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Where to Buy Medical Shoes : Easy to Get Medical Shoes

Medical shoes are specially designed shoes that you put on due to orthopedic medical reasons. They realign feet bones and tendons, and bring back or add foot structure, not to mention improved arch support.

They may be walking boots, nursing shoes, or normal recovery shoes.

Examples of medical reasons that call for medical shoes;

  • Swollen feet (for instance, from diabetic conditions or injury)
  • Flat feet/ pronation
  • Heel spurs
  • Arthritis of the feet
  • Foot that has undergone surgery
  • Fractured toes, heels, ankles and other feet parts
  • Dislocated foot bone or tendon

Based on your medical condition, different types of medical shoes will be recommended. Besides, you may require a different type of shoe at one point and another in the next. For instance, after surgery, a walking boot is recommended. Down the recovery, a medical shoe that will perfectly aid your recovery will be better. If, for example, you have a toe injury, a forefront open shoe with a wide toe bed will be necessary. If a broken heel, fam support ant the heel is more important in a shoe.

Let’s skip to the stores where you can be assured of quality medical shoes;

A Local Medical Store

When you just realized that you needed a medical shoe, then the fastest way is to visit a local medical tools store. Your physical therapist can recommend one or more of the stores they know around. If there is more than one in your area, checking with several stores to have a variety before purchasing will always be a good idea.

Local Online Medical Store

Every country or region has an online store, especially in this era. You can check if an online store that supplies medical stuff is available in your area. If so, get on the site, and scroll through the available medical shoes. This is faster and simpler, plus you may save on some delivery costs.

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Want to order this or that? Amazon is your store. Amazon is an online store from which you can purchase just about anything. The best part that I like about an online store is that you can always check the features of a product prior to buying. Not to mention the reviews that customers who already used the product left.

Go through the varieties of medical shoes available on Amazon, and get your best fit based on the factors listed in this article below.

Medical Supplies Depot

This is a site that deals with medical supplies only. Any medical tool is available and better still, in varieties. Choose your medical shoe option and make an order.

eBay or Craigslist

Want second-hand medical shoes? In any case, you may only require them for two or three weeks. Why not try eBay or Craigslist. You may get your luck with a fairly new shoe that perfectly fits your requirements, and at a far cheaper cost.

eBay is a safe choice, given that the platform is monitored. On the other hand, you have to beware of scams on Craigslist sellers. While there are many genuine ones, a scam is also so much a possibility.

What do you look for in medical shoes?

Before rushing into the store or to place an order, take the following into consideration;

Your medical condition

Why do you need medical shoes? Is it a fracture, a sprain, dislocation, or just fallen arches? Which part of your foot needs a medical shoe support?

These are the questions you should get answered when looking for medical shoes. If you are recovering from surgery, a shoe that provides ease in wearing and removing should be your priority. The part of the foot that is injured should be least stressed by the shoe.

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If you want medical shoes to solve pronation issues, then going for your size is okay. However, for swollen feet, feet that are still in dressing and broken toes, larger sizes should be preferred. The size you run up will depend on the intensity of the swell, or the size of the bandaging.

Sole Rigidity

Ever had a broken toe, heel, or ankle? Then you will agree with me that walking with your foot straight is the most relaxing walking position. When looking for medical shoes, getting rigid soles will ease your trying to walk straight.

Inner Sole and Lining

The innersole and inner lining of the medical shoe are essential to your healing process. I’ll give an example; innersoles and linings that wick moisture and sweat ensure your foot stays dry. Thus, wounds will heal faster and instances of reinfection minimized.

If possible, go for a removable innersole. Why so? Because cleaning will be easier. Medical shoes should stay dry, and if cleaning your inner sole will keep it that way, then all the better for you.

Lastly, an innersole that contains other aspects such as an anti-bacterial lining is always better. Keeping your injured foot from fungus, bacteria, mold, and odor will enhance your recovery.

Delivery Time

You need your medical shoe soonest possible, right? It will not make sense to order a shoe that takes two weeks plus, after which you probably will not require that specific shoe. Moreover, you want to utilize the shoe and get the best out of it, isn’t that it?

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If the store you want to order the shoe takes long to deliver, the other option you have is to order the shoe prior to the time of usage. For instance, when you have to be in a wheelchair then transition to the special shoe, order your shoe during your time in a wheelchair.

Bottom Line

Here’s a big idea; medical shoes are so much available, and a spectrum of stores available for your choice. You don’t need to stress yourself; rather, concentrate on getting the best out of life even with an injured foot. The fact that a medical shoe was prescribed gives hope that your mobility is not shattered.

Now you are armored with all you need to get your medical shoe. This is the part where I tell you; go get your best. You know where to buy medical shoes, and how to get one that will not disappoint you.

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