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10 Best Superfeet for Flat Feet – Treat Your Feet to Comfortable Insoles and They will Thank You!

Superfeet are special insoles that are designed in a shape that supports flat feet, reducing the instances of foot pain. They offer the feet the three-dimensional support they require for stability. People with flat feet have reported issues after long durations in footwear, which is why Superfeet are recommended.

The best Superfeet for flat feet should provide arch support and foot cushion, while enhancing all day comfort.

10 Best Superfeet For Flat Feet

Below are 10 best Superfeet for men and women, which will fit in your shoes for any sporting or athletic activity. Moreover, you can insert the Superfeet in your shoes for a good day’s comfort, whether at work or outdoors.

Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for best superfeet for flat feet below.

1. Superfeet Green Insoles – Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Greatest Support (Unisex)

Made from synthetic material, these inserts 2 inches high and 5 inches wide. The sizes vary.

They are high volume, meaning they take up as much space as possible in the shoes, providing support even in high shoes such as boots. They are trimmed to fit in low profile shoes. Thus, they are made to fit medium and high-volume foot wear.

Moreover, they are high profile, providing you with the best 3-dimensional shape your feet deserve.

They feature a deep and wide heel cup for natural absorption, while accommodating most feet widths. The structure of the base of this part is designed with a foam layer to provide not only stability, but also structure to your flat feet.

The insoles provide the best foot cushioning, given the closed-cell high-density foam. This foam type also assures you of durability.

The odor resistant lining is made from natural products, protecting your feet from odor-causing bacteria. The insoles are safe from chemicals such as latex, formaldehyde, nickel sulphate and also preservatives, thus foot safety.

Why You Should Buy

  • Provides high arch support, preventing joint pains.
  • The cushion is firm, protecting the feet from shock absorption.
  • They are easy to put in and out of the shoe, saving you time and stress.


  • Squeaks when you walk in them.

2. Superfeet Blue Insoles – Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Medium Thickness & Arch (Unisex)

This Superfeet model provides medium volume insoles, which also provide medium profile. Therefore, you can use them with medium and low-profile shoes. If you buy them at full length, you should trim them for a good fit into your shoes. It will take up less space in your shoe, while providing you with all the Superfeet benefits.

The high-density foam on the underside cushions the feet, guaranteeing you of longer durations of comfort. The heel cup is meant to absorb shock when your foot comes into contact with the ground.

The insoles are shaped to provide stress and thickness where it is due, maximizing the comfort of your feet. The stabilizer cap at the heels, together with the rails, provide the structure and stability that your foot requires.

The odor control coating on the innersole assures you of a fresh foot breath throughout the day.

Why You Should Buy

  • Perfect foot cushioning and shock absorption.
  • The stabilizer heel cap enhances structure, support and stability.
  • Odor control coating that eliminates foul smell.


  • They have to be trimmed for low profile shoes, which may not always be accurate.

3. Superfeet Easyfit – Men’s Orthotic Inserts For Heel and Arch Support

The Superfeet Easyfit inserts are made of fabric. These Superfeet are in a contoured shape, which is meant to stabilize and offer arch support to the feet. This in turn reduces eliminates stress on the feet, ankles, knees and lower back.

They offer the comfort required when you want to dress up for business or casual outings. This is enhanced by the 1-inch raised heel.

The top of the innersole if made of micro suede, which consequently prevents blisters and hot spots. The slip-resistant ridges prevent the innersoles from sliding off position.

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The heel cup ensures the heel stays in place, while protecting it from shock. the base of the heel is a stabilizer cap to the foam layer.

An organic odor control coating keeps your feet free from bacteria and pathogens that cause foul smell.

Why You Should Buy

  • Prevents knee, ankle, foot and spine pain due to the arch support.
  • Natural odor control mechanism.
  • Shock absorption at the heels.
  • Anti-slide bottom, hence stay in place.
  •  Suede material that prevents blisters and hot spots.


  • Wide around the heels, hence not suitable for narrower shoes.

4. Superfeet Easyfit insoles – Women’s Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Flat Dress Shoes

These insoles are instant drop-ins, meaning you don’t have to trim for them to fit into your shoes. The heel and arch length are slimmer, a design that perfectly meets the needs of a woman’s foot. The heel length is less than an inch, hence compatible with all dressing for wok, meetings and casual wear.

The shape is contoured for better foot structure and support. Bid goodbye to consistent foot, ankle and knee pains.

