price
  3. Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts – Well made and helps your flat feet!
  4. Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles – Great value. Really works for medium arch
  5. Powerstep Pinnacle Insole – Excellent for extremly high arches!
  6. Sof Sole Insoles – Men’s High Arch Performance Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert

1. Superfeet Green Insoles – Great Insole for Jordan Boots

Superfeet green are synthetic inserts that allow you to trim to the ideal size of your Jordan 1 size. They are superb for arch support provision.

They are high profile, hence efficiency in shape provision for your Jordan 1 boots. This aspect will stabilize your feet and enhance the foot structure, in case of flat feet. Thus, your knees and ankles will not pain from strain.

The high volume of the insole assures you of sufficient protection against impact during sporting activities.

Moreover, the insoles feature a deep and wide heel cup, which absorb shock and provide arch support.

The coating of the insole features a natural odor preventive mechanism, preventing bacteria breeding and bad foot breath.

To sum up the impressive features, the insert is of soft foam, which is high density. Hence, your feet will have support, cushion, and better still, maximum comfort.


  • High profile, providing sufficient shape and structure to the feet.
  • High density yet soft foam, which cushions and supports the feet in addition to providing comfort.
  • Organic odor control mechanism that prevents bacterial breeding.
  • Provides arch supports, thereby eliminating foot, ankle and knee pain.


  • Squeaks when you walk in them.

2. Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles – Quality product at a great price

Spenco Total Support insoles are the best as far as stability enhancement is concerned.

Remarkably, this shoe provides rigid arch and heel support, which in turn triggers stability. Thus, the insole becomes a must-have for athletes and sports people who engage in rigorous physical activity.

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Secondly, the insole facilitates and improves motion control, thereby reducing over-pronation and also supination. Hence, bid goodbye to common injuries such as those that affect plantar fascia.

The insoles are ready-made, so you don’t have to trim them much for a good fit. The width is perfect for wide feet, so that normal feet people mostly have to take half a size lower.

Luckily for you, you don’t need your shoe insole to use this insert. So, if it is already damaged, don’t bother getting a new one. This insert has enough cushion to work on its own. Actually, it is recommended that you remove your original shoe insole before inserting this insole for comfort.


  • Offer commendable stability to the user.
  • Rigid arch and heel support for stability.
  • Great for wide feet shoes.


  • They have some flex; hence you can’t wear them for too long.

3. Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts – Well made and helps your flat feet!

Want to balance your foot structure? This Physix Gear insole is a wonderful choice. How? The insert offers high arch support, which balances the foot structure force. Whether you are struggling with a runner’s knee, achilles tendinitis, flat feet or even shin splints, this insole will bring you peace.

Great for camping, running, basketball, cycling and even walking, these shoes offer your Jordan shoes the supplementary item it requires to perfect its performance.

The Eva foam reinforced PU sole cushion the feet against impact. The deep heel cap, on the other hand, bring added stability to the feet.

Being low profile and ultra-thin, the insoles offer great insert solution to low profile Jordan 1 shoes. Using these insoles, you will improve and increase your performance and confidence in the field and on the road when walking.

Designed with a slimmer toe bed, the insoles provide space and breathability in the toe box. They are non-slip, hence stability and safety guaranteed.


  • Balance foot structure by providing arch support.
  • Eva + PU material protects the feet from impact, hence providing safety and protection to your feet.
  • Slimmer toe bed for more increased space in the toe box.


  • The high arch can make low profile shoes feel rather tight.

4. Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles – Great value. Really works for medium arch

Is daily feet comfort your motivation for getting an insole? Why not try the Plantar Fasciitis pair? It provides lasting comfort for as long as you have the shoe on.

The shoe insole is perfect for enhancing structure, eliminating pain experienced by pronation, arthritis and bunions.

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Featuring a deep heel cup, the insert protects the heel from impact during highly intense physical activity such as athletics. Moreover, stability and safety are enhanced.

Shock absorption is obvious from the material making the insole, Eva premium. The material is further breathable, reducing heat build-up during activity.

To top it all, the shoe provides control and support as you walk or hike, making your activity more enjoyable and adventurous- you won’t have to concentrate on your feet.


  • Shock absorption as it is Eva in material.
  • Deep heel cup for protection against impact and for heel stability.
  • Provides control and support required in everyday life.


  • The insole does not provide for base non-slip structure.

5. Powerstep Pinnacle Insole – Excellent for extremly high arches!

Does a fabric material under your feet define your interest? Sof sole is a polypropylene reinforced fabric insole, offering comfort and coolness to your feet.

First off, the shoes are medical-grade inserts, hence suitable even after you healed from a foot injury. It features a semi-rigid shell, which enhances flexibility while cushioning your foot from injury. This further provides arch support, hence great support for flat feet.

Secondly, the shoe inserts feature quite a deep heel cradle, which protects your heels from impact when your feet come into contact with the ground during walking and running.

Thirdly, the foam cushioning is in a double layer for added cushion and protection, thus all-day comfort.

Last but not least, the inserts have a microbial fabric at the top, which reduces friction and blisters, feet odor and infection. Therefore, you will remain healthy as you seek for fitness and comfort.


  • Deep heel cradle for heel protection form impact.
  • Double-layered foam cushioning for better protection.
  • Great choice for moderate pronation and a foot that previously had injury.


  • For overpronation challenges, this shoe does not prove effective.

6. Sof Sole Insoles – Men’s High Arch Performance Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert

Sof Sole insoles are an awesome choice for running, sporting and walking. The insoles are unique for their added gel cushioning at the heel, which provides better protection and support.

Additionally, the heel cup is deep enough to enhance heel stability, and prevent the foot from slipping.

The sole is in a universal design, which accommodates multiple foot types. Its high arch takes into account people with high arch, and also people looking for the best arch support.

Appealing to most sports people needs, the insole contains hydrologix, which is a treatment targeting moisture management. It wicks away sweat, leaving your feet dry and comfortable.

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Microban antibacterial treatment is a component of foam, which inhibits stains, wear and odor of the feet. It protects the feet from fungi, bacteria and other infection-causing microorganisms.


  • Hydrologix feature, which is moisture-wicking.
  • Antibacterial treatment a part of the insole.
  • Deep heel cup for your foot stability.
  • Gel cushioning in the heel for targeted heel comfort and protection.


  • The sizes are half an inch smaller than the said size.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Insoles for Jordan 1

  • Arch support: Flat feet, or arch support requirement is necessary for a comfortable walk, run and time in the field.
  • Material: Your insoles should be in a material that presents comfort and perfect cushioning to your feet. Other additional material such as moisture wicking and anti-bacterial linings make for better insoles.
  • Durability: An insole with a longer life span will serve you longer. This not only saves costs, but also the stress of having to order new inserts every now and then.
  • Profile: Getting the right profile insoles for your shoe ensures they fit well. For instance, a high-profile insole for high profile shoes such as boots will ensure you get the perfect cushioning you need.


How do you clean insoles?

Most should be handwash washed, and with mild soap. This will help maintain the structure of the insole, hence adding to its life span.

Do you need to remove the original insoles of the shoes to use shoe inserts?

Yes, for better comfort, remove the original insoles in your shoes. The inserts will provide the perfect comfort that you require.

Can insoles help if one has flat feet?

Yes, insoles, like the above, provide arch support and thereby structure to your flat feet. Therefore, knee, ankle and heel pain will no longer be a part of you.

Final Word

What’s the bottom line? The ball is now in your court. You have all the information you need to make your Jordan 1 shoes more exciting to wear.

Go for your best insoles for Jordan 1, based on the factors that favor you best.

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