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8 Best Shoes for Broken Toes – Great for Support and Protection

Ever noticed how difficult it is to look for the best shoes the first time you have to wear them? This is what happens when you have a broken toe. No one is born with a broken toe. Therefore, we all need to source information when faced with this predicament.

You will require special orthopedic shoes, usually made of hard plastic. The sole is rigid or at least semi-rigid. They have straps for closure, which ease getting in and out of the shoe.

This article provides you with the 8 best shoes for broken toes that will suit your needs.

8 Best Shoes for Broken Toes

Let’s do a quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for Best Shoes for Broken Toes below.

  1. Fitpro Post-Op – Open Square Broken Toe Shoe (Men & Women’s)
  2. Braceability Boot- Short Broken Broken Toe Boot (Men & Women’s)
  3. Orthowedge – Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Shoe (Men & Women’s)
  4. Vive Post Op – Square Toe Orthopedic Support Shoe (Men & Women’s)
  5. Complete Medical Darco – Med-Surg Square- Broken Toe Shoe (Men’s)
  6. DMI Cast – An Inexpensive Blue Shoe for Foot Injuries (Women’s)
  7. United Ortho –  Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot (Men & Women’s)
  8. Braceability Post-Op – Shoe for Broken Foot Or Toe (Men & Women’s)

1. Fitpro Post-Op – Open Square Broken Toe Shoe (Men & Women’s)

This is an adjustable open-toe shoe, which provides post-op foot comfort. So, you had a sprain on one of your toes? Or did you have more than one toe fractured? Either way, this shoe is your choice.

The FitPro shoe is a blend of semi-rigid rocker soles to aid walking with your injured foot. Secondly, the sole rigidity offers the recommended support to your affected toe, since it should not bend during a walk.

The shoe is in a square toe version, hence suitable for either the right or the left foot. They are in large sizes, fitting women’s sizes 8.5-10. Therefore, whether your toe has a bandage or has caused a foot swelling, this shoe is still a great fit.

The forefront features Velcro straps, which make it easy to apply and remove the shoe without touching the affected toe.


  • Velcro straps at the forefront for easy wearing and removal.
  • Square design to fit either right or left foot.
  • Semi-rigid sole to cushion the injured toe against bending, hence faster recovery.
  • Large enough to accommodate dressing and swellings.


  • The shoe lacks ankle support.

2. Braceability Boot– Short Broken Broken Toe Boot (Men & Women’s)

These short boots are for your broken toe, ankle, or any other part of the foot with a broken tendon or bone.

The shoe has a deluxe foam liner, which ensures comfort. Likewise, the wide toe place enhances comfort by providing enough room for the hurt toe. This is better via the open front design of the shoe.

It features a rocker sole, which is semi-rigid to enhance a natural walk while protecting the toe from having to bend as you walk. The sole is low-profile, hence less weighty and easier to naturally walk in.

The medically approved straps are strong enough to hold all the time while allowing comfy customization. A swelling or a dressing will be stress-free.

A polymer plastic shell is on either side of the foot and ankle. It is rigid enough to cushion your foot against further injury.


  • Wide toe bed, open at the toes.
  • A semi-rigid rocker sole that prevents the broken toe from bending.
  • Straps that are adjustable to enhance foot comfort.


  • The inner side of the boot is too wide for a normal walk.

3. Orthowedge – Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Shoe (Men & Women’s)

The Orthowedge shoe is okay on either the right or the left foot since it has a square front. It aids a broken toe, metatarsal fracture, or forefoot surgery. The shoe is lightweight, therefore, adding minimal weight to your foot.

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It has a 15 degrees angle sole, which leaves the forefront lifted while the heel bears all the body weight in a walk. Thus, it minimizes pressure on your broken toe, which facilitates faster toe recovery.

The square shape of the toe bed provides immense space and also cushions the toe against further damage.

The inner side is soft and breathable. The orthopedic foam insole adds to this, and the two features provide comfort and absorb shock when walking.

