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How to Stop Leather Boots from Squeaking? Explained

Are you tired of attracting unnecessary attention because of your leather boots which keeps squeaking whenever you’re walking? Here’s a solution to silence your squeaky leather boots with ease. You can use talcum powder, sandpaper or a dryer sheet. Read on to understand more about this.

Use Talcum Powder

If you want to stop your leather boots from squeaking, use talcum powder. The powder is ideal for leather boots squeaking from inside due to friction between the insole and rubber bottom. It will help stop the noise by providing a protective layer between the two surfaces allowing you to walk confidently.

However, if the leather boots are still new, consider returning them to the store where you bought them for replacement. Remember, new boots shouldn’t have any defects, and if any, you should not fix that as it can affect the warranty agreement. But if not, the talcum powder will come in handy. To do this, first, remove the boot’s insole, which you can gently pull off with the tips of your fingers.

Then apply talcum powder inside your boots where you got out the insole. Sprinkle about two tablespoons or 50 grams of talcum powder. After that, shake the boots thoroughly to allow the powder to spread inside each boot. The best thing about using talcum powder is that it will absorb odors and moisture, which is beneficial to your feet.

Return the insole inside your boots, gently press the rims as you fix them in their original position. Try fitting your leather boots and walk around in them to check if the insoles are comfortable and in the right place. If you hear the squeaking on your shoes later, don’t hesitate to add talcum powder as moisture will break down the powder with time.

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Why Not Try Using Dryer Sheets or Sandpaper

Another better way to stop your boots from squeaking if they are from the bottom is to scrape off the sole. This is when your insole is intact, and your leather boots have rubber soles. So, as you walk, the soles will be rubbing against the floor, making an unpleasant sound.

To solve this, clean off the sole of your boots with a damp cloth. Then dip a clean cloth in warm water and wring it out. Using the cloth, rub every boot’s sole to remove dirt. Ensure you reach the grooves of your boots and to every pad on each foot. Using another clean cloth, dry off the boot’s soles. Wrap it around your fingers to reach the grooves with ease and let it absorb as much water as it can.

Then use a dryer sheet to stop the squeaking. Rub the dryer sheet against the sole of the boots thoroughly. Do this repeatedly to allow most of the residue to spread all over the surface. Repeat the process with a new dryer sheet to get maximum effect. After that, the residue from the dryer sheet will stick at the bottom of your boots, making a layer of light lubrication. This layer will help your shoes stop squeaking while increasing your stability while walking.

Alternatively, you scrape off the soles with sandpaper to prevent your boots from squeaking while walking on slick surfaces like gym floors. Use a piece of fine sandpaper of about 60-120 grit. Gently scrape the bottom of your boots using sandpaper to create a uniform grip. Note that doing this means physically modifying your boots. So, you can’t return them to the store for replacement after doing this.

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Bottom Line

There are several ways of stopping your leather boots from squeaking, like sandpaper or dryer sheets discussed here. Doing this is pretty simple and will save you some money you’d use to buy a new pair of boots if the ones you’ve got produce this funny noise. But ensure you follow all the steps and carefully handle your boots to avoid damaging them, especially while scraping off.

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