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How to Tie Allen Edmonds Shoes | Step by Step Guide

Having a problem on how to tie Allen Edmond shoes in different styles? The same challenge everyone with a pair of official shoes in their wardrobe faces. It is not that difficult though, especially when you have a guide.

You think you can never go unconventional with official classy leather shoes? You have reason to think that. But what if there are methods that could actually resemble the conventional shoe tying method, yet bringing out a different outlook. Because trust me, shoe detail, including tying, will actually matter in a man’s general outlook.

So, How to Tie Allen Edmonds Shoes?

Let’s skip to a few ways that you tie your Allen Edmonds to add class to the already lustrous pair. Whether an Allen boot or a low-profile shoe, these methods will emerge fabulous.

Method 1: Criss Crossing

The most common method of tying laces, which does not require much thought. But how can you make your criss crossing shoe lacing different?

How about trying out and alternating the two criss crossing methods, namely closed and open criss crossing shoe-tying?

Closed Criss Crossing Method

This method sees your laces overlapping as they criss cross, and looks great on shoes in the same leather shade. Let’s have a look at the procedure.

Step 1: Starting from the exterior, put your lace on the bottom eyelets, so that the two sides emerge from the inner side of the closure.

Ensure that the lace ends are equal, for a perfect tying procedure.

Step 2: Take the left lace end through to the second hole from the bottom on the right side, running from the inner side and emerging to the exterior.

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Take the right-side lace end, and move it over the first lace, in to the second eyelet from the bottom on the left side. It should emerge on the upper side of the closure.

Step 3: Using the first lace end, get it to the third eyelet, from the exterior of the second right eyelet to the interior of the third eyelet on the left.

Take the second eyelet from the exterior of the second eyelet to the left, and take it through the inner edge of the third right eyelet. It should be on top of the first lace to maintain the pattern.

Tighten at each step so as to achieve the design of one lace criss crossing on another closely.

Continue in this manner until the last two laces.

Step 4: Now that the laces are on the top eyelets, you can tie them in your desired ribbon. For a tight knot, it is advisable to tie once without a ribbon, and the second knot with the ribbon.

Open Criss Crossing Method

The open criss crossing method is more like the closed criss crossing method. Actually, you will follow the same procedure.

The only thing you will do differently will be to loosen the lacing, so that the pattern meets at the center of the closure, which should be clearly visible.

Method 2: The Diagonal Method

This method will give your shoes a completely different outlook. So, how to tie Allen Edmonds shoes in the diagonal design? Stick with me.

Step 1: Take the lace through the right bottom eyelet from the exterior, and into the left bottom eyelet from the interior of the closure. This means that the lace on the right side emerges from the inside, while the left one emerges from the outside.

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Make a point of ensuring that the two sides of the lace are equal.

Step 2: Then, take the right-side lace end, and insert it through the inner side of the second left eyelet, so that it emerges on the exterior.

Secondly, take the left-side lace end and move it on the outer side, putting it in the second eyelet on the right. The lace should emerge from the inside.

Follow this pattern until you get to the last eyelets, after which you will tie your shoes in a ribbon knot of your preference.

Method 3: Straight Bar Lacing

Seems common, but assumptions aside, let’s get the show on the road on the steps followed on how to tie Allen Edmonds shoes.

Step 1: Start with the bottom eyelets, the lace ends emerging from the inner side.

As said before, ensure that the lace ends are equal at this point.

Step 2: Take the lace end on the right side upwards from the interior, through the second eyelet on the right side. Then take the lace across, now from the outer part, through the second eyelet in the left. It will emerge on the inner side on the left.

Now take the lace on the left side, upwards and in through the third eyelet in the left. Emerging from the outer side, take the lace across, through the third eyelet on the right. It will emerge on the inner side, and the process should continue.

When you are finally on the last of the eyelets, now you can tie the laces into a knot.

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Types of Shoe Knots

Still want to have a few ways you can change the knot of your lace outlook? The best part is that this will further enhance your look, hence should be part of how to tie ‘Allen Edmonds Shoes’.

Method 1

Tie the laces, crossing one into the other, completely and rather tightly.

Fold the laces into equal parts, and use the folds to criss cross, and into each other. Tighten the knot.

Method 2

Tie the laces, crossing into each other tightly, just like in the first.

This is the difference: make a loop with one of the lace ends, in which the second gets through. Tighten the lace. This is the most efficient if you want your laces to stay in place all day.

Parting Shot

Got your answer on how to tie Allen Edmonds shoes? Why not try out all. Besides, you can by different color laces, so that each lace has a unique tying design. Likewise, you can select a specific design for a specific function.

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