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5 Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, you probably know that choosing the best dress shoes for wide feet can be frustrating. Perhaps you are even suffering silently with paining feet from the shoes you just bought. But what did you get wrong? Let’s talk about it.

Wide feet need shoes that will crucially increase the toe box and blend the best cushioning materials to ensure the environment remains comfortable. On the other hand, dress shoes should be presentable on official occasions. Combining the two gives you a shoe with an elegant look at official events and still maintains health, comfort, and support on your feet.

Conscious of how devastating choosing this shoe can be, this list is a compilation of the best men’s dress shoes for wide feet.

Let’s dig a little deeper!

Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Wide Feet.

1. Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford

Tilden walk design is for everyone looking for the best men’s dress shoes for wide feet. The shoe gives you a handsome style with its superior comfort.

The outsole features a synthetic sole, which is very durable. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about how long the shoe will last. On the other hand, the inner features a soft and synthetic fabric lining,improving smoothness when walking. Moreover, the footbed has OrthoLite cushioning that doubles your comfort and support when you have the shoe on.

Now, let’s talk about the first thing you will fall in love with when you see this shoe; the upper. The upper features a rich leather with a dual goring at the shoe’s topto add comfort. Similarly, the lace-up closure system gives you that secure and comfortable feel you have when you have this shoe on.

Why we love it.
  • 100% leather upper
  • OrthoLite cushioned footbed
  • Has a width D- medium
  • The sole is very durable.
Our Verdict
This shoe is made for you if you’re looking for a combination of comfort and executive looking class. It willcomplement your confidence when you’re walking.

2. Deer Stags Men’s Greenpoint Dress Casual Cushioned Comfort Slip-On Loafer

Deer stags men’s Greenpoint design adds comfort to your formal looks.  It is one of the best men’s dress shoes for wide feet that stands out by enhancing your confidence. This shoe features a synthetic sole, which is very durable. You will particularly love the heel measure with is approximately 1.5”. this raised heel ensures a heel to toe transition when you are walking.

Additionally, the inner has a lightly padded insole, which provides you with a thrilling cushioning experience. The insole also helps in shock absorption if you missed a stair on your way to the office. What is more, the stacked heel comforts the heel of your foot whenever your stride lands.

What’s more, the upper is even a whole new experience. The dual-sided elastic goring opening replaces the tiresome lacing system. This slip-on loafer in faux leather features a bicycle toe.

Why we love it.
  • 1.5” heel measurement for the heel to toe transition.
  • It is lightly padded for more comfort.
  • Features the hassle-free elastic opening
  • Has a wide width.
Our Verdict
Deer stags men’s Greenpoint provides a dose of the comfort and style you need at a value price.

3. DREAM PAIRS Bruno Marc Moda Italy Men’s Prince Classic Modern Formal Oxford Wingtip Lace Up Dress Shoes

Dream pairs Bruno marc Moda is indeed every businessman’s dream pairs of shoes.  This shoe comes in several colors, which will complement your elegant business look. Therefore, if you have been looking for the best men’s dress shoe for wide feet, this shoe is a must-have.

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 The shoe outsole is made of wood. The wood ensures that the sole is canvas, durable, and synthetic—more to that, the inner feature a faux leather lining. The lining provides moisture and sweat absorption. Additionally, you will find the latex cushioned footbed very appealing when you walk.

The upper is more than just a classic design; it has a classic brogue wingtip design. This design enhances your confidence and looks. Additionally, the shoe features a lace-up construction, which is very elastic to keep your motion under your control.

Why we love it
  • Has a very durable wooden sole
  • The shoe is comfortable and flexible
  • The shoe design features high-quality materials
  • 1” wooden heel height for the heel to toe transition
Our Verdict
This shoe’s design gives you an elegant businessman look on the upper while the inners cushion your feet flexibly when you walk.

4. Dockers Men’s Gordon Leather Oxford Dress Shoe

Are you looking for the best men’s dress shoe for a wide fit? The dockers Gordon leather has come to your comfort. This shoe features a very durable outsole made of rubber. This siped rubber outsole maximizes traction on wet surfaces.

Additionally, the shoe features a padded footbed for an undisputed amount of cushioning. Also, there are padded collars, which addan extra layer of comfort. Its comfortable inners have influenced its recommendation by the American podiatric medical association. Its recommended for its quality and effectiveness in allowing normal foot functions and promoting the foot’s health.

The first impression you get from this shoe is the polished full-grain uppers.  What is more, it is the flexible construction of the shoe which feels comfortable for all-day wear.

Why we love it
  • It is very flexible
  • Features a very durable rubber outsole
  • The inners are comfortable and cushioning
  • The sole gives maximum traction
Our Verdict
These shoe inners amazingly comfort your feet by providing a cushioned footbed for all-day wear.

5. ZRIANG Men’s Classic Cap Toe Lace-up Oxford Dress Shoes

This shoe stylish and elegant design matches formal dress-code and occasions such as office, business meetings, and fashion parties. The outsole features a finely durable and ribbed rubber. The stacked wooden heel measures approximately 1.06” and ensures you have a proper heel to toe transition.

 The inner is definitely when your feet will be, and ZRIANG has ensured that the inner remains comfortable and cushioning. The shoe features the Latex footbed, which is very cushioning for shock absorption. Additionally, smooth leather lining ideally serves well in ventilations of the breathable insole.

