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6 Best Lawn Mowing Shoes For Cutting Grass Comfortably!

Do you mow lawns as a profession, or do you just like doing your lawn yourself?

Mowing requires you to step into grass and other lawn plants. Lawns also attract the growth of clovers, which in turn attract bees and other insects. Besides, even if it is not rainy, grass dew will make your feet wet.

Therefore, having your feet well-protected is the least you can do to enhance confidence and safety when mowing.

So, looking for the best lawn mowing shoes? This article brings you a review of six best shoes for the lawn, in addition to considerations for the best shoe.

Best lawn Mowing Shoes

One thing you must already know is that you cannot use any shoe when mowing. At least not if you value the shoe, and are concerned about your feet safety. Therefore, let’s get things under way and get to know the top preferred mowing shoes in the market.

Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for every best shoe to mow lawn by scrolling down.

  1. Muckster II Ankle – Best Wide Waterproof Rubber Garden Ankle-Height Boots
  2. Muck Boot Chore – Great waterproof Men’s Rubber Work Boot for Higher Plants
  3. Muck Boot Muckster – Rubber Waterproof Shoes for gardening and wet roads
  4. Sloggers Comfort – Great Lawn Mowing, garden shoe for dewy morning, rainy walks[Women’s]
  5. Merrell Moab – Vent Hiking Shoes: Buy A Mowing Shoe That Lasts
  6. DOUSSPRT Quick Drying – comfortable and durable gardening, lawn Men’s Water Shoes

So let’s see review of every product…

1. Muckster II Ankle – Best Wide Waterproof Rubber Garden Ankle-Height Boots

This muckster II boot is rubber from the sole to the upper. The material makes them flexible enough for mowing. Moreover, it is waterproof, hence allowing you to mown regardless of the weather conditions outdoor.

Then there is the 4 mm neoprene, which will not only add to the flexibility, but also brings forth warmth, which is necessary in cold and winter conditions. Also, it absorbs shock and facilitates the foot structure. This will help prevent blisters and chafing during the mowing.

A stretch-fit comfort topline is customized into a curve to allow for a range of movement, while trapping the warmth in the shoe.

In case of warm weather and summer season, then the breathable air mesh comes in. It will absorb moisture from your feet and allow foot aeration.

Finally, the outsole rubber assures you of the required traction, hence safety even when working in muddy and dewy conditions.


  • Waterproof, hence suitable for all outdoor conditions.
  • The lining is air mesh, hence breathable and with aeration.
  • The rubber outsole provides great traction capabilities.


  • There is no tightening option at the opening, hence friction.

2. Muck Boot Chore – Great waterproof Men’s Rubber Work Boot for Higher Plants

When cutting in high grass and lawn plants, then a higher boot will be a great protection option.

Firstly, the Muck Core classic adds extra inches to the previous chore, lengthening the boot to accommodate more calf.  Better still, the leather and synthetic construction is waterproof, giving you confidence mowing even in knee length grasses and weeds.

Secondly, the boot has a rubber sole with highly efficient traction, given the conspicuously large patterns.

The rugged boot offers optimal comfort, subfreezing to temperatures of between 85 degrees F (30 degrees C).

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  • Waterproof, hence perfect for wet conditions.
  • Longer in height to protect a larger portion of the calf, making it an awesome option for long plants.
  • The outsole provides sufficient traction.


  • Quite uncomfortable for hot weather conditions.

3. Muck Boot Muckster – Rubber Waterproof Shoes for gardening and wet roads

The low rubber boot will be a great asset when cutting in low grass. Better still, you will be warm even in cold weather conditions. Let’s have a look;

The boot is made in rubber on the upper and the outsole. Coupled with a 4 mm of neoprene, it will provide you with comfort, flexibility and waterproofing. The neoprene also comes in handy in preventing chafing, sealing warmth in the boot and also enhancing the foot structure.

Also, the bottom is highly textured, which provides you with efficient traction in your work. It will further withstand the rough conditions regardless of the condition of the lawn.

The opening is lined with a stretch-fit comfort topline, which is curved to ensure comfort and flexibility in any motion you engage in.

Finally, the interior is in air mesh, which is breathable and moisture-wicking. Hence, you will have a comfortable time when mowing in summer seasons.


  • Comfortable for mowing low grasses.
  • Waterproof, hence keeping the feet dry even in wet conditions.
  • Air mesh lining in the interior, absorbing moisture and providing breathability.
  • A flexible opening for a range of movements.


  • Only available in full sizes, no half sizes.

4. Sloggers Comfort – Great Lawn Mowing, garden shoe for dewy morning, rainy walks[Women’s]

Looking for a pretty shoe to motivate your mowing activity? Why not try the Sloggers? The slip-on shoes are available in an array of color prints, so you have the option of having your favorite blends on your lawn. Moreover, the pair brings you a value shoe, being quite cheap for the features.

Starting with the outsole, it is pure rubber hence flexible. They feature numerous patterns to facilitate traction regardless of the type of movement you choose for efficiency.

Being slip-ons, they are easy to wear, and also flexible. You will not even need to bend to wear the shoe, and you can always remove mid-mowing for a relaxing moment effortlessly.

Both the upper and the outsole are waterproof, hence ensuring that your feet remain dry even when the grass is wet.


  • Pretty and simple mowing shoes.
  • Flexible for ease in movement.
  • High traction from the outsole guaranteed.
  • Waterproof, hence suitable for wet conditions.


  • Heavier than the regular shoes.

