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How To Dry Shoes in A Dryer? Ultimate Tips!

After washing your shoes, how do you have them dry faster? One of the fastest ways to do this is using a dryer. The dryer will prevent you from waiting for hours or days to have your shoes dry. This article will show you how to dry your shoes in a dryer. So, read on and learn more.

How To Dry Shoes in A Dryer? Read the following Steps

Check Out the Shoe Labels

Before drying your shoes on the dryer, it’s advisable to check on the label to see if the manufacturer accepts this or not. The label should be on your shoe’s heels or inside the tongue, and the manufacturers use various symbols to direct you on what’s acceptable for each shoe. For example, a square symbolizes drying, while a circle within a square is for tumble dry.

Consider The Material Your Shoes Are Made Of

But if your shoes don’t have these symbols, you can use the materials to determine whether you can dry them on a dryer or not. Shoe materials like canvas, cotton, nylon, or polyester are safe to use on a dryer. 

Set The Dryer

After that, you need to set your dryer to the right settings, which will enable it to work faster but not damage your shoes. Set the dryer to delicate or low settings first. But if it’s a modern dryer with an air-dry setting, you’ll not need to bother about these settings. Also, if your dryer has independent temperature settings, ensure you turn them on to lower temperatures to avoid damaging your shoes.

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Place Your Shoes in The Drier

You then need to put your shoes on the dryer. If your shoes have laces tie them together and put them next to one another. Make a knot so that the shoes are tight together.

Hang The Shoes on The Dryer with The Laces Trapped on The Door

After that, you should do this to protect your dryer and shoes from damages. Hold the shoes by the laces, and then let the laces hang by the door to have them into place. This is a good choice for those with a top-loading or front dryer.

Ensure the knot is outside the dryer to help balance the shoes and prevent them from falling. But if your dryer has a drying rack, this will be to your advantage as you’ll put your wet shoes there to dry. If your shoes have no laces, look for a dryer-friendly laundry bag and wrap them with towels. This will prevent bouncing, which can damage your shoes or machine.

Let The Shoes Dry

The next thing you need to do is give your shoes about 20 minutes in the dryer to allow them to dry off. After that, open the dryer’s door with utmost caution while holding the laces to prevent them from falling. Then feel if the interior of your shoes is dry. If not, repeat this process for about 5 minutes to allow them to dry off thoroughly.

What If Your Shoes Is Not Dryer Safe?

If your shoes are made of fabrics that don’t allow you to use a dryer, opt for another alternative drying solution. This can be using newspapers, a fan, or putting them out in the sun to dry. But there are dryers specifically for shoe drying, which you can use.

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Check Out this Quick Video for drying shoes in a dryer

Bottom Line

Don’t waste time waiting for your shoes to dry if you’ve got a dryer. Follow this step-to-step guide and have your shoes dry within no time. But ensure you set the dryer in the correct settings and carefully hang the shoes to avoid damaging them and your dryer.

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