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Best Adidas Soccer Cleats of All Time for Men, Women and Kids

Adidas makes for one of the giant shoe brands in the athletic industry. That’s not all, because the company has also ventured into sporting and casual wear also. That aside, today we are going to concentrate on Adidas soccer cleats.

The confidence and peace that comes with having the Adidas cleats in the pitch tops up the popularity of the brand. Having cleats with the Adidas brand is worth the cost and the hustle.

Nevertheless, we want to ease your hustle by providing you with a whole list of 9 best Adidas soccer cleats you will fall in love with.

Best Adidas Soccer Cleats

Adidas soccer cleats not only make your soccer experience worth the shot, but also enhance performance in football, kickball and softball. So, let’s have a look at the 9 soccer cleats that takes the trophy home.

We have categorized the shoes into those suitable for unisex wear, men, women, and even kids. Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for every Adidas Soccer Cleats by scrolling down.

Best Unisex Adidas Soccer Cleats

  1. Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial – Impressive Stability Best Adidas Leather Soccer Cleats

Best Adidas Soccer Cleats for Men

  1. Adidas Men’s Ace 17+ – Ideal Adidas Soccer Cleats for Defenders
  2. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf – Greatest Adidas Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet
  3. Adidas Men’s Predator 19.4 – Firm Ground Soccer Shoe: Best for Ball Control

Best Adidas Soccer Cleats for Women

  1. Adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W – All-in-One Soccer Shoe
  2. Adidas Women’s Nemeziz 17.4 FG W – Bring Agility to the Field
  3. Adidas Women’s Predator 18.3 FG W – Your Narrow Feet Finally Have an Exact Fit

Adidas Soccer Cleats for Kids

  1. Adidas Kids’ Copa 19.3 – Comfortable Kids’ Soccer Cleats
  2. Adidas Kids’ Goletto VI J – For Optimal Stability and Speed

So let’s see review of every product…

1. Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial – Impressive Stability Best Adidas Leather Soccer Cleats

These shoes are legendary for their stability on firm natural and even artificial ground. When playing on the defense, especially, this shoe will be a great choice for you.

First off, the upper shoe is pure kangaroo leather, which is designed to make a kick on the ball easier for you.

Additionally, the sole is synthetic, with soccer cleats that make the shoe legendary- they assure you of a firm grip on the ground, hence stability. the lightweight flexible sole further allows you to move with speed, hence an accurate and right-on-time kick on the ball.

Moreover, the shaft measures between 6 and 12 inches from the arch depending on the shoe, hence protecting your heel during the game, while enhancing stability.

Then there is the soft lining, which, coupled with the die-cut Eva midsole, brings your feet comfort, flexibility and a soft feel.


  • Flexible forefoot for a good kick on the ball.
  • Firm stability on the ground.
  • Foot cushioning and protection guaranteed.
  • Comfortable on the pitch.


  • Not for extreme feet sizes, too narrow and too wide will not fit.

2. Adidas Men’s Ace 17+ – Ideal Adidas Soccer Cleats for Defenders

As the name suggests, this pair will give you control over the game. The upper is lace-free, so wearing and removing at wish is in your command. Besides, no laces to mess with you as they loosen accidentally. Now you can concentrate on the game.

The upper? Primeknit, wrapping your foot in the comfort of completely breathable material. Moreover, the upper features a thin film, which will keep off dirt, water and debris. Without laces to get in the way, you can always manage the ball with your foot without any restriction.

What’s more is that a Non-Stop Grip (NSG), which are raised dots on the upper shoe, adds grip on your shoe, so the ball doesn’t slide off unintentionally.

The insole? It is pure boost, which is an impressively responsive cushioning for your feet. With synthetic lining to top up the impact of the insole, you cannot get a more comfortable shoe.

The sole? Synthetic in material, which make it flexible for faster movement. The studs protruding from the outsole ushers in stability and a firm grip on artificial grass.


  • Comfortable shoe.
  • Best for defense, with NSG and no laces to enhance ball grip.
  • Stability assurance.
  • Lightweight and flexible for swift movement.


  • Lack of laces eliminates the chances of releasing pressure to avoid hot spots.

3. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf – Greatest Adidas Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Want a more protective pair on your feet, cushioning you completely from blisters? This pair is your best shot.

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The pre molded Eva mid sole reinforces the insole to ensure foot cushioning, even when playing on hard floors. A soft synthetic lining on the interior will ensure that your dream comes true.

Then we have the outer sole, which extends on the heel to protect it from injury. The molded studs lining the whole bottom part of the shoe brings in an aspect of stability. the light weight of the shoe allows fast running in the field.

With 100% leather upper, the shoe feels comfortable and convenient for kicking the ball. The lace closure of the shoe allows users to leave space for breathability and prevent hot spots during soccer.


