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8 Best Shoes for Running on Grass Securely!

The grass is one of the best training grounds for athletes, but the training condition is never enough without the right pair of shoes.  This is why you are looking for the best shoes for running on grass, and hopefully we will get them.

From the numerous confusing options in the market, we have handpicked a few best shoes that you should look into. On top of that, we took it upon ourselves to get not just running shoes, but the best for each gender: men and women. So, you can just skip to the most suitable selection for you.

Best Shoes for Running on Grass

This list consists of a list of 8 pairs of shoes, 4 for each gender, which you should take into account in your quest to succeed when running on grass.

Best Shoes for Running on Grass for Women

1. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19

This expansive shoe looks into the needs of women with all feet widths. This is to say that if you have narrow feet, the shoes indicated 2A are for you, for medium width, you should consider B labels, for wide feet, use the D shoes and for extra wide feet, 2E shoes are available. In essence, every foot width is taken care of as far as these shoes are concerned.

To facilitate breathability, the shoes are a composite of mesh and synthetic construction on the upper. The material is also hi9ghly flexible, adding to comfort during movement.

 Moreover, the shoes are soft and cushioned on the interior, whichgives you an impressive floating feeling during a run. With DNA LOFT and BIOMOGO DNA cushioning, your underfoot is well-cushioned throughout the training session.

Designed for all arches, the shoe concentrates on the core areas that are prone to injury and increases support in these areas.

Then there is the outsole, which is rubber, for a flexible and comfortable running experience on the grass.

Why We Like It
  • Breathable and flexible upper
  • Flexible outsole
  • Optimal arch support
  • Cushioned interior material
Our Verdict
The modern-looking shoe brings you choice when it comes to shoe width, which is usually a challenge especially for people with very wide or very narrow feet.

2. Inov-8 X-Talon 200 Trail Runner

When training during the wet season, be sure to encounter mud especially if training on grass fields. But don’t worry, because this Inov-8 shoe has your ultimate solution.

Firstly, the shoes have 8mm sticky rubber studs protruding from the outsole, which brace the muddy conditions with excellent aggression. Coupled with a flexible rubber sole, your swift moves will not be disrupted at all.

Secondly, the shoe features a rubber toe bumper, which protects the toes from impact when you bump into an obstacle. For increased cushioning and comfort, the 3mm to toe dropadded to an Eva midsole ensures that you enjoy every moment you come into contact with the ground.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the shoe presents four sizing ranges, from 1 narrow to 4 wide selections.

Why We Like It
  • Lightweight
  • Superb traction in tough conditions
  • Protective toe bumper
  • Comfortable interior
Our Verdict
The features of these shoes make them a top choice for top athletes who want to venture into uneven trails. They provide optimal grip, hence great even for running uphill and downhill.

3. Saucony Women’s Excursion Tr11 Running Shoes

When running, feet protection comes first, and this is why we are introducing Saucony Women’s. Designed to enhance protection in all dimensions, the shoe has won its own merits.

Fundamentally, the upper part is 100% knit mesh, which facilitates a wearable and protective design. Besides, the material is breathable, promoting ventilation during the run.

Then there is the rubber sole, which offers flexible walking and running comfort. Other than that, the outsole has a sturdy grip pattern, which promotes traction on the ground regardless of the condition of the grass.

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In addition, the shoe further considers arch support, which is really important to a runner. Therefore, it has a design that puts the shaft measurement running low-top from the arch.

Lastly, the shoe features a heel grid system, whose cushioning is durable and lasts as long as the shoes.

Why We Like It
  • Comfortable to wear and run in
  • Excellent traction on any grass condition
  • Secure cushioning in the interior and at the heel area
  • Features arch support
Our Verdict
Though foot injury is bound to happen at one point in an athlete’s life, delaying it as much as possible is our ultimate goal. That being said, this shoe design ensures that your feet are so comfortable and secure that injury becomes a rare incidence.

4. Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 W Trail Running

It is obvious that when you run on grass, the path will be uneven. You are bound to run on hills and downhill, through fields and sometimes along river banks. This is where you consider Salomon Women’s, whose commendable traction grants you the performance you are looking for.

