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How to Wear Neoprene Socks | Simple 5 Steps

Neoprene socks come as a significant innovation in the world of fashion wear. They are typical footwear for most people who like hiking on the beaches or in the water. Plus, they offer the best solution to people who love canyoneering in water. As the name suggests, these socks feature high-quality neoprene fabric materials. They get made through the polymerization of chloroprene compounds. So, they make the socks strong and water-resistant.

When it comes to top quality performance, the neoprene socks does it with perfection. In other words, its durable materials offer users a firm grip on the feet. Moreover, they give incredible protection against any sharp pebbles, slippery rocks, and others. Besides that, they help to keep your feet warm and feel ultimately comfortable.  Thanks to the soft and comfy inner lining the socks have.

Unlike other types of socks, putting on neoprene socks is quite a tricky task. It calls you to follow proper step by step process, given that most of them are pull-on. In fact, other users tend to ask for help from their partners to wear these exclusive socks. The problem comes when you don’t know how to put the socks on. And, that’s where we come in. With our simple steps in this article, you will be good to go.

Step by Step process on How to Wear Neoprene Socks

Do you want to know how to wear neoprene socks like a pro? If yes, you will find the following steps quite vital.

Step 1: Fold the top part of the socks down

This step is the first thing you need to practice for you to put on neoprene socks as required. Moreover, it is what makes these socks unique from other types. If you try to stack in your leg like in ordinary socks, you will feel some struggle around the heel and ankle. Therefore, your foot won’t go through as you may think.

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So, you have to start folding it in an inside out manner. This occurs from the top down to the region around the heel cap and ankle. Consequently, it will form something like an ankle boot that easily fits your front toe.

Step 2: Insert your Front Foot

Once the cuff gets folded, it forms an ankle boot. Therefore, you can insert as much of your foot in it as possible. Most importantly, ensure that your fingernails fit well in the socks’ front tip. It would also help if you were careful not to put too much pressure so that you don’t rip the neoprene.

Step 3: Pull up the socks

After the front foot has entirely entered the socks, the next thing is to start pulling it up. The neoprene socks have an elastic design. So, this step won’t be tough for you. In fact, you can do it by yourself or call your partner to help you. With your hand, start pulling up the neoprene socks from the mid-foot slowly towards the heel.

Next, continue pulling upwards to around the ankle region of the foot. Meanwhile, ensure that the socks have covered the heel well and correctly lined. Now, keep pulling the neoprene socks up the leg to the extent the socks reach. Often, this is almost a quarter of your lower leg.

Step 4: Adjust the socks

Ensure that the entire toe and part of the leg are inside the neoprene socks properly. You can do this by adjusting the socks appropriately to give a suitable grip and give a comfortable feel.

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Step 5: Get ready for the action

After all that, you can put on your shoes and go for a hike at the beach. Or, you can put on your water shoes. They intelligently have vents to drive away water as you walk on the shallow edges of the ocean. Besides that, you can go for a swim or participate in water sports with confidence.

Final Words

If you like participating in water sports, neoprene socks, also known as wetsuit socks, are a good deal. They boast a construction of durable wetsuit material. Therefore, they will not only keep your feet warm but also protected. Besides that, they don’t hold or retain water that would make your feet heavy while you are in the water. In other words, neoprene socks don’t absorb water like the way cotton socks do.

So, it is advisable to wear these socks with your water shoes for the ultimate protection of your feet. In fact, they give a perfect match with the wetsuit, and you can wear them with your wetsuit boots. Having all that said, neoprene socks have a unique design making it quite tricky to put on. But with the above steps on how to wear neoprene socks, you can put the socks on without any issues.

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