5. Merrell Moab – Vent Hiking Shoes: Buy A Mowing Shoe That Lasts

Want to forget about buying another pair of mowing shoes? Moab 2 provides exactly that with commendable durability.

First, the upper is in suede leather and mesh composite, which has been recycled to bring out a tough shoe.

Secondly, the Vibram TC5 sole presents high traction capabilities, and is designed to be slip-resistant. Being a great hiking shoe also, your stability in mowing will be obvious.

Thirdly, the mesh lining will grant you breathability and aeration, which will be welcome in warm seasons.

Forth, the toe cap that the shoe features protects your toes from hurting in rough lawn conditions.

Finally, the shoe features a closed-cell foam tongue, which not only keeps the debris away from your feet, but is also waterproof.

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  • Highly recommended for durability.
  • Slip-resistant sole that provides excellent traction.
  • A protective toe cap for toe safety.
  • Breathable lining that absorbs moisture.


  • The upper shoe ventilation is not quite the best, despite being a ventilator shoe.

6. DOUSSPRT Quick Drying – comfortable and durable gardening, lawn Men’s Water Shoes

For a shoe that you will wear with casual outfits and still mow in comfortably, this water shoe will do. To top it up, you can even swim, fish, drive and even sport in the shoes.

The sole facilitates drainage when working in water, while slip-resistant hence safe for slippery and muddy conditions.

Then, the upper is open mesh fabric, which allows easy in and out of water.  It also easily dries up. The best part is that the material allows your feet to breath and has excellent aeration. This makes the shoe best for the summer season.

With elastic shoe laces as the closure system, the shoes are easy to adjust to suit your specific mowing needs.

Above all, the shoe is lightweight and flexible, making it an ideal choice for comfort in mowing.


  • Versatile shoe, which will be used in mowing, as casual footwear, for swimming and even swimming.
  • Highly breathable and aerated for a suitable summer wear.
  • Light in weight, and also flexible hence comfortable.
  • Adjustable, as it features laces.


  • It is not waterproof, hence not an option for keeping the feet dry.

Buying Guide] Which Things Should You Consider When Buying the best shoes to mow lawn?


The material of the shoe determines the quality of the shoe, and also the functionality of the shoe. Hence, the material should be among the most important things you look into when purchasing the lawn mowing shoes.


The more lightweight the shoe, the better for you. Get a light shoe so as not to add weight to your already sweaty work. Furthermore, a lightweight shoe will reduce the chances of faster fatigue.


There are mowing shoes in various sizes, for women and for men. Make sure to get one that provides for your size. If you are a half size, go for shoes with half sizes. If with wide feet, ensure that you get shoes that will not clog your toes together.

To enhance comfort when mowing, get the best shoe size for you.

The length of the shoe may also come in handy, especially given weather conditions and the lawn conditions. For instance, when mowing a longer lawn weed and in cold conditions, a high-length shoe will be great.


A highly durable shoe is the preference of everyone who wants to work more than once, right? Even in cutting grass, a quality shoe that will last longer will add to the lure of a shoe. Therefore, get durable shoes and quit making an order every time you need your lawn done.


When do you anticipate to mow your lawn? Is it in summer, winter, autumn or spring? Is it when the rains are at their peak or when the sun rays are bursting the clouds?

Or would you rather shoes that you can count on whenever you feel like mowing? Your answer will determine the shoes that will suit you best when mowing.


Highly breathable shoes, even if just in lining, helps keep the feet from heat build-up. Breathable shoes in most cases also take care of feet moisture. Thus, your feet will be comfortable and dry, hence facilitating a quicker and longer mowing time.

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Look for a mowing shoe within your budget range, as long as the best features are not compromised. Put down all the above features as per your preference, then consider the best shoe within your cost ability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use regular shoes for mowing?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to put certain considerations into account. In any case, some activities require shoes that are similar to mowing shoes, such as hiking. So, if you have such a versatile shoe, you can always mow in it.

However, specific shoes for mowing will give you a better chance having all your considerations taken care of. After all, since mowing is not a daily activity, the investment is a one-time thing, at least for a long period.

Which are the best shoes for cutting grass?

The best lawn mowing shoes will depend on personal preference. Putting your own individual considerations into account, different people will find different pairs of shoes suitable. Nevertheless, the following conditions are basic;

  • Breathability
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile movements
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Comfortable

Can you walk in mowing shoes?

Yes, you can. But this will depend on your type of mowing shoe, and the conditions you want to walk in. for instance, you will not be comfortable walking in shoes whose upper part is rubber, especially in warm conditions.

Nevertheless, most mowing shoes are flexible enough to walk in, especially when the weather conditions are favorable to the specific shoe type. Hence, you can use your mowing shoe to walk around during the mowing sessions.

Are there mowing shoes that you can use in all seasons?

Yes, there are. Actually, most of the above shoes are in a design that accommodates all seasons, regardless of the temperature. In hot seasons, they are moisture-wicking and highly breathable. On the other hand, they are waterproof and retain warmth in cold weather.

Can you mow the lawn in sandals?

Yes, you can. if your lawn is low, then a high rubber sole will still do. This is more so if your foot cannot handle a closed shoe, or when you feel that you need your feet to breath. However, most mowing shoes are closed.

Parting Shot

Best lawn mowing shoes? The answer is right above you, in the article you are reading. Now the ball is in your court. Go get the best mowing shoe and make your lawn mowing experience worth looking forward to. Putting all the considerations into account, I can assure you that of the six above, you will get the most convenient and efficient shoe. Therefore, get yourself together and enjoy making your lawn more desirable.

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