This comes as a result of the 4th generation of the renowned Speedcross lug pattern. It is not only combative of the rough trails, but also the soft slippery wet grass conditions. Made of rubber, the sole also grants you the flexibility that you desire in a training shoe.

Bringing forth comfort is the molded Eva sock liner and the Eva shaped footbed, not forgetting the ortholite construction. In addition, the foothold is precise, ensuring the foot is securely held in the shoe. Added to a sensifit quick lace closure, a lasting shape of the shoe will be obvious.

The 100% synthetic upper, which features a mid-feather construction, which facilitates breathability. Besides, from the bottom to the upper shoe, a lightweight feel is quite definite.

Why We Like It
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent traction on soft grass surfaces
  • Comfortable inner shoe
Our Verdict
For smooth grass trails that threaten to have you slipping, this shoe is an ideal asset. The grip that it provides gives you all the confidence that you need in these risky trails.

Best Shoes for Running on Grass for Men

1.  ASICS Men’s Dynaflyte 2 Running Shoes

For the best breathable running shoes on grass for men, ASICS will definitely win. What, with the best technology put place to facilitate a comfortable feel?

First off, the upper shoe is a blend of synthetic material and mesh, which ensures that sweat and heat do not build up in your feet. The seamless construction brings a feeling of comfort that irritation-causing stitches and seams cannot guarantee.

Additionally, the shoe closure has lace eyelets that are dispersed all along the front shoe, ensuring that there is minimal lace tension. This way, the shoe will enhance your upper shoe comfort to the maximum.

With a Flytefoam midsole technology, you get a bouncing feeling as you run across the fields. This gives you the opportunity to run over long distances without feeling fatigued in the least.

Increasing the comfort is a removable sock liner, which allows the use of the shoe as a medical orthotic too. It is so comfortable that recovering from a foot injury in the shoe is encouraged. Moreover, the sock liner absorbs any sweat and moisture that may be on your foot, leaving you dry and comfortable.

Why We Like It
  • Maximum breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Bouncy feeling during a run
  • Comfortable even for a recovering foot
Our Verdict
We chose this shoe based on its impressive breathability functions. Every part of the design ensures that your run is comfortable, hence faster and longer.

2. New Balance Men’s Minimus SL Waterproof Shoe

Running shoes and high durability in the same sentence? Not so common. Surprisingly, you will get durability in this New Balance running shoe, which, amazingly, comes with a 2-year warranty.

One thing you will appreciate about the shoe is its waterproof microfiber leather upper, which will allow you to tread on the grass even on raining days.

With a spikeless rubber that provides optimal traction, you will increase your confidence during any length of a running session. In any case, the sole is pure rubber, which makes it flexible, hence safe for running.

Also, the shoe features a Revlite 4mm drop midsole, which enhances a premium cushioning and responsiveness when your feet come into contact with the ground.

Additionally, the shoe secures your comfort and support by bringing arch support, due to the shaft low-top measurement from the arch.

Why We Like It
  • Proper traction on the grass
  • Quality and durable material
  • Comfortable
  • Secure design
Our Verdict
For a shoe that will take you through more than one training session, this shoe emerges top. On top of that, it features all the impressive aspects that you envision in a running shoe.

3. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

When you imagine the soft nature of wet grass, then outstanding traction has to cloud your mind. For this reason, we have this men’s shoe from Salomon, whose features you will fall in love with.

 The most notable feature of this shoe is the aggressive grip, which stems from the conspicuous pattern of the sole. It is able to penetrate the soft ground, regardless of how steep the trailcan be.Coupled with the rubber material of the outsole, your run is so comfortable that you feel like exceeding your set goals.

On top of that, the shoe is quite lightweight to prevent additional weights when you least need them. This is further facilitated by the lightweight Eva midsole, which also acts to bring about stability and correct cushioning.

Then there is the precise foothold, which keeps the foot intact in the shoe for a safe and comfortable feel. Talking of comfort, the shaft measurement is low-top from the arch, facilitating the arch support that a running shoe should provide.

Finally, the upper construction is 100% synthetic, which not only contributes to the lightweightbut also brings you a preferred upper shoe comfort.