  • Best cushioning and protection, hence no blister formation.
  • Laces to prevent hot spots and also for adjustment.
  • Stability by molded studs at the sole.


  • The measurement on the size chart differs from the real shoe measurements.

4. Adidas Men’s Predator 19.4 – Firm Ground Soccer Shoe: Best for Ball Control

If you wish to control the ball in the field with an excellent ball handling shoe, Men’s predator is your best bet. You will have an easy time passing, kicking and handling the ball in the shoe, right from the start to the end.

First off, the upper is synthetic, with control stitching bumps that will impressively enhance ball handling. The durability will last you more than a football season, which means at your busiest.

Secondly, the synthetic outsole is lightweight TPU, designed to give you flexibility and speed in running. Soccer cleats finish off the bottom, which will assure you of traction on both firm and flexible ground.

Thirdly, the shaft measures low top from the arch, hence stability and sufficient protection. Then there is the heel, which has been uniquely designed to bring forth comfort.


  • Forefront stitching to provide for ball handling.
  • Lightweight to facilitate speed.
  • Cleats at the bottom for stability and traction.
  • Durable throughout a season.


  • Too narrow for the said sizes.

5. Adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W – All-in-One Soccer Shoe

Do you want an all-in one-shoe, in which you can play in either as a goalkeeper or a field player? Why not try Women’s Goletto? It allows for both maximum speed and traction.

The elegant looking shoe in a blend of white, energy blue and easy coral brings you confidence that you can rely on in the soccer field.

The upper is 100% synthetic leather, giving you a comfortable time handling the ball.

In addition, the rubber sole is flexible and lightweight, so you can play as swiftly as you can manage. The cleats allow for optimal traction on natural grass.

Also, the interior is highly breathable and moisture-wicking, allowing for more comfort. Combined with the lacing closure, hot spots will never be a part of your game.


  • Flexible and lightweight for speed.
  • Good ground traction.
  • Elegant in outlook.
  • Breathable interior.


  • The sizes are not approximated correctly.

6. Adidas Women’s Nemeziz 17.4 FG W – Bring Agility to the Field

Do you long for a time when you will defy your opponent team and fly the flag of your team with surprising goals? It is time. The Nemeziz 17.4 from Adidas was made with agility tears up the field and leaves fans with mouths aghast.

The top is synthetic, with a boot opening that hugs the foot just like you want it, so that you are able to concentrate on the ball.

Not to mention the synthetic sole, which offers more than enough flexibility to enhance instantaneous moves. The cleats, on the other hand, set the seal on stability and traction on firm ground.

Finally, there are the lace closures, which allow you to use a lacing style that will prevent heat build-up and consequent hot spots. Thus, a whole soccer session will be all fun and performance to you.


  • Allow agility in the field just by design.
  • Traction assured by the cleats.
  • Minimal heat build-up and hot spots.
  • Comfortable.


  • Too narrow for standard feet.

7. Adidas Women’s Predator 18.3 FG W – Your Narrow Feet Finally Have an Exact Fit

Adidas predator 18.3 has been specifically designed for your narrow feet. Most shoes must fit you loose, but not this one. The knit fabric on the upper surrounding the boot opening provide for elasticity, so that once your foot is in you are good to go. Generally, though, the whole shoe is narrow.

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With a synthetic upper that is highly breathable, this snug-fitting shoe will be comfortable and breathable even in the heat intense pitch.

Into the bargain is the rubber sole, which is flexible and lightweight. It combines with cleats to provide traction, support and flexibility during your soccer game.


  • Best fit for narrow feet.
  • Provides traction.
  • Flexible and lightweight sole.
  • Breathable.


  • Very narrow, even for specific sizes.

8. Adidas Kids’ Copa 19.3 – Comfortable Kids’ Soccer Cleats

Looking for the best cleat to motivate your child in the field with? Well, have a look at the specs of Copa 19.3, and you will agree with me that it is worth trying it out.

The upper is in a composite of synthetic and mesh material for comfort enhancement. It is in a lace closure, so your kid can wear it and adjust as per their right fit. Then there is a snug stabilization at the opening, which enhances the fit while taking care of comfort.

Besides, the shoes feature cleats that are rotational, making prompt movement so natural that the kid enjoys it.

 To top it all is the cushioned sensation at the front, which protects the kid from the impact of kicking the ball, while enhancing ball handling.


  • Comfortable interior, with a snug stabilization at the opening.
  • Cushioned sensation at the forefront to protect foot from ball impact.
  • Rotational cleats for unhesitant movement.


  • Too hard, especially for a beginner kid.

9. Adidas Kids’ Goletto VI J – For Optimal Stability and Speed

If you are looking forward to maximizing your kid’s performance in the field, then Goletto VI J should do.

the shoe features a durable synthetic upper, which is flexible for efficiency in ball handling.

