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How to Wash Sock Darts to Look it New!

How to wash sock darts is as much a challenge as washing most of your elegant brand sneakers. Reason? You don’t want to mess and end up with a shoe that became damaged as a result of a wrong cleaning method.

For this reason, we will learn the two viable methods that you can use to leave your shoe sparkling clean.

What is Sock Darts Anyway?

Sock Darts are a type of classy and unique sneakers from Nike. The upper material is a composite of fabric and PU, while the insole and outsole are rubber. The design features a slip-on closure system, with a wide midfoot strap across the shoe.

Additionally, the sneakers run half a size smaller. If you are intending to grace your shoe rack with them, you should purchase half a size higher for an ideal fit.

The part I like most is the color blends, and the single-color options. Actually, the 2017 release of the triple white color, that sees an all-white Sock Dart took the trophy. In short, you can have several of the Sock Darts in different amazing colors and color mixtures to rock in different functions.

Sock Dart was released into the market in 2004 but only became popular in 2017 after its retro sale. Nevertheless, after 2017 the sneaker has become a trend, so much that every sneaker lover wants to have it in their collection.

How to Wash Sock Darts?

Now that you have your dream shoe in your shoe archive, how do you manage to keep it elegant and drawing positive attention?

The weird part about sneakers is that you will never realize that they are dirty, at least until they absorb as much dirt as possible. This is more so when the sneakers are dull in color. However, interestingly, you will know that they are dirty because even the dark colors appear duller when dirty.

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The other question will be, can you machine wash sneakers, and specifically sock darts? Of course, you can. But keep in mind that you will be compromising the lifespan.

Let’s dive into the methods that will undoubtedly leave your Sock Darts Clean. We are going to tackle the two ways that you can wash Nike Sock Darts.

Hand Washing Sock Dart (Retains Quality Hence Durability)

This is actually the most preferable method.

You will need;

  • A suede brush
  • Cold Water
  • Mild laundry soap
  • A basin
  • A washcloth
  • Vinegar


Step 1: Get Rid of Dust and Mud

Knock the shoes together to get rid of clinging dirt and dust. From here, work on one shoe at a time.

Then, using the suede brush, gently brush off the sticking dirt and debris. You can use a smaller object, such as a toothpick, to pick small stones in between the sole patterns.

Step 2: first Wash

Put water in the basin, and add the laundry detergent. Cold water is best, so that you don’t interfere with the fabric tightness. Nevertheless, you can warm the water mildly, which will save you from mineral deposits on the shoe. This will not look good, even on the dark shades.

Dip the clean washcloth in the mixture, and use it to clean the shoe.

Start by cleaning the upper shoe, then head to the bottom.

Apply from the toe end, applying pressure where there are stains. The washcloth should be soaking damp so that it will be easier to wash.

If the shoe stains are adamant, add some vinegar into the soapy mixture. A little though, to avoid bleaching the shoe color.

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When you come to the sole, you can apply more pressure in comparison to the upper part. If there are stains that are too much, you can use the suede brush to brush it off in the soapy water.

Step 3: Rinse

Get rid of the soapy water, and add clean water. Use another clean washcloth, or rinse the one you used in step 3.

Dip the washcloth in the clean water, and rinse the soapy residue off the shoe. Do it one point at a time, leaving each part of the shoe spotless clean.

Using this water and the wet washcloth, wipe the interior of the shoe. You can add some baking soda to get rid of bacteria and odor.

Step 4: Wipe

Using a dry microfiber towel or wash cloth, pat the Sock darts gently. This will get rid of excess dampness.

Step 5: Air Dry Your Sock Darts

Air dry your Sock Dart, and they will be ready for use.

Washing Sock Darts in a Washing Machine (Most Convenient)

Do you have less time to concentrate on a hand wash? A machine wash will do.


Step 1: Put the Shoes in the Washing Machine

Remove any laundry lying in the washing machine. Now you can put your shoes, and add mild washing detergent. If your sneakers are white, using colorless laundry detergent is highly recommended.

Step 2: Select Gentle Wash Program

Use the gentle washing program, so as to protect your shoes from abrasive washing. Use cold water too, so as to prevent hot water from damaging your shoe.

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Step 3: Air Dry the Shoes

Take your shoes out once they are done, and air dry them.

Step 4: Get Rid of the Creases

Once your shoes are dry, unlike in the hand wash method, they will be creased. So, you can put some small towels or pieces of cloth in the shoe to eliminate the creases.

At this juncture, your shoes will be ready to wear.

Parting Shot

Got a solution on how to wash Sock Darts? I am sure you did. It should not be a point of distress after all, right? Now it is your turn to implement one of the procedures. Besides, you can alternate the methods, or use one when it is convenient while you rely on the other.

Nevertheless, do not be accustomed to washing your Sock Dart sneaker all the time. You can wear them more than once before washing, especially if you walk in pavements or drive in the shoes.

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