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6 Best Cross Training Shoes for Supination (Men’s and Women’s)

Just like high arches and other conditions, supination also demands a specialized shoe. Supination occurs on the legs when your weight rolls on the outer edges of the shoe. Another name for supination is under pronation.

The best cross-training shoes for pronation must be comfortable, flexible, undoubted breathability, among others. These factors provide supinator with comfortable and stable time whenever they are doing their exercises.

This list features the best shoes in the market today, which have proven to have the supinator’s needs at heart. Also, we have some of the factors you should consider when you get stuck choosing the right shoe between A and B.

Let’s start!

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Supination

People with supination need to be extra careful when choosing the best shoes for them. The shoes that won’t further their problem but those who will give them more comfort. Below are the top six best shoes which you should consider checking out.

Best Women’s Cross-Training Shoes for Supination

1. Adidas Luxe-Edge Women’s Cross Trainer

We start the list of the best cross-training shoes for supination with Adidas Luxe-Edge. Adidas Luxe-Edge offers the best comfort and supports any person with supination could wish for. The shoe’s sole is rubber-made. This sole ensures the shoe is durable and can save you a few dollars. Also, the high abrasion rubber offers traction and excellent grip. As a result, you’re stable in every terrain you work out in.

The midsole has a bounce effect that energizes comfort in your sporty shoe to keep you going all day. The forefoot features a flex groove material. This material ensures your feet have smooth movements when you are doing workouts.

On the upper part of the shoe is a breathable mesh. As a result, this enhances air circulation in your feet. Also, the mesh is soft and flexible to smoothen your exercises and movements.

Why we like it

  • It is very comfortable
  • A durable sole
  • Breathable mesh
  • Flexible
Our Verdict
The naturally blend technology in the shoe improves your comfort and technology, giving you a reason to keep training.

2. Brooks Women Ghost 12

What testers describe as plush, soft, and smooth is the second in the list of best women cross training shoes for supination

Brooks Women Ghost features a gum rubber sole. The sole features of complicated engineering called a segmented crash pad. This design consists of a system of shock absorbers. These absorbers ensure that no matter how hard your feet may land, the stride feels soft.

BioMogo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work features in the midsole. Together, they ensure the underground’s softness without interfering with the responsiveness and durability of the shoe. Also, the cushioning is lightweight.

The upper features a mesh and a 3D fit print. The new mesh and fit print disappear in your foot with a strategically placed stretch and structure. The mesh is breathable, which doubles the comfort as a result.

Why we love it

  • It is breathable.
  • It is very cushioning.
  • Has a durable gum rubber sole.
  • Very responsive
Our Verdict
The shoe softness and smoothness enhance the executive feel you have with the shoe on. The breathability and cushioning supplement the heavenly comfort the shoe has.

3. Nike Women’s Fitness Shoes

Nike makes some of the best women’s cross-training shoes for supination in the world today. The company’s renowned passion for detail keeps it above the bar in the footwear industry. Nike women’s fitness shoe show’s commitment to bring comfort around you.

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Firstly, the shoe features a flat base and panel rubber. The flat base is very reliable and aims to increase contact between the feet and the ground. As a result, your stability triples. On the other hand, the panel rubber shields and supports the big area.

Secondly, the shoe has a dual-density midsole. This technology is distributed unevenly in the heel and the forefoot. This distribution ensures you have excellent cushioning when walking, running, and doing lifting Nike exercises.

Thirdly, the upper features a woven mesh with a haptic print layer. The haptic print layer ensures the woven mesh on your shoe does not wear or tear. On the other hand, the woven mesh ensures ventilation of the shoe. As a result, this enhances shoe’s air circulation which is a thumbs up to the comfort. 

Why we love it

  • Has a durable upper
  • The flat base ensures prolific stability
  • It is breathable
  • The shoe is flexible
Our Verdict
Nike Women’s Fitness is an accurate representation of the best cross-training shoe for supination from the flat base to breathable mesh. It’s a mix of comfort and stability, which are the two key things the best supination shoes focus on.

Best Men’s Cross-Training Shoes for Supination

1. Under Armour Men’s Charged Bandit 3 Running Shoe

Men always have severalchoices on the best cross-training shoes for supination. However, one of the most sought-after shoes is Under Armour Men’s Charged Bandit 3 running shoe. This shoe stands out amongst other shoes.

First, the sole is rubber-made, and therefore, it can withstand more significant impact zones because of its durability level. Also, the shoe features an anatomically placed flex groove. As a result, the groove ensures flexibility of the shoe in critical areas. 

Also, the shoes feature a dual-layer cushioning midsole. The midsole uses compression molded foam to offer more excellent cushioning, responsiveness, and durability. Additionally, innovative UA speed form construction molds to the foot to fit precisely. As a result, this eliminates distraction.

Lastly, the lightweight upper hugs the feet for breathable and flexible support. The mesh enhances breathability. Also, the anti-microbial ortholite liner socks the foot. As a result, the feet remain healthy and away from bacteria.

Why we love it

  • Has a very durable sole
  • it is flexible courtesy of the flex grooves.
  • lightweight and breathable
  • The dual-layer is very cushioning
Our Verdict
This shoe provides you with the right measures of comfort and cushioning to keep you going in your daily exercising routine.

2. New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

The 608 V5 New Balance shoe is an ideal example of the best cross-training shoe for supination. It stays true to its name by balancing your comfort and flexibility to produce an exemplar shoe.

First, the shoe features a rubber outsole. This sole expounds on the durability of the shoe. Also, the shoe features ABZORB technology. This technology makes the ABZORB heel pad that absorbs the impact force through cushioning and compression resistance. The technology is also strategic in the midfoot to offer the excellent support you need during training.