It features adjustable straps, which make bandaging after surgery easier.

The sole is of rough texture, which enhances grip and capability to walk in all-weather conditions.


  • Eliminates all the pressure from your toes, hence fast recovery.
  • Square toe bed provides ample space to the injured toe.
  • Adjustable straps, aiding bandaging after surgery.
  • shock absorption and sufficient cushion on the inner side.


  • It is not balanced, and one can easily hobble and fall.

4. Vive Post Op – Square Toe Orthopedic Support Shoe (Men & Women’s)

The Vive shoe is suitable for right and left feet. It is unisex, and all you have to check is the best size for you. The shoe is meant for people who have had surgery or injury on toes, feet, ankles, and heels.

The sole is slip-resistant rocker material for added stability post-trauma or surgery. It is further rigid, which increases arch support. The sole rigidity eliminates toe bending during walking, thus reducing pain instances.

The shoe has two customizable straps, which enhance easier and painless wearing and removal of the shoe. Moreover, bandaging and managing a swollen leg is manageable.

The toe bed is square, adding to the toe box space you yearn for when with a broken toe.

The shoe is generally light, and with a low profile, easy to walk in. it blends with other shoes and draws minimal attention.


  • Slip-resistant and rigid sole.
  • Adjustable straps for bandaging convenience.
  • Large toe box surface area.


  • The Velcro straps are always too long for the shoe you have to cut them.

5. Complete Medical Darco – Med-Surg Square- Broken Toe Shoe (Men’s)

This shoe is the most lightweight in all the best shoes for the broken toes category, bearing only 0.6 pounds. It is available in small, large and extra-large sizes, so you will definitely get a good approximated size. It is open in design to provide aeration and space to your broken toe, assuring you of quicker recovery.

The insole, which is removable, is double-padded to increase the cushioning power of the shoe.

It has a square to box, which presents bumper effects and absorbs shock, besides providing additional support to the toes.

The light straps eliminate more weight on the foot while providing a great platform for bandaging and swelling adjustment. They allow for excess bandaging of up to 17% of the normal circumference.

The shoe sole is a rocker in material, which eliminates plantar pressure on the foot and ensures the toes run straight when walking.


  • Light, hence natural unburdened weight.
  • Double-padded insole for additional cushioning.
  • Large toe box surface area for protection and space.
  • Light straps closure.


  • The shoe does not offer exact sizes, an approximation may be difficult.

6. DMI Cast – An Inexpensive Blue Shoe for Foot Injuries (Women’s)

This cast shoe protects and helps your foot heal quickly after surgery or in the event of an injury.

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It has a hook and loop Velcro strap that ideally fits your injured foot, aiding in application and removal, even with healing bandages.

The upper part is nylon mesh, while the toe area is open. This feature gives your toes the required aeration and breathability, which is necessary for fast healing.

Additionally, the insole is protective padding that protects your foot from hurting.

As a protective measure, the sole is non-skid. So even if you hobble after surgery the shoe will keep you stable. It allows for traction when you walk indoors too.

The shoe sole is rigid, hence relieving toe pain by minimizing the pressure on the forefoot.


  • Rigid sole, hence arch support.
  • Hook and a loop Velcro strap that eases wearing and removing the shoe without harming the injured toe.
  • Non-skid sole, which provides the necessary traction.
  • Open toe box for aeration of the injured toe.


  • Wide even at the ankles, hence difficult to walk in.

7. United Ortho –  Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot (Men & Women’s)

United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture boot is universal, hence fits both the right and left foot. The design suits both men and women alike.

The shoe has a rocker sole, which provides cushion and protection. Secondly, the sole rigidity provides for arch support and prevents the toes from bending when walking, making the walks painless. The sole is low-profile, giving you a natural walk even with your toe broken. Weight only 2.3 pounds, the shoe is light enough to walk in without straining.

The padded inner sole provides shock absorption and minimizes impact when walking.

The shoe features air bladders on the upper side, which increase aeration and comfort.