The underside of the insert has ridges, which prevent slipping and ensure the inserts stay in position.

The top side is of 100% plush micro suede material, which will prevent friction and blisters caused by long contact between foot and insole.

The base of the insole, at the point that supports the rear foot, has a stabilizer cap, which offers structure to the foam layer. This in turn provides the foot with structure and stability.

The insoles are coated with odor protective natural material, hence protecting your feet from bacteria and odor.

Why You Should Buy

  • Contoured shape that prevents ankle, foot, knee and spine aches.
  • Ridged underside, hence stay in position.
  • Odor protective natural material, thus foot safety from bacteria.
  • The micro suede material is high-density, hence protection against friction that causes blisters and hot spots.


  • Shift a lot if they don’t are smaller than the shoe size.

5. Superfeet Memory Foam COPPER Insoles – Ideal for low to medium arched feet

The USA made insoles are copper in color, and great replacement options for casual, office and golf wear. They are, besides that, often recommended for all types of industrial jobs.

They are designed for low and medium profile shoes.  A user’s guide is available in the package for trimming, sizing and shaping information.

They are made of DMP foam, which adapts to your foot shape while offering support to your flat feet. The biomechanical shape presents your feet with the ideal support and stability.

The insoles align your feet bones, hence preventing instances of heel pain and planter fasciitis. They are an anti-fatigue pair that never disappoints even after long duration of wearing.

Cleaning is simple, as you just have to hand wash using mild soap, then air dry it.

You can reuse the package, which remains intact after the insert removal.

Why You Should Buy

  • Support and stability using the DMP foam that makes the insoles, and also the biomechanical shape.
  • Great feet alignment, which prevents feet issues such as heel pain and planter fasciitis.
  • Versatility. You can wear them to industrial jobs, office or casual outings.


  • You have to trim them for proper sizing.

6. Superfeet CARBON Insoles – For Athletic and Tight Casual Shoes (Unisex)

These Superfeet are made in warp knit polyester, which is comfortable for an all-day wear. It is 4 inches high and 14 inches wide. They are highly recommended for athletics and sports.

The insoles are specifically made for low-profile and low volume shoes. Full length Superfeet carbon insoles are trimmed for a perfect shoe fit. This structure is perfect for preventing knee and foot pains, since it offers the required cushioning.

The carbon fiber stabilizer cap, which is a composite of evolyte, provide suburb structure, stability and support.

The insert is wide enough to allow for wide feet, and the narrower feet can have it trimmed. The sole is designed in mesh, and the front perforated for breathability.

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It is tight-fitting, hence staying in position. The lightweight yet high-density foam ensures that you get long durations of comfort.

Why You Should Buy

  • Breathable, as it is meshed and the from perforated.
  • Recommended for wide feet.
  • Low profile that cushions the feet against feet and heel pains.
  • The carbon fiber stabilizer cap, which is a composite of evolyte, provide suburb structure, stability and support.


  • The trimming may present a challenge if not done carefully.

7. Superfeet REDhot – Men’s Insoles for Snow Sports

This is a men specific pair of insoles, which is a great choice for skiing and snow sports. It is made of nylex/ PCM synthetic material.

This pair has a unique responsive temperature regulating mechanism. This is through an outlast adaptive comfort, which absorbs, keeps and subsequently releases the warmth. It features open cell warmth trapping layers. A light foil that for insulation keeps away the cold in the forefoot. Therefore, your feet are well-protected in all dimensions from the biting cold of the snow.

The insert features a deep running heel cup, absorbing shock and enhancing the safety of the feet. The foam layer is high-impact, supporting the feet during walking instances.

It is made for medium and high-profile shoes, such as sporting boots.

Why You Should Buy

  • Temperature regulation guaranteed, keeping your feet warm in the snow.
  • Shock absorption maximized.
  • Feet support by the contoured shape.


  • It is not versatile, specifically made for snow sports.

8. Superfeet Hot Pink – Women’s Insoles for Snow Sports

These hot pink insoles are a fantastic choice for women who love snow sports. They are made in nylex/ PCM synthetic material, which brings you the softness that warmth calls for.

The insoles have several temperature control mechanisms that ensure your feet remain warm throughout your sporting activity. Firstly, the top has been treated with outlast adaptive comfort, which takes in, keeps and releases warmth. Secondly, the pair feature open cell thermal layers, which trap warmth in the shoes. Thirdly. A foil in the forefoot is lined with insulating foil, which deflects the cold, leaving your forefeet warm.