Second, the dual-density collar foam and the flexibility in the midsole is exceptional. The dual-density collar foam keeps your ankles away from irritation and distraction during training. On the other hand, flex groove technology improves the flexibility of the midsole. As a result, it is fun having the shoe on the whole day.

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Third and perhaps most importantly, is noticeable, appealing to the eye midsole. The leather upper embroidered with a classic N logo and a flying NB at the tongue gives you that premium feels you have always desired. The lace-up closure brings about the soft, secure comfort you love.

Why we love it

  • A very durable upper
  • An appealing leather upper
  • Very cushioning collar
  • Shock absorption in the sole
Our Verdict
This shoe gives you that premium feel and an executive look you have always longed for without compromising the aspects needed during your training.

3. Mervell Men’s Agility Synthesis Flex Sneaker

Mervell men’s agility synthesis flex sneaker assures excellence from the road to the trail. As one of the best men’s cross-training shoes for supination, this shoe flexes the trail runner’s mind and body.

To start with is the rubber sole for durability. The Vibram rubber is a high-performance sole with unmatched capabilities like stability, durability, and slip resistance, giving you confidence on your feet. This sole can withstand any terrain without affecting the comfort of your feet. 

Secondly, the midsole features a flex-connect dual-directional flex-groove EVA foam. As a result, the foam enhances the agility and stability of the shoe. The hyper lock heel gives you security when you are making descents and sharp turns.

Lastly, on the upper is a toe cap TPU film heel counter that is synthetic for security. Also, the shoe makes use of the jacquard traditional lace closure. These laces secure your foot as walk and run on uneven surfaces. The shoe is vegan friendly with 0% animal products.

Why we love it

  • very secure
  • enhanced durability and stability
  • It is very flexible
Our Verdict
Mervell Men’s Agility sneaker recycles the product around you to provide you with unequalled comfort and stability in your daily cross-training.

Which Things Should You Consider Buying? – Buyers Guide

Cushioning and stability

The cushion is to soften the force of impact. Shoes with excellent cushioning ensure the proper transition of the heel to toe during movement. Proper cushioning acts as the shock absorber in the shoe. As a result, no matter how hard your feet land on a surface, you won’t feel the effect of the impact. 

Stability, on the other hand, is the contact area between your feet and the ground. Your shoe’s stability increased by enhancing the outsole and the insole to provide a large surface area of contact. Therefore, with enhanced stability, you can walk or run comfortably on uneven surfaces.


Fitness is how comfortable you’re when you have your shoes on. This fact often faces ignorance or people take it lightly. A fitting shoe should not be tight. Tight shoes often cause pains in the toes and ankles. On the other hand, shoes shouldn’t be large either. Large shoes are likely to cause a lot of friction during movement. As a result, you may have a lot of blisters and wounds.

A fitting shoe should be that which you are comfortable wearing. To choose the right shoe, ensure you test it by wearing it first. Check how large the toe box is. Ensures your toes can move naturally and smoothly in the toe box.

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Durability and flexibility

Everyone probably wants a durable shoe. Therefore, checking the durability of the shoe is vital. Different shoes use different materials for their sole to increase durability. To properly check how durable a shoe is, check the material that makes its outsole and identify it. Also, check the material used to make the upper side of the shoe. Most shoes made from leather and fabric last a long time than their counterparts.

Flexibility is vital in cross-training. A shoe that does not restrict the feet’ movement is the best choice a person with supination can get.

How do I know I have supination?

Detecting supination at the comfort of your home can be very easy. Follow the steps to check if you have supination.

  1. Look at how your shoes wear out. The heels of people with normal gait wear out slightly on the outside of the lateral edge. However, if you notice your shoes wear out exactlyat the middle of the heel area or the edge of the posterior sole, you are a supinator.
  2. Determine the space underneath your feet. There should be space at your arch enough to insert a finger. If you realize you are applying too much force or experiencing many discomforts, you’re must be pronated. 
  3. Wet your feet and walk on a chalkboard.Place a chalkboard in front of you. Then dip your feet in a basin full of water. Walk on the chalkboard, leaving footprints behind.Normal feet have footprints whose heel connects with the forefoot by a strip. However, if you are a supinator, your entire feet are visible on the chalkboard.  


Are motion control shoes good for supination?

Yes. Motion-control shoes have a lot of benefits, which makes an excellent fit for supination. For instance, motion control shoes reduce overuse injuries that supinated people have. Also, motion control shoes facilitate a stable activation of leg muscles.

Can a supinator wear neutral shoes?

Yes. However, regular pains will increase the discomfort you experience during their cross-training. Neutral shoes will increase your physical fatigue as a supinator. Additionally, a supinator could experience injuries like fractures when the walk-in uneven surfaces.

Can cross training shoes be walked for walking?

Yes. Most people use cross-training shoes for walking. Crossing training shoes have proper cushioning for comfort, enhanced soles for stability, breathable upper, and wide toe box. All these factors outstanding make your walking even more memorable.

Can you wear training shoes every day?

Yes. A lot of people wear training shoes daily. Training shoes are arguably the most worn shoes in the world today because they are incredibly comfortable. However, always clean your shoes properly to avoid building up bacteria and lousy odour dues to so much sweating.

What are cross-training shoes good for?

Cross-training shoes have different uses and aspects. For instance, you are use them for running and jogging, depending on how they were made. Also, you can use them in daily walks and outdoor visits. Additionally, using them in gyms and therapy sessions is also possible, among many others.

Final Word

To sum up, supinators should be cautious when buying shoes. The list of the best cross-training shoes for supination provides you with the most competitive shoes in the market today. On the other hand, the buyer’s guide eases your choosing even further by providing you with the factors to consider. 

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