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What Shoes to Wear with Khakis?

Are you into khakis? Do you find it challenging to choose the right shoes to pair them with? Don’t worry will help you settle for the right shoes that match any khakis that fit all functions. Remember, khakis are an in-thing that most men and women alike put on to stand out from the rest. So read on and find more in this post.

What Affects the Choice of Shoes You Put on With Your Khakis?

You can blend khakis and shoes to have an informal or formal look depending on the occasion you’re to attend. However, what affects the choice of shoes you’ll put on with them is their color, length, and fit. For example, if you put on a tight khaki, your choice of shoes will differ from when you put on a baggy one. Also, when you have short khaki, it will limit you to certain types of shoes and vice versa. But the major thing that affects the type of shoes you put on is the color of the khaki pants. This is especially if you’ve got limited pairs of shoes in certain colors. For example, you can’t put on colorful khaki pants and bright shoes. Instead, you need to tone down things by either putting on bright pants and neutral shoes or neutral khaki and bright shoes.

The Type of Shoes You Can Put on With Khakis

· Pair Your Black Shoes with Your Khakis

You can put on your black shoes with light-colored khakis. This combination gives you a formal look which is good for different occasions. To achieve the formal look, you need to have a formal top, blazer, and tie.

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· Brown Leather Shoes

If you love brown leather shoes, don’t be afraid to pair them with your khakis. But don’t do oxfords which will make you look too formal. You can have any brown-tone shoes depending on the pants’ color and the top you want to match with it. Opt for perforated brown shoes with some seams and flat leather uppers if you want to achieve a casual look. But of course, brown suede will also match perfectly with khakis, and remember to play with colors right.

· Boots With Khakis

You will not go wrong by matching your khakis and a pair of your favorite boots. But your choice of boots will determine whether you want to dress down or be more stylish. An ankle-high boot with laces goes well with khakis for a trendy look. A tight khaki and boots are a yes. But loose khakis with boots will make you look old-fashioned. Boots can also match with short khakis.

· Sneakers

Don’t fear trying sneakers and khakis for a casual look to a sporty function or fun day. But go for a stylish sneaker that will enable you to enhance your personality. One of the popular brands you can go for is the vans which come in various colors and patterns. But if your work environment requires comfortable and non-slip shoes, don’t limit yourself and go for sneakers. Instead, go for either a laid-back style, earthly tones, or retro shoes for your khaki pants.

· Loafers Or Moccasins

There’s nothing that makes you stand out like paring khakis and loafers that seem like they were designed for one another. This combination works for both casual and official looks, depending on how you top it up. Loafers are also the right type of shoes for those who don’t like socks but want to look great for the day.

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Can women put on khakis?

Yes. There are khaki pants for women, which can be worn with any shoes, from heels to flats.

What type of shoes can I wear with khaki shorts?

You can wear boat shoes, leather sandals, or flip flops with khakis.

What affects the choice of shoes I’m to put on with khaki pants?

The main thing that affects your choice is the color of the khaki pants and their fit.

What if I don’t want to look too formal?

If you want to look casual, consider the top and the color of the shoes you put on.

Bottom Line

Khakis allow you to put on most types of shoes. But match the colors and go for what you’re comfortable in.

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