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How to Clean Rod Laver Shoes : Step by Step Easy Guide

The Rod laver comes as one of the most popular shoe versions offered by Adidas. Besides that, this version has a unique style with a street-ready vibe. It is a chic fashion for most people as it looks pretty clean, stylish, and very classic.

Moreover, they have an air mesh upper with synthetic leather eye-stay and heel patch. As a result, it gives the ultimate comfort to the user. Plus, you will find them with a safe toe guard with a synthetic lining. Therefore, the shoes offer extra support and protection to the user’s toe. 

The best thing is, these rod laver shoes have an air mesh that keeps your feet cool even on most hot days. However, its mesh-design attracts dirt and absorbs almost any substances it comes across. And most users desire to keep the shoes clean and durable. The worry is, how can you clean it without causing any damage to the shoes? If you are looking for answers to the question, this article is for you.

How to Clean Rod Laver Shoes – Step by Step

Adidas Rod laver shoes are never hard to clean. You only have to follow a few simple steps, and they will be super clean. Besides that, these shoes feature delicate air mesh and suede toe guard. So, they need a lot of accuracy and care when cleaning. Since any drop of water on the suede toe guard could cause severe damage. Do you want to keep your lovely rod laver shoes clean and new? If yes, the following steps will be of great help;

Step 1: Remove the Shoe Laces

First up, make the shoelaces lose and take them out of the shoes with care and simplicity. Then, wash the lace using clean water and mild soap. Gently rub the shoelaces with your hands and ensure they are clean. After that, rinse with water and let it dry under a shade.

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Step 2: Stack a cloth or paper towel inside it

So, before you begin to clean the entire shoes, put a paper towel or microfiber cloth inside the shoe. As such would help to maintain an apt shoe shape. Also, it makes it quite easy to clean the shoe surface. Besides that, a paper towel or microfiber cloth helps to soak excess moisture that may leak inside it.

Step 3: Clean the Mesh and the Shoe

In this step, you have to conduct the following activities;

1. Brush Excess Dirt

With the shoelaces removed, use a soft bristle brush to remove the excess dirt on the mesh. Plus, a simple motion can help to get rid of the dirt and form mild pressure as you clean it.

2. Make a Clearing Solution

Here, we have two ways of doing that;

  • Backing Soda and Vinegar Paste

Do the shoes have a white mesh? If yes, then you can apply baking soda for easy washing. Also, mix well the baking soda and vinegar to form a perfect paste. On the contrary, if the shoe’s mesh is not white and colored, avoid backing soda. As such will easily bleach or make your shoe’s color fade.

  • Use of Mild Detergent and Water Light Solution

In this method, you mix a mild detergent with hot water inside a bowl. But, the solution should be light yet a bit sticky. After that, use the solution on the rod laver shoe’s mesh and scrub it gently using a brush. We advise you not to use bleaching agents as they can damage some shoe material.

3. Wash the Rod Laver Shoe

Similarly, you can wash the shoe using the following;

  • Backing Soda and Vinegar Paste

First, allow the vinegar paste you created to settle in the mesh on a dirty spot for about 15 minutes. Second, use a soft bristle brush to scrub it gently for about two minutes. Then, with a delicate clean piece of cloth, wipe out the excess paste.

  • Mild Detergent Solution
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Use a soft piece of cloth to gently apply the detergent solution on the shoe in a circular motion. With another bowl of warm water, rinse the fabric material once in a while to avoid spreading the stain.

4. Remove Excess Detergent

It is often vital to getting rid of any excess cleaning detergent or solution from the shoe’s surface. Practically, use another piece of soft cloth to wipe off the excess soap. Most importantly, don’t dunk the whole shoe direct into the water. Because this will affect the shape of your rod laver shoe.

Step 4: Clean the Synthetic Leather Eyestay

In this step, you need to soak a soft piece of cloth in a cleaning solution and smear it on the leather. And scrub it using a soft bristle brush in about two minutes. However, if the leather is white, use a cleaning pad made of melamine foam. This will prevent rubbing of any other color onto the white leather. So, make the pad wet using a cleansing solution and clear the dirt.

Step 5: Clean the Midsoles

Use a brush and cleaning detergent solution to clean the midsoles. Ensure that you scrub the midsoles with a bit strongly to make them clean. After that, wipe out the excess detergent using a wet rag or piece of cloth.

Step 6: Air Dry the Rod Laver Shoes

Once you finish cleaning the shoes, let them dry in the shade or overnight using the dry flowing air. Avoid by all means using direct sunlight to dry your shoes. Because it will cause damage to its material structure.

Step 7: Clean the Suede Toe Guard

  • Brush the Suede

With a soft bristle brush, scrub the suede very gently following the direction flow of the fiber. In other words, avoid moving the brush back and forth over the surface. As such may cause some damage to the shoe structure. After that, use a dry brush to dry off any bit of moisture, which may cause stains on the suede toe guard.

  • Use an Eraser to Remove Stains
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If the suede has some stains, you can first brush it with gentleness as in the above step. Then, use an eraser to scrub the stain of grease or even water with softness. In the same way, a pencil eraser can help remove the stains if you don’t have the suede eraser. However, you may have to apply a little bit of pressure to remove the stains if they fail to go away on a gentle rub.

  • Rub the Suede Surface with a Clean Bath Towel

Once you finish removing the excess dirt, a bath towel will help eliminate any unseen dirt and dust.

Final Words

If you want to enjoy using your rod laver shoes, you always need to keep them clean. However, don’t take a short cut to clean the shoe with a washing machine. Because it will damage the suede toe guard and the shoe’s shape in general. Besides that, conventional methods of cleaning shoes can ruin your shoes. For apt cleaning, the above steps on how to clean rod laver shoes will be of great importance.

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