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5 Best Jordans for Wide Feet – Buyer’s Guide (Reviews)

Jordan shoes, which are under the Nike brand, are known for their quality and classy design. However, it may take your time to get the ideal shoe for your feet if they are particularly wide.

But wait, things have never been better. See, we have come up with a list of 5 best Jordans for wide feet. You don’t have to struggle with scrolling over pages and worried that the nice shoe you got might not be a fit. This is because we already have a collection from which you can simply choose.

Best Jordans for Wide Feet

Let’s get this show on the road bringing proven Jordan for wide feet with us;

1. Air Jordan 7 Retro – Great looking Sneakers

Air Jordan 7 retro shoes are available in big kids’ sizes from 5.5 henceforth. The largest is size 13, accommodating most wide feet. Want to know more about the shoe? Here are the interesting facts about it.

Made in leather material and a rubber sole, the shoe provides a durable pair that you will trend in for long. The rubber sole enables walking, running, and even sports, without stressing and putting weight on your foot.

The shoes provide all-day comfort, with an inner lining warmth for winter, while wicking moisture for comfy summer wear.

Admittedly, the shoes feature bold colors that surprisingly blend by contrast, bringing out the perfect look with whichever dress colors you prefer. Wear it for a casual look, semi-official, or for your sports outing.

Interestingly, the shoes have a nickname: Marvin the Martian. The design was to rival Michael and Bugs’ original Air Jordans.


  • Durable material, with top pure leather and bottom rubber.
  • Bold colors, several in a shoe to blend with a variety of cloth sets.
  • Versatility in use.


  • Requires a specific shoe cleaner to wash it, not just soap and water.

2. Air Jordan 13 Retro CP PE – Perfect Style and Durability

Imagine owning a pair of shoes that were once exclusively meant for one player. This is the feeling you get with Air Jordan 13. Air Jordan 13 is also known as Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets point guard). It was his exclusive customized pair, until 2015 when it was released massively. Today, anyone has a right over the shoe, including you.

The shoe presents a durable leather and mesh composite top, and also flexible rubber soles. Additionally, the mesh design provides the breathability and aeration that intensive field activities require.

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It gets better when you know the versatile nature of the shoe functions. They are not only great for the field but also give you footwear for a natural walk and a casual look. Having been tested and worn for long in the field by CP3 himself, you can rest assured of the quality of this pair. Its lightweight of 4lbs makes it great for a walk and a tireless run.

The contrasting colors featured in the shoe, that is, black and sun-stone Orion blue, give the shoe the exquisite look that completes a trendy look.

The sizes run up to size 14, which has a large D width for wide feet.


  • Run up to size 14, which has a large D width for wide feet.
  • Durable rubber sole and leather material.
  • Tested in the field by a legendary player, Chris Paul. Thus, it has proven quality.


  • Only a one-color combination is available.

3. Jordan Nike Men’s Air 13 Retro – Top notch leathers

A pair that most people have found comfortable, Jordan Nike Men’s Air 13 Retro Lakers is a great shoe for wide feet. Look, the shoe is wide in the toe box and heel for every size, making it comfy for dudes with wide feet, whether older kids or adults. Interestingly, it still maintains the Jordan brand exquisite design.

Then again, the shoe is made of pure leather, which guarantees quality and subsequent durability. It comes with its original packaging as brand new, hence the peace of mind that authentic and new shoes bring.

To top it off, the shoe bottom has a rough texture that provides traction. No sliding and falling accidentally while playing or walking.

Wondering what type of activity, you will comfortably carry out in the shoes? Basically everything. Wear it for lunch to complete an impressive look, or make your casual look to work more appealing. Brace yourself for basketball and other sports in the shoe comfortably.


  • Spacious enough for large feet.
  • Durable, as it is made of leather.
  • Bottom provides traction by rough texture.
  • Comfortable to wear all day long.


  • Minimal color choices.

4. Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23 – Perfect sneaker for a regular day out

Fabric Jordan shoes for basketball. Does this sound like your taste? fair enough, because this is what Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23 brings you.

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Firstly, the shoe is made of fabric, whose weaving brings a sense of aeration and breathability. The laces are also fabric, giving you a tight knot that ensures the safety and a customizable fit.

Secondly, the sole is rough and non-skid for a safe game throughout your training, with an elevation and heel that provides good arch support.

Therefore, the shoe basically provides you with commendable footwear for basketball and other games. Moreover, the shoes are durable.

To make matters better, the shoe design makes it a good fit for other outdoor activities, including social events.

It is available in a variety of colors, including black, blue, grey, white, red, and more. Thus, the color that matches your field outfit are available.


  • Durable fabric top and rubber sole.
  • Recommended for basketball and other field activities, and also great for casual wear.
  • Non-skid sole for good traction in the field.
  • A spectrum of colors available, spoiling you with the choice.


  • Washing stained fabric, especially with bright colors, requires special shoe cleaners.

5. Jordan Mens MAX Aura – comfortable shoes for the Jordan fan

The Max Aura runs up to size 13, with a good width for wide feet. People with normal feet sizes actually have to purchase a size smaller for a good fit. It is available in a lustrous white and metallic gold-black blend of colors.

The shoe is pure leather on the upper side. The material assures you of durability, not to mention the awesome look it adds to your outfit. The rubber soles have patterns that ensure traction, hence safety precautions.

Wear shoes for basketball and other field events. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you will still look good in these shoes in your out of the field clothes. There is no doubt about this.

Are they durable? They are. These are Jordan brand shoes, and quality, and durability obvious.


  • Leather shoe, which is quality and durable.
  • A great choice for even the widest feet.
  • Versatile wear and functions.


  • Only available in the two-color blend.

Which Things to Consider When Buying the Best Jordans for Wide Feet

Width and size of the shoe:

Ensure you purchase your true size if the shoe you select is made for wide feet. You don’t have to strain to wonder which size is best, as both the size and width have been customized for you.

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Jordan brand shoes are durable. Nevertheless, getting this in the description and reviews will improve your confidence in the shoes.


Jordan shoes for wide feet may be made of varied materials. Check to ensure that you will be comfortable in the material making the shoe.

Ease in Cleaning:

Get shoes that you will not find inconvenience in cleaning. Stains are easy to get rid of, and if not, you are prepared for special shoe cleaners.


Get a great Jordan shoe with value for your money. The available options are so many at various budget ranges. Get one at your comfortable price range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Jordan shoes good for wide feet?

Yes, most of them are large. With the above 5, you have the best brand shoes for wide feet.

Is Jordan Brand and Nike the same?

Jordan is a brand under Nike. The shoes are quality brand shoes. Most of them are large, hence suitable for wide toes.

Nevertheless, the Jordan shoes have made a name for themselves, out of high quality and expensive-looking design.

Should one wear a larger size with Jordan shoes for wide feet?

You don’t have to. Jordan shoes for wide feet are true sizes for wide feet. Therefore, your wide feet will be comfortable in your true shoe size.

Final Verdict

Not sure of the best jordans for wide feet? Then the answer is right above. The best part of it is that these shoes are most comfortable in true sizes only for wide feet. Normal feet sizes have to run a size smaller for a good fit. Stress yourself no more. Whether leather or fabric, you have options of material to choose from. Various colors and some shoes with interesting legacies to reckon with, you will definitely find a favorite pair.

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