Why We Like It
  • Magnificent traction
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Enhances sufficient cushioning and stability
Our Verdict
For the best traction on soft and slippery grass surfaces, this shoe is a savior. Moreover, the shoe brings you all the comfort and stability that you desire when running.

4. ASICS Men’s 7 Trail Running Shoes

Bringing top stability into the equation is this men’s shoe from ASICS. Most impressive is the rearfoot gel technology, which cushions your rear foot from shock when stepping on uneven surfaces.

Also, the midsole system is dual-density, which enhances support and brings you the best stability that you can ask for.

On top of that, the shoe’s moisture management ensures that you don’t slip from wetness inside the shoe. It uses an ortholite sock liner, which keeps you dry throughout your run.

For improved comfort and a soft platform feel, the shoes use a 45-degree full-length Spevafoam material. Besides that, the shoelace closure has sparse eyelets, ensuring that pressure points on the upper shoe are minimal.

Why We Like It
  • Exceptional stability
  • Lightweight
  • Pressure-free closure system
  • Moisture absorption
Our Verdict
This shoe enhances unmatched stability on the grass. With a platform feel in the interior, your performance will be better each day.

What Shoes are Best for Running on Grass?

There is no specific pair of shoes that can be named as best for everyone as far as running on the grass is concerned. However, there is a benchmark for the best shoes for running on grass, which should have the following features:

First, the shoe should be gender-specific, so as to give the ergonomic fit that suits the foot most.

Second, the shoe should offer optimal traction on the grass, especially given that the grass could be wet and soft.

Third, the shoe should be breathable, enhancing a breeze through the feet, and also preventing excessive sweating during the run.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Running on Grass


When running on grass, you have to be prepared for uneven surfaces, some soft, some rough, and others just okay. Therefore, the shoes you get have to have the capacity to brace all these conditions without faltering.

Waterproof/ Quick-drying

If you plan to run on grass, then you have to be prepared for wet instances. Therefore, the shoes you get have to be either waterproof, or you could get a pair dries faster than you will even start feeling the discomfort.


A lightweight shoe that is highly breathable will be more comfortable for running on grass. Especially when running in hot seasons, you will require a shoe that you can run in for miles without sliding from sweat and suffering from pressure and hot points.


Get quality shoes for a reputable performance in your training. Besides, quality shoes will always last longer, giving you sufficient service before you consider a replacement.


Get shoes within your shoe size, shoes that will fit you well. Shoes that are too tight end up making you sore and with blisters. On the other hand, shoes that are too big will keep you uncomfortable, as you struggle to keep your feet in the shoes.


Then, ensure that the pair of shoes you intend to take is comfortable for you. This can be a result of a cushioned midsole, a comfortable insole, a seamless interior, and more.

Comfortable shoes play a big role in preventing your feet from obtaining injury during a run, at least for those that you can avoid.


Can you Run on Wet Grass?

Yes, you can. All you need is the right pair of shoes, preferably with a bottom that provides great traction capabilities. Wet grass may be soft, but there are shoes whose sole bites through it and gives you the grip that you require.

Is it Better to run on Grass or Pavement?

Both grass and pavement are great to run on, especially when training. While grass offers a tough training ground, pavement gives a feel of the real competition ground.

Is It Faster to run on Grass or Concrete?

Concrete is quite even compared to grass fields, hence uniform speed. On grass, you may be faster in one instance and slower in another, due to the uneven terrains.

Is It Better to Run on Grass?

Yes, it is better to run on grass. Most athletes use grass paths to bring out the best in them. Due to the uneven trail, you learn resilience, hence improve your performance.

Is It Harder to Run on Grass?

Yes, it is harder to run on grass, compared to concrete and asphalt. However, athletes will still prefer it, due to the tough nature that it provides. This toughens their bodies, preparing them for the final competitions.

Parting Shot

As an athlete, you must know that specific shoes for specific conditions bring out better performance in the field. Also, you know that the best training for running is on grass, right? Therefore, we have brought you a list of the best running shoes on grass, which should facilitate a more comfortable and better training.

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