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Duramo 7 Vs Duramo 8: Head to Head Comparison

Duramo are a series of shoes that are Adidas brand. They are basically designed for athletics, with traction, cushioning and breathability that runners appreciate. Better still, the shoes make for a classy sneaker, so you can wear them casually to match your jeans and casual outfits. Walk in the shoes and engage in other sporting training without a worry.

So, if both shoes are of the Duramo series, then what difference does it make to own one over the other? This is why we have brought you this head to head comparison of Duramo 7 vs Duramo 8.

Duramo 7 Vs Duramo 8

You read that right. The best part of the deal is that you will not only get to understand the difference between the shoes, but also the similarities. Hence, your decision to purchase either of the pieces will be out of credible information.

So, between Duramo 7 and Duramo 8, which is the best for you?

Outstanding characteristic/ function of Duramo 7

Extra cushioning, which is a result of the adiprene foam, bringing in all day comfort and enabling you to run faster and longer.

This is as a result of a cloud foam midsole, a mesh upper that keeps your feet ventilated and an all-round foot cushioning.

Outstanding characteristic/ function of Duramo 8

Want a shoe that feels like its pushing you forward? Makes you feel like running faster, right? This is the feeling that Duramo 8 has been applauded for.

It is well- cushioned, and the ventilation on the upper side ensures that your feet don’t fatigue from overheating.

Duramo 7 sole

The Adiwear outsole is purely rubber in material, featuring flex grooves that bring forth a sense of natural movement.

Provides flexibility and recommended traction, though some runners complain that the flexibility is not that much.

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Duramo 8 sole

The rubber outsole is Adiwear design, which is high enough to provide durability. Also, it gives you a kind of push off when running, giving you the motivation and to run faster. It is further designed to bring forth support, which is necessary in the different running ground conditions.
Recommended for flexibility and high traction functions.

Duramo 7 Upper

The upper shoe is made in a composite of synthetic and textile material, which blend together to bring you comfort.

The material features numerous perforations all round the shoe, save for the few stylish strips.

Then there is the 3-D print design, which is layered on the strips of the shoe.

Duramo 8 Upper

The upper is purely textile, which has been highly meshed for breathability. The large and thick tongue is graced by the lace closure system, which enhances the breathability that mesh already provides.

The upper shoe also features some stripes, whose design slightly, but not exactly, resembles that of Duramo 7.

Design of Duramo 7

The shoes have a lace closure system, which is recommended for runners. It helps with releasing pressure by loosening laces when necessary. Moreover, the laces allow you to fit your shoe snug for comfort and safety. The toe area is rounded to present a wider surface area to the forefoot. Hence, your toes will not be clumped together. Generally, the design is low-cut to give the shoe a classy outlook.

In appearance, this shoe is smoother in comparison to its counterpart.

Design of Duramo 8

They feature a lace closure system, just like Duramo 7. This makes it a comfortable and versatile piece when it comes to adjustment. You can evade hot spots during your training. Then there is the toe bed, which is wider for sufficient surface area. This adds to breathability among the toes.

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Duramo 8 appears rough in comparison to Duramo 7, with the mesh perforations more prominent.

Duramo 7 Size

Duramo 7 runs true to size for each size available. You can go half a size higher if you have a wider foot, but for standard feet your size stands.

Duramo 8 Size

The shoe sizes are in a wide range compared to Duramo 7. However, they are similar in that the sizes run true to size for standard feet sizes.

Duramo 7 Durability

The shoe is durable, regardless of its high versatility. Get on with a full season of running without disappointment.

Duramo 8 Durability

Though durability and shoe lifespan are a matter of maintenance and use, the shoe is highly recommended for durability

Available colors of Duramo 7

Less colorways and color choices. Nevertheless, the colors available will provide for pure color shoe and 2 to 3 color blends. Hence, you will still get a shoe color(s) that is close to your preference.

Available colors of Duramo 8

A wide spectrum of colors and color blends available. Whether you prefer plain colors or a blend of colors on a shoe, Duramo 8 will provide you with a variety. Hence, do not 9quit looking for your favorite.

Duramo 7 Cushioning

Eva sock liner for cushioning and impact absorption Adiprene foam layer is added in the heel and midfoot area, which enhance shock absorption and adds to foot cushioning against impact.

The opening and the tongue have been cushioned with soft material, which is perforated also for breathability and comfort.

Duramo 8 Cushioning

The mid sole drops 10 mm, with the heel at 22 mm and the forefoot at 12 mm. This sole design will bring your foot structure, and the desired stability. In addition, the midfoot features a TPU cage, which not only enhances support, but adds to the shoe cushioning capabilities.

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The ortholite sock liner enhances the shoes’ cushioning, thus providing utmost comfort in running.


The shoe is quite cheap in the price range available in all stores, contrary to Duramo 8. When compared to Duramo 7, the shoe is really expensive.

Parting Shot

Duramo 7 vs Duramo 8 offers you a vivid comparison of the two Adidas running shoes. Being from the same series, the shoes feature almost the same combinations. However, we must appreciate that the differences are quite conspicuous, hence the difference in naming.

Now, I will throw the question to you; which one is perfect for you? Taking our taste and most important function of a shoe to you, I am sure that the answers will differ.

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