Not only is the rubber sole flexible, but it also features cleats that provide for stability. Their grip on firm ground is incredible, hence safety and confidence for the kid.

Luckily, the insole is removable. Therefore, cleaning and getting rid of odor after every game becomes a walk in the park.

The best part of all is that these kids’ cleats are quality, hence durable.


  • Stable on firm ground.
  • Flexible to allow abrupt rush for the ball.
  • Removable insole facilitates foot hygiene.


  • Run smaller for kids with wide feet.

Things to Consider when Buying Adidas Soccer Cleats Shoe


The material of your soccer shoe is important for your game. This is partly because the material, especially the upper one, will determine how you handle the ball. On the other hand, quality and durability depend on the material of the shoe.

Onto handling the ball, a hard or patterned upper material handles the ball better, giving you an easy time passing, handling and kicking the ball. Additionally, your performance improves better if you handle the ball better, hence dependent on your shoe material.

When we talk about soccer shoes durability, we talk of shoes that will last you for a whole soccer season. This is due to the mere fact that you subject your shoes to more task compared to other sporting activities.


As we have seen above, there are specific shoes for men, women and kids. These types of shoes have the sizing and designs suiting these specific categories, and one would almost feel weird getting into the shoe that was not meant for them

For instance, you may find that the coloring of most women’s shoes is bright and more appealing, which is contrary to the men’s shoes.

On top of that, men, women and children have specific feet needs. Women have narrower heels and smaller feet as compared to men. Children require overall small shoes compared to adults.

There are also shoes that are unisex, which give a sizing chart for both men and women. Also, these shoes are most suitable for people with standard feet sizes.

Then there are shoes that run true to size, smaller or larger by half or a whole inch their given sizes. Therefore, it is of essence that you check the comments given in the size charts, and also by the customers through reviews.

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Considering all these will ensure that when your shoe order arrives you will not be disappointed by the size you get. You will have learnt enough to ensure accuracy.

The Bottom of the Shoe

When looking for soccer cleats, you should have in mind that there are different cleats in the market. There are those that are meant for hard natural ground, while others are made for soft ground. The irony is that you can use the pair meant for hard ground on soft ground, but the other way round never recommended.

What is the difference between these two soccer grounds? The hard ground is composed of natural grass, which is in its natural form- with some dried and others green, some longer than others.

On the contrary, soft soccer ground is artificial in a way, with uniformly trimmed grass. The grass itself is recommended for playing soccer and football, hence soft and ideal. The conditions in this pitch are favorable by all means.

So, the field you most likely play in will determine the cleats of your shoes.

Moreover, flexible and lightweight outsoles are the best for field players, so that a swift and unrestricted movement is guaranteed.

Insole and Interior Lining

Believe it or not, the interior of the shoe largely determines how comfortable the shoe is. An insole and a lining that absorbs moisture and allows your feet to breath will go a long way into enhancing comfort in the field.

There are insoles whose mid-sole has a reinforcement, mostly by foam. This enhances the structure of your foot, comfort and cushioning. Hence, adding to the comfort of the shoe.

Almost forgot, what about a removable insole? This will ensure that your feet rarely contain a bad smell, because you can simply remove them, wash or clean them, and even run them through an anti-bacterial. This will be way easier compared to a fixed insole.


A soccer cleat should be flexible, both on the upper and the bottom side. The bottom side flexibility facilitates the swiftness. Then the upper side flexibility improved ball handling.

Position in the field

Are you a goal keeper or a field player? You must know that your shoe needs are different, right? A goal keeper requires traction most. For this reason, the field condition matters, so that they can determine the perfect cleat design for the ground.

on the contrary, a field player requires speed. A pair of cleats that is flexible enough to push them, while providing just enough traction to take care of the ball should do the job.


Lastly, go for a shoe within your budget. A value shoe is always available in every category, so you don’t have to compromise the quality to suit your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Soccer Cleat?

A soccer cleat is a shoe or a boot that is specially made for kicking the ball and handling grass pitches.

What are the best Adidas Soccer cleats?

The good Adidas soccer cleats are variable. It depends on your preference, place on the game and type of playing ground you will be in.

Using the conditions above, you can pick out the best cleats for you as an individual.

Can I use football cleats for soccer?

Yes, but they are not recommended. Football cleats are heavier and sturdier, which is contrary to the needs of professional soccer cleats

What is the lifespan of soccer cleats?

Quality soccer cleats should last you a football season, which is approximately 5 months. If you play casually, they will last you longer. Maintenance will also determine how long your soccer cleats last.

Final Verdict

Let’s now wind up on the best Adidas soccer cleats. I am sure you are well-equipped to buy your best choice among the 9 listed above.

I hope soccer becomes more interesting with these Adidas cleats.

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