They have closed-cell foam in the rearfoot, which cushions the feet whenever you are walking and running.

The Superfeet shape is a slimmer heel design and lower arch length, which is meant to conform to the women’s narrower feet.

Why You Should Buy

  • Best pair for women snow sporting activities.
  • Temperature regulating mechanisms, which keep your feet warm.
  • Slim heel and also arch length, meant to suit the female foot.
  • High-impact closed-cell foam layer for cushioning during walking and running.


  • Feminine in color and design, in contrast to unisex.

9. Superfeet Black Premium Insoles – Easy-going Shape Fits Tight Footwear

Superfeet black premium insoles are synthetic low profile and low volume inserts. Hence, it makes up minimal shape under your foot and occupies less space in your shoes. This low-profile shape minimizes stress on the feet and ankles, and also the knees, where a bad footwear could cause pain.

They have stabilizer caps, which are meant to offer structure and stability to the feet. This is enhanced by the closed-cell foam material that ensures the feet are comfortable for long.

The insoles have an organic odor regulating coating, which is all natural. It ensures that your feet are protected from bacteria that causes bad feet smell.

Why You Should Buy

  • Organic odor regulating coating, which is all natural.
  • Stabilizer cap, for stability and structure.
  • Low-profile, minimizing stress on feet, knees and ankles.


  • It is only suitable for low-profile shoes.

10. Superfeet Berry Insoles – Women’s Comfort Orthotic Shoe Inserts

The berry-colored inserts are 2 inches high and 4 inches wide. They are meant for medium volume and medium profile shoes. Therefore, you can wear them with medium and high-profile shoes such as boots and sports wear.

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The insoles have a high impact foam in the forefoot, providing shock absorption during running and hard surface games.

They have deep yet narrow heel cup, whose function is to support the feet in highly intense activities. The base of the insoles offers a stabilizer cup, hence stability and structure assurance.

The shape of the Superfeet inserts is slimmer in the heels and also the arch length, hence providing an ideal fit for the women’s feet.

Why You Should Buy

  • Narrow shape, slim heel and arch length, all designed to fit the female foot.
  • Natural odor resistant coating.
  • High impact front foam for highly intense activities.


  • Not great for walking, as they push the feet outwards.

How to Choose the Best Superfeet for Flat Feet

Arch support

The best Superfeet for flat feet should provide optimal arch support. This is the most important, as it will prevent all pains that are associated with flat feet such as feet, ankle, heel and knee aches.

Foot cushioning: get Superfeet that will cushion your foot against shock and impact during walking and sporting.

Shoe profile: there are high, medium and low-profile shoes, as well as Superfeet. Your shoes should align with the Superfeet you buy for better performance. For instance, if you buy low-profile Superfeet for boots, then you will not feel the impact as when you’d have worn high profile Superfeet.


Different Superfeet for flat feet are designed for different activities. For instance, there are those designed for low profile shoes for work, others are designed for snow sporting and more. Identify the role you want your Superfeet to play when buying them.


Men have larger feet and a wider heel as compared to women. Thus, their Superfeet needs will differ. Ensure that you get the specific insole for your gender, unless it is unisex, in which case any person with a standard foot will fit.


Is Superfeet good for flat feet?

Yes, it is. All Superfeet provide arch support, which is important for flat feet. This is due to the fact that arch support reduces feet, heel, knee and back pains. All these are challenges people with flat feet experience, hence the need for better footwear support, such as use of Superfeet.

Can Flat feet cause back and hip pain?

Ye, they can. This is mostly experienced during intense activities and long hours of foot activity. Flat feet are more affected due to lack of arch support.

When should I replace Superfeet?

You should replace your Superfeet once you start feeling the worn-out effect. For instance, you don’t notice the difference between having them on and not.

Can I wash Superfeet insoles?

Yes, you can. Nevertheless, you need to hand wash them, and using mild soap or detergent to prevent damage.

Are memory foam shoes considered good for flat feet?

Yes, they are. They provide a bouncing effect that cushions every foot from shock and impact when in contact with the ground.

How do you know if you need arch support?

You know that you need arch support when you start having joint pains at the knees and heels, and even lower back. Your feet also feel painful after long exercises.

Final Word

The best Superfeet for flat feet will provide you with arch support. This will cushion you against feet, heels, ankles and knee pain, hence all-day comfort. There are a variety of great Superfeet for flat feet, as seen above, and all you need is identify your specific need.

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