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Best Shoes for Platform Pedals | 5 Exclusive Picks

Platform pedals, which are contrary to clip-in pedals, are the preference of mountain bikers, bike commuters, and road cyclists. Why is this? These pedals provide more flexibility in terms of shoes, not to mention less costly. In addition, these pedals are easy to get on and off, minimizing the risk of crashing.

The shoes used with flat pedals could be cycling or non-cycling, which means you can easily walk in them. Without further ado, let’s get down to business with a look at the top best shoes for platform pedals you can go with.

5 Best Shoes for Platform Pedals

We have below 5 well-analyzed shoes for platform pedals. Using the features, customer reviews, and performance, we are providing top 5 shoes your bike.

1. Giro Men’s Mountain Biking Cycling Shoes: Ride Regardless of the Weather Conditions

Looking for an all-weather pair of shoes for your platform pedal bike? Because this is the solution Giro men’s biking shoes bring.

With a waterproof microfiber top, you will be confident riding in muddy and watery grounds, while your feet remain dry. Whether you feel like getting off the pedals in adverse weather conditions or press on with the ride, you are still safe.

Moreover, it is breathable, which ensures that your feet remain dry and free from heat build-up. The closure system is lace. The knot issues? Don’t worry about it, because this shoe has a lace keeper to solve this.

Secondly, the bottom is Vibram Ecostep rubber, which will obviously not let water through. The rubber is tough and textured to bring forth the grip on pedals that mountain biking calls for. The best part is that it is durable.

Thirdly, the insole has the midsole, toes and heels reinforced in Eva material, bringing in a form of cushioning, thereby enhancing all day comfort.


  • Waterproof material, hence perfect for outdoor cycling.
  • Vibram Ecostep rubber that facilitates pedal grip.
  • Eva reinforcement in core foot areas for cushioning.
  • Comfortable for riding flat pedals and walking.


  • Not good for all-day activities, as they are not walking-comfortable for long.

2. Five Tens Freerider MTB Bike Shoes- Best Shoe for Rough Terraces (Men)

Five Tens provide for a regular true size for each of the sizes available. Do you want a shoe that will withstand rough terraces, that will enhance your mountain rides and track cycling? This is the best shoe for that.

For one, the fabric shoe has a stealth S1 dotty undersole, which grips your flat pedals as if they were made for each other. Actually, it is famous for its incredible performance on flat pedals. The outsoles are durable, regardless of the terrace you subject them to.

The upper shoe is largely in mesh design, so breathability and aeration a guarantee.

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Additionally, the shoes have a lace closure system. The laces have a keeper to prevent the nag of the knot and untied laces, which also enhances safety during riding.

The shoes are in a variety of colors, each with 3 to 4 colors. Want a darker shade because of the obvious dirt you get on the road? You have it. Or is it a brighter blend of colors that excites you? Because, that too, is available.

The sizes are in a wide range, which runs up to size 14, thus most feet, even the larger ones sorted.


  • Mesh design for aeration hence a cool breeze.
  • Lace closure system that you can adjust to suit your preference.
  • The stealth S1 dotty outer sole enhances pedal grip.


  • No arch support, hence the need for supportive insoles.

3. Five Ten Freerider Bike Shoe: Best Women’s Shoe for Rough Terraces

So, you really liked shoe number 2, but are not sure about the sizing because they are in men’s figures? There is a perfect pair for women, in design and sizing that you can try out. The shoe is in regular women’s fitting, ranging from size 6 to 11, hence accommodating as many women as possible. Sounds good? Let’s embark on the features that make this shoe a choice for flat pedal biking.

The stealth of the soles of this shoe make it a perfect fit for the rough terraces. Whether on rough mountain paths or rocky meandering paths, this soles grips on your flat pedals so well that you feel safe and motivated to continue.

Made of suede and mesh composite on the upper side, which provides for breathability the shoe is comfortable for long and strenuous rides.

Wait, there’s still more; the lining is textile, which will enhance the dryness of your feet even if you are overly sweaty.


  • Stealth sole that grips the pedals best in rough terraces.
  • Mesh reinforced upper to enhance breathability.
  • Textile lining for comfort and moisture-wicking.


  • They are a size smaller, which is not indicated in the description.

4. Tommaso Milano Versatile: Men’s Commuter/ Spin Bike Cycling Shoe

Commute to the workout class with the same shoe you will use there. Does this sound like you? Tommaso Milano is the shoe for you.