On the other hand, the lace-up shoe construction ensures the shoe remains flexible, secure, and comfortable. Also, the classic cap toe design enhances the movements of the toes in the toe box. This design ensures it accommodates your wide feet whenever you’re walking.

Why we love it.
  • Has a breathable outsole
  • The sole is durable and with excellent traction
  • It has a classic cap-toe design
  • The latex cushioning footbed

4 things to consider when buying the best dress shoes for wide feet.


Do you have blisters when you wear your shoes? Do your toes become stiff after wearing a shoe? If yes, consider changing your shoes. If you have blisters after wearing a particular shoe, the shoe is too big for you. Big shoes usually cause a lot of friction at the back of the foot. As a result, you will get sores, which may consequently become wounds. On the other hand, small shoes stress the toes causing them to become stiff.

You should make sure that you try shoes before buying them. Also, ensure you measure your feet’s length before buying


The toe box is significant, and ignoring it could be root in very many painful foot conditions. Theright shoe for people with a wide fit should accommodate the natural shape of the feet. Such a shoe has enough room for the toes and the midfoot, which are the most affected areas by narrow shoes.

The best way to know is a shoe has a toe box that best fits you is by trying it. Does this mean I have to purchase shoes in person? When buying shoes online, ensure you buy from a company that has an exchange and returns policy.

Footbed cushioningFootbed cushioning

Footbed cushioning

The use of insoles enhances footbed cushioning in a shoe. Insoles are placed in your shoes to boost comfort, fit, and shock absorption. Several materials make the insoles, for example, Gel, Memory foam, air-cushioned, and leather insole. The best men’s dress shoes for wide feet should have insoles to enhance cushioning and shock absorption.

To ensure your foot has the right insole for your feet, try the shoe and check the amount of room left in the shoe. Some insoles are breathable; they might be good for you, especially if you sweat too much.


The flexibility of the upper and outsole of the shoe are also necessary. Choosing a very stiff shoe may lead to several deformities involved with inflexibility. Tight shoe cause is foot conditions, which may lead to permanent damage; for example, hammer toe, corns,calluses, and bunions.

To check how flexible a show is, try out how flexible the material making the top is, the soles flexibility, and the type of material makes the inner lining.

Why are my feet so wide?

You can entirely leave the causes of wide feet to mother nature. However, here are some of the reasons that cause wide feet;

Genetics- wide feet at times is a family thing, and some people are born with it. The people who have flat feet are the most likely to have wide feet.

Aging- causes the muscles and tendons’ relaxation that leads to loosening of the feet bones. As a result, the feet tend to be wider.

Foot deformities- may cause your feet to be too wide than average feet. Some of these deformities may include; bunions and calluses.

Pregnancy- causes the loosening of the muscles of the feet. This happens due to the release of the hormone relaxin. This happens to increase the support needed during pregnancy.

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Swelling- of the feet also causes the feet to widen. The swelling may be due to conditions like tendonitis, which affect the joints leading to swelling. Once you treat the swelling, the feet willshift back to their normal position.

Flat feet- cause the falling of the arches, which leads tothe broadening of the bones that join the feet.

Shoes -that are not fitting can also be a major cause of the widening of the feet. For example, wearing heels causes the forefoot to spread out to attain the needed support and stability. As a result, this causes the joints in the legs and the metatarsals to widen and broaden. As a result, you have wider feet.

How do I know my feet wide?

You probably don’t know how wide your feet are. Well, don’t worry because you can find out using a straightforward exercise. However, before that, here are some of the things you need to understand;

  • Feet expand during the day due to workout and change in temperatures. Therefore, measure the width at night when there is minimal workouts and temperatures are low.
  • When doing this exercise, ensure you are on a flat surface
  • If you’re used to wearing socks, have them on when measuring.

Now that you understand that, it’s time to know if or not your feet are wide. You will need several items in the exercise. They include a pen, a tape measure, and a piece of paper (ensure the pen color and paper color are different for visibility reasons).

Let’s start!

  • Place the paper on a flattened surface and step on it
  • Use the pen and trace the outline of your feet.
  • Using the tape, measure the width (the widest part between the small and big toe)
  • Use the tape to measure the height(the distance from the heel and the big toe)

It’s that simple. Now, when buying a shoe, compare its width and your feet’s width. If you followed the procedure correctly, you should get a very fitting shoe.

How do you determine shoe width?

Determining your shoe width is very important, especially when buying new shoes. The first thing about determining your shoe width is knowing how wide your feet are. The process above describes how to determine the width of your feet. When you have your feet measurements, you can search the general chart for shoe sizes.  Then match the length of your foot with the corresponding shoe size.

There are several categories of shoe width sizes;

  • Narrow fitting
  • Standard fitting
  • Wide fitting
  • Extra-wide fitting

Also, the longer the foot, the wide it is. Thereforethe shoe size and shoe size tend to be directly proportional to the standard sizing.

Final word

To sum up, the Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford wins compared to other dress shoes for wide feet. This is because of the superior cushioning in the shoe courtesy of the OrthoLite in the footbed. What’s more, the shoe comes with a fabric lining that smoothens your walking.

Choosing the best dress shoe for wide feet may be disturbing and tiresome. However, this list analyzes the shoes to give you the best.

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