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How to Wash Adidas Alphabounce? Simple Step by Step Guide

Is how to wash Adidas Alphabounce without damaging the structure bothering you? You are not alone. This has always been the case whenever you have a different shoe. You don’t want to clean it like the rest of your shoes, because each shoe is different in terms of material and the conditions it can withstand.

These are varieties of shoes from the brand Adidas, ranging from running, sporting, and even slide shoes. The shoes have a mesh composite on the upper side, design, available colors, and other materials dependent of the specific Alphabounce type.

How to Wash Adidas Alphabounce?

One thing is for sure, glistening shoes always boosts our confidence on the road, our performance on the road. How do we make this a reality with Adidas Alphabounce?

The Ultimate Guide on How to Was Adidas Alphabounce

Washing your Adidas Alphabounce will require the following;

  • A basin of water
  • Laundry soap
  • A toothpick
  • A used toothbrush
  • A washing cloth
  • Baking Soda
  • An aerosol protection


Step 1: Take off the shoe laces and the inner sole, if the innersole is removable. You don’t just want to see your shoes clean, but also want them fresh.

Step 2 : Take off the excess dirt from the shoes by hitting them against each other by the soles.

Using the old toothbrush, brush off any debris from the shoes. use the toothpick to work on small stones and sand particles stuck in between the sole patterns.

Step 3: Add the laundry detergent to the water in the basin. Dip the washing towel in the water to dampen it. Warm water is always better, since you will not leave mineral salts on the shoe and probably stain it. In addition, always consider colorless detergents with white Adidas Alphabounce.

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If the shoes are white or bright in color, ensure that you do not use a new colored towel. This may lead to the towel coloring your shoes with a different color, hence a staining it.

First, wipe the interior of the shoe, reaching on every edge of the shoe to enhance a thorough clean.

Then embark on the exterior part of the shoe. Starting from the toes, applying in circles to ensure a thorough job. Finish with the heels.

If there are nagging stains, then you can add some bleach on the towel. Apply the breach on the specific stains, but only mildly to prevent chances pf affecting the original color of the shoe. Better still, the ‘magic eraser’ always does the trick, since it does not breach the shoe color.

Then get to the soles, and apply the same pressure as with the upper shoe. Actually, you can use the toothbrush to scrub off the persistent stains.

Step 4 : Replace the water in step 3 with warm clean water. Using a rinsed wash towel in the water, clean off the detergent from the shoes. be gentle, and ensure to work on every part of the shoe.

Again, start with the interior, then the upper and on to the soles.

By the time you are done, your shoes should be sparkling.

Step 5: Put some baking soda on the insoles, and leave it for some time. This will allow the baking soda to suck up odor and any bacteria off the insoles.

Now you can wipe the insoles gently but thorough with soap water. Rinse them and airdry the insoles.

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Step 6: Now you can work on the laces. You can actually wash them in the washing machine, with clothes that require a gentle wash, and those with similar colors. You will have to air dry the laces though, so as to maintain their structure, size and outlook.

Step 7: Finally, put back the insoles and lace-up your shoes. How to wash Adidas Alphabounce? It is that simple.

Bottom Line

How to wash Adidas Alphabounce will only be a challenge without a guide. However, I don’t think it should be a bother to you anymore. This guide should go a long way into simplifying your job.

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