Cycling shoes that you can walk in? Not common. Nevertheless, this Tommaso is in a casual design that allows you to walk and carry out your activities. Ride your flat pedal bike and use it for spinning on clipless pedals. This is due to the recessed cleat plate featured on this shoe. In short, this is an all-in-one shoe.

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Besides, the shoe has a flexible sole, which is why we are not surprised it’s so versatile.

Next, the shoes have a laced-up closure system, which is common for flat pedal shoes. Therefore, you can adjust as you wish to enhance comfort.

The shoes fit tight to enhance safety during your rides, but, like we mentioned above, the laces allow for required customization.

Lastly, the shoes have breathable upper material. Feel a cool breeze throughout your cycling exercise.


  • Versatile, used with both flat and clip-in pedals and other activities.
  •  Laced-up closure for comfort, safety, and customization.
  • Breathability through the upper material.


  • Too tight for wide feet.

5. Etnies Men’s Bike Shoes: Is Comfort Your Utmost Consideration?

The Etnies shoes are offer you comfort in all dimensions, as the features below will reveal.

First off, the midsole is of stoble board, which enhances stiffness. What does this mean for your flat pedal cycling? Easier for you, hence faster and longer. The Geo-hex tread texture and pattern at the shoe bottom ensures grip on the pedals, assuring you safety and comfort on the bike.

With a lace-up closure, you have the option to adjust the fitting accordingly, hence eliminate hot spots and shoe overheating.

In addition, the shaft measurement is mid-top from the arch, hence moderate arch support guaranteed. This minimizes knee and joint aches instances.

Better still, the insole is TPU in material, which brings the foot all-day comfort.

To top it off, the shoe features an asymmetrical collar that facilitates ankle protection and cushion from pedal injury.

What’s more to comfort in a shoe? An ideal size. This shoe runs up to size 14


  • Tough reinforced midsole to enhance toughness for better performance on the pedal.
  • Asymmetrical collar that facilitates collar protection.
  • Arch support available.
  • TPU insole for added footbed comfort.


  • Does not feature perforations for breathability.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Shoes for Platform Pedals


Cycling on flat pedals calls for comfort and safety simultaneously. A shoe that guarantees both in terms of size should be good to go, especially if your flat pedal biking involves commuting and walking mid-track.


Go for a material that is quality and convenient for you. For example, for strenuous biking exercises, you will need a shoe that offers breathability from the intense heat that accumulates.


The sole of your shoe should guarantee grip and traction on the pedals. If you have this sorted, then you will rest assured of safety from sliding off the bike, especially in terraces that are rough.


A comfortable insole should be soft, moisture-wicking and if possible, with a bit of arch support. This will cushion your feet against blisters, hot spots and foot aches.

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Why do you need the shoe? Do you have other goals aside from flat pedal biking? Let me give you a scenario; if you need a shoe that you use on both flat and clipless pedals, then ensure the two functions are possible with your shoe choice.


My take; go for the cheapest shoe that offers all the above features. Never compromise quality for the price, as it ends up getting more expensive. However, always get one that is worth the cost.


Can you use regular shoes on flat pedals?

Yes, you can. That is the beauty of flat pedals. You can use any shoe, especially if you are not biking professionally. When commuting or touring, any regular shoe is suitable for flat pedals.

Can you use cleated cycling shoes on platform pedals?

Yes, you can. However, the cleats have to be recessed, because they won’t clip into flat pedals. If so, they will not interfere with your cycling. Generally, cleats are not necessary on flat pedals.

Is flat pedal biking good for keeping fit?

Yes, it is. Flat pedal biking is a form of whole-body workout. Your mental, heart, emotional, and physical fitness will greatly improve with flat pedal cycling. Having to cycle outdoors gives your mind fresh air and fresh thoughts. Since this type of pedaling is not supported by the shoes you use, the effort you bring in to perform will stress your muscles. Thus, muscle toning and weight cutting will be obvious.

Can you find good shoes for platform pedals for wide feet?

Yes, you can. Actually, platform pedal shoes mostly run larger, in comparison to clipless pedal shoes. Thus, it is easier to get fitting shoes for wide feet. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to confirm your feet width with the store you purchase shoes from.

Parting Shot

Platform pedals allow you freedom with cycling. You are allowed to use regular shoes, and even the cycling shoes specified for flat pedals excellent walking shoes. For what its worth, go for one of the 5 best shoes for platform pedals to complete your flat pedal biking. You sure got the best in your priority factor.

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