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How to Wear Shoes with a Broken Toe : Few Easy Steps!

A broken toe means a fractured or sprained toe. Though small, toes have bones and tendons that, if stressed or during a fall, are exposed to injury. However trivial it may seem, taking care of your broken toe is paramount to enhancing your comfort.

How to wear shoes with a broken toe is as simple as following the procedure in this article.

How do you know that you have a broken toe?

It is possible to have a broken toe and not even realize it. You may have a fall, or have something fall on your toes, leaving you in throbbing pain. However, this is not an indication of a break.

So, let’s have a look at some of the major signs and symptoms of a broken toe;

  • The pain is throbbing and unbearable.
  • Even sometime after the accident, the toe continues to swell and redden.
  • Even after placing ice and treatment on the toe, the pain persists.

At this juncture, you realize that you should see a specialist, so as to have your toe checked.

Types of Shoes to Wear with a Broken Toe

Can you wear any shoe with a broken toe? The answer will depend on the severity of your toe injury. So, stick with me here to get the shoes recommended, and even how to wear them.

1. Regular Shoes

If your broken toe is not severe, then you can wear regular shoes. Nevertheless, you will need open shoes so as not to stress the broken toe. Alternatively, you can wear larger than your true size closed shoes.

When recovering from a walking boot, you will also wear regular shoes. Ensure they are not stressing to the toe.

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How do you know that your regular shoes are okay for your broken toe? The pain you feel. If you feel pain when you wear your regular shoes, then this is an indication that you need special shoes until you recover. For three to four weeks after the injury, you may consider having a walking boot, and, of course, you will still need the doctor’s advice.

2. Walking Boots

Walking boots are special orthopedic types of shoes that you wear with a broken leg, foot, or toe. They are made of tough plastic material, with soft foam on the inside. They have Velcro straps all over to ensure easy wear and removal. The sole is rigid, reinforced with fiberglass, or made of nylon composite. This feature facilitates the straight structure of the foot during walking. The broken toe should not bend.

The boot not only enhances walking but also gives your toe the space it needs to recover.

Usually, the boot is larger than your foot. This, thus, accommodates your probably swollen toe, in addition to allowing the extra space your foot requires.

When your toe is severely broken and cannot handle your body balance, then a walking boot comes in handy. Before we go any further, you have to realize that walking boots are also essential for when your toe has been operated on. The walking boot for the broken toe is open at the front, ensuring the toe is not stressed or clogged in a closed space. Hence, shoe infection and heat will not affect the toe.

How to Wear Shoes with a Broken Toe Painlessly

Regular Open Shoes: Step by step Guide

With regular shoes, as we touched earlier, they have to be larger than your shoe size.

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You may have;

  • Open shoes or
  • Closed shoes


  1. Put on thick socks, which are soft on the inside. The socks will cushion the toe from the abrasive nature of the shoe. With open shoes, the socks will protect the toe from dirt.
  2. If you are wearing open shoes, then undo all the straps that can be undone. If trying on closed laced shoes, then loosen the laces. If the shoes have straps, loosen the straps completely.
  3. Carefully slide your foot into the shoe. Provide the widest possible surface area when sliding it in, until the foot is safely placed. Tie the laces or lock the straps snugly, ensuring the whole foot has extra space.
  4. Try to walk in the shoe, slowly at first. This step will ensure that you are fit to wear regular shoes.
  5. If you feel a tinge of pain in the injured toe, continue or shift to the walking boot, or avoid walking altogether.

A Walking Boot: Step by step Guide

You will require:

  • An orthopedic walking boot
  • Regular shoe for the other foot
  • A shoe balancer


  1. Carefully put on thick socks, taking into account the safety of the injured toe.
  2. If you have a shoe balancer, attach it to the regular shoe. A shoe balancer facilitates a level ground for both the regular shoe and the walking boot. It makings walking level and less stressful.
  3. Put on the regular shoe onto your good foot, to avoid stressing the injured foot after wearing the walking boot.
  4. If the removable sock liner has been removed, attach it in the walking boot.
  5. Open all the Velcro straps on the walking boot. In most cases, the rear side of the boot is also adjustable. Loosen it too, so that sliding the foot will have no hindrance.
  6. Put your foot into the boot, carefully taking the injured toe into consideration.
  7. Attach the Velcro straps into place, one at a time. You can cut the remaining ones since they will never be in use anyway. This is also to avoid the straps coming in the way of your walking and causing you to stumble and fall.
  8. Put the rear foam part back into place.
  9. Try to walk. The first time should be slower, so as to find balance. The walking boot also needs adaptation, so give yourself time.
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What is Bottomline?

How to wear shoes with a broken toe doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. Admittedly, the above article should eliminate all the pain accompanied, and the process proves to be easier with time.

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