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How To Get Cat Pee Out of Shoes?

Cat pee on your shoes can make you uncomfortable as it has an awful smell. So, if a cat accidentally pees on your shoes, you’ll try your best to get rid of that odor before it becomes worse. But how do you do this? This article will show you the simplest way to get rid of a cat’s pee using home remedies or easy-to-use methods and materials.

How To Get Cat Pee Out of Shoes? Find Few Options

# Opt For Vinegar

You can use vinegar to remove the cat’s pee from your shoes. Remember, vinegar is a popular disinfectant and cleaner in most homes, and you can make it a solution to this problem. This means it can help you remove both the foul smell and stain easily. Mix it with water, then use a sponge or rag to clean the shoes. But this is after dipping the rag or sponge in the mixture for some time.

If you’ve got scented dish soap or essential oils, you can mix it in the combination to help with the smell. After that, wash the pee-stained area and allow the shoes to dry. But if this trick doesn’t remove the bad smell, consider using baking soda to eliminate it.

# Use Baking Soda

You can use baking soda to eliminate the bad-smelling pee from your shoes. All you need to do is pour the baking soda on the shoes. Then allow it to soak up the pee for some hours and remove the bad smell. After that, shake off the baking powder from the shoes. Note that this will not help you remove the pee stain. So, you need to clean your shoes preferably before getting rid of the smell.

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# Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another home remedy that can help you get out cat pee from your shoes. You should pour the hydrogen peroxide directly on the pee. Then allow it to dry out for some hours. After you’re sure, the pee is dried out, clean the spot.

Soak a small towel in warm water, then scrub the spot for some minutes. This will help you remove the pee’s stain and the hydrogen peroxide. Eventually, use a dry cloth to soak out the excess moisture on the shoes. You can then place it out in the sun to dry off. But remember to be cautious while using hydrogen peroxide as it’s a harmful chemical that can also discolor certain shoes.

# Why Not Try Out Deodorizers or Sprays?

If you’re not into home remedies, it’s advisable to try out these products from the supermarket by pet companies. With either the spray or deodorizer, you’ll easily get out the stain and the bad smell from the cat’s pee. But if you can’t get these products from pet companies, opt for a shoe deodorizer that will help you eliminate the odor overnight.

# Do You Have a Washing Machine?

If so, why not use it to get out the cat pee from your shoes? Doing this might be against the shoe manufacturers but will work perfectly and give you the best results. But this is for non-leather or suede shoes as they’re likely to get spoilt in the washing machine. Also, those made of satin or silk will be destroyed if you wash them in this machine. To easily identify which shoes you can soak in the washer, check their cleaning and care label instructions.

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However, if the fabric of the shoes allows you to use the washer, ensure you remove the laces even if they’re stained. Then let them soak in a warm soapy water solution as you wash the shoes. When you opt for this method, add some clothes to prevent your shoes from producing much noise.

Also, consider putting them inside a laundry basket to protect them from getting caught inside the drum. Don’t forget to set the temperature to about 30 degrees and use the right detergents that won’t affect your shoes’ color. Then remove the shoes and dry them in the open air.

Bottom Line

Although cats are lovable animals, they tend to do what they want anytime, especially ungroomed ones. So, if they decide to mess up your shoes, don’t throw them away. Instead, use any of the above steps and have them in perfect shape than before.

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