The best part, however, is that the shoe is open and square in design, hence a large surface area for your toes. There is enough space between your toes and the shoe edges.


  • Rigid sole, which brings about arch support.
  • Padded inner sole for shock absorption.
  • Open and square design providing a large surface area for the injured toe.


  • The air bladders stop holding air after some time.

8. Braceability Post-Op – Shoe for Broken Foot Or Toe (Men & Women’s)

This is a great shoe for both men and women, and even kids with larger feet.

Firstly, the shoe is of non-skid rocker sole, which provides traction when walking on slippery surfaces. The soles are also rigid, a necessary feature for arch support required in post-operative shoes.

You also need your toes safe, isn’t that so? That is why this shoe provides a square open-toe box that will give you convenience.

On the other hand, the design is coupled with Velcro straps to ensure that the toes are comfortable. Wearing and removing the shoes become easier, quicker and most of all, safer. The semi-closed design keeps the bandage, dressing, and toes clean and dry, regardless of the situation outdoors.

The orthopedic foam making the insole provides cushion, protection, and shock absorption.


  • Square and open toe for sufficient space and aeration.
  • Velcro straps for ease in wearing and removing the shoe, keeping the toe safe.
  • Semi-closed design to keep dressing and injury dry and clean.


  • Overly long straps.

Factors to Consider While Shopping for the Best Shoes for Broken Toes

Doctor’s advice:

Consult your doctor on the best shoe for your toe condition. You will know whether you need a boot, a short boot, or a walking shoe.

Condition of the toe:

The condition of your toe should dictate the walking shoe you need. If it is a severe break, you will need a completely rigid-soled shoe. Moreover, it should be designed in a way that realigns the toe in case it is a dislocation.

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Rigid/ semi-rigid sole:

The best shoes for broken toes should have a rigid or semi-rigid sole. This provides arch support needed, minimizing pressure on the toes. Moreover, broken toes should always remain straight, even during a walk. Rigid sole enhances this.

Open Forefront:

If your toes are broken, you will avoid heat build-up at all costs. Moreover, your broken toes will need ample space and aeration. Open shoes will provide you with this.


The shoe should be of quality material, not more for durability than safety. Ensure the shoe you take will not pause a risk of breaking during your walks.

Closure System:

Straps make the best closure system for a perfect shoe for broken toes. This will ease getting in and out of the shoe, as well as provide adjustment when need be for dressing and swellings.

Anti-skid Bottom:

An anti-skid sole will help you with traction. You need to avoid instances of falling and sliding.


Always check the size of the shoe you want to purchase. Go for half or a size up if your toe is swollen, or if you just came from surgery and is in bandages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I wear a regular shoe with a broken toe?

It is not recommended unless the fracture is minimal. Wearing special walking shoes or boots helps you heal faster, hence advisable.

Is It Possible to drive with a broken toe?

It is. However, you have just been from surgery or the injury still fresh, you should avoid driving or any instance that will render your toe bend.

Can you wear a shoe with a broken shoe?

Yes, you can. However, there are special orthopedic shoes that are best for your broken toes. You should consider one for quicker healing and a convenient walk.

Will walking with a broken toe make it worse?

This will depend on the intensity of the fracture. If the broken toe is ready for a walk, then the doctor will give you a go-ahead. If you walk in the recommended shoes, you should be comfortable. However, take fewer walks at a time, and relax whenever you feel pain or the swelling worsens.

Do I need a boot for a broken toe?

Yes and no. whether or not you need a boot for your broken toe depends on the intensity of the fracture or sprain. If it is severe, the doctor will recommend the walking boot. It is rigid, with a tough material that prevents the slightest foot bending.

Final Word

The best shoes for broken toes take into account all the comfort your injured toes require. They are not strenuous to wear, neither will they cause pain to the user.

Nevertheless, consulting your physiotherapist for the most suitable shoe for you should always be the prerequisite. This being done, your shoes will present you with easier walking time, not to mention recovery aid.

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