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How To Get Gum Off Shoes? 5 Ways Explained

It’s not fun walking in gum, especially with your new pair of shoes. But this doesn’t mean that you can remove the sticky substance after walking over it. We have the best hacks which will restore your smile and enable you to walk comfortably on your favorite pair of shoes. So, read on and learn how to do this.

How To Get Gum Off Shoes?

# Consider WD-40 To Help Remove the Gum

If you can get this spray, use it to remove gum from your shoes. The WD spray is available in various supermarkets or cleaning supply stores. Spray it on the affected area on your shoes and let it stay there for 2 minutes. After that, the WD-40 will have to loosen the bond between your shoes and the gum.

Wipe off the gum using tissue paper or rag. All the gum should come off the shoes without difficulties. But if not, consider spraying it for a second time. Clean your shoes afterward with a clean piece of cloth and throw away the gum and the rags which has it.

# Freeze The Gum

If you’ve got a freezer, use it to freeze the gum of your shoes. Put your shoes in a plastic bag, then close it well. You can use a food storage bag or a grocery bag to do this. But it’s not a must for the whole shoe to get into the bag.

After that, firmly press the plastic bag against the gum for seconds. Ensure the gum sticks on the bag before you freeze it for this method to be effective. Then put the shoes in the freezer for some time. Create some space in your freezer and ensure you cover it well to avoid spreading germs to your food.

You should leave your shoes in the freezer for about 1 to 2 hours before removing them. This will allow the gum to freeze on the plastic bag. After that, remove the shoes from the freezer. You should then remove your shoes from the plastic bag, enabling the gum to come off your shoe.

# Why Not Try Peanut Butter?

If you’ve got peanut butter on your kitchen shelf, why not use it to solve this problem? Apply about two tablespoons of peanut butter on your shoes and let it settle for about 10 minutes. After that, scrub off the gum and peanut using a wire brush. 

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Don’t scrub against the grooves, as this will destroy them. Then clean your shoes with water and a sponge. Don’t let water get into your shoes, as this will be additional work.

# Use Ice

Alternatively, you can use ice to remove gum from your shoes. Place several ice cubes in a plastic bag. Then put them on your shoes where the sticky gum is. Be careful not to drop any ice cube inside your shoes as this will make them wet. Use a closable food storage bag if you don’t want the ice cubes to melt faster.

Press the bag with ice cubes on the area with gum until it frees. It will take some time before the gum freezes, so be patient. Immediately it’s frozen, remove it from your shoes. Use a blunt knife to help you scrape off the hard frozen gum. Do this with utmost care to avoid damaging your shoes.

# Dissolve The Gum

You can also get rid of the gum off your shoes by dissolving it. Soak a piece of paper towel in naphtha, then rub it on the gum. When doing this, be in a properly ventilated area and away from any heat source as this is a highly flammable fluid.

Alternatively, you can dissolve the gum with a nail polish remover. Soak a cloth in the remover, then rub it on the gum until it dissolves. Avoid using acetone on certain shoe types like suede, as it will spoil their finish.


What is the best way to eliminate the gum on shoes?

To take gum out of the shoe apply peanut butter, olive oil or WD-40 to the gum. This makes it less sticky and easy to remove. It is also possible to dissolve the gum using light fluid, or nail polish remover.

What dissolves chewing gum?

Carpets can be sprayed or couches with vinegar white or with lemon juice which will dissolve the gum. Place a small amount or directly on top of the spot where there is gum. Massage the liquid into the area completely, while be careful not to force the gum into cloth or rug.

Do gum shoes get removed by alcohol?

Lighting Fluids, Rubbing Alcohol and Nail Polish Remover It is possible to disintegrate the polymers that create the sticky effect of gum. Once you have done that it, the gum should be easy to remove from the upper of the shoe. In order to do that, grab some lighter fluid such as rubbing alcohol, nails polish remover. Apply for 15-30 secs.

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How do you get gum out of rubber?

Chewing gum can be easily removed once it’s frozen. Place your shoe in the bag of plastic and put inside the refrigerator for few hours. The cold will cause the chewing gum and make it tough and fragile. If it is frozen, chewing gum is easily removed and scraped away from the surface.

Why does peanut butter take away gum?

The peanut butter ingredient is hefty oily substance that has hydrophobic properties. Applying peanut butter to gum can help reduce the sticky properties, making it much easier to get it out of your hair. Since both peanut butter as well as gum contain hydrophobic substances, it is easier for them to adhere to one another than stay on dry hair.

Does WD 40 work to remove gum?

Simply apply the gum spray with WD-40 Multi-Use product, then allow a few minutes to let it do its magic, then clean it off. Make use of the smart straw to focus on the tiny region and get the gum to penetrate from beneath. You can also clean chewing gum off carpets using the WD-40.

How do toothpaste get chewing gum out of clothing?

Take the Gum Smeared Out of Clothes with Toothpaste. Apply a dab of toothpaste onto chewing gum. Allow the toothpaste to air dry. Once the toothpaste has dried it should become firm enough that you are able to scrape or peel it off. Clean the fabric the way you would normally.

Does acetone remove gum?

Nail polish or Acetone may be employed as rubbing alcohol for removing staining from chewing gum.

Do vinegars help remove gum from clothes?

To take smeared gum off of your clothes, using vinegar just heat a bowl of white vinegar distilled in the microwave. Dip it into an old toothbrush, then gently scrub the gum off. Clean up any stains by using a stain remover, and then wash your clothes as usual.

Can Goo Gone remove gum from your shoe?

Here’s how to get rid of gum off these surfaces apply Goo Gone to an unclean cloth or cloth. Apply it to the affected area. Allow it to rest for about 3 to 5 minutes. The gum should be removed and wipe it off with an uncolored cloth.

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What is the best way to remove the gum that has been dried and washed?

Apply an adhesive remover. Cover the gum-stuck areas of the material with product and allow it to soak for 10 – 15 mins. The remaining gum particles will soften to the point that you are able to wipe them off using a cloth.

Does gum dissolve in water?

The primary ingredient in chewing gum is that it is water insoluble and isn’t digestible by digestive enzymes in the human gut. However, I believe it would be possible to incorporate the enzymes that are present in chewing gum that begin breaking it down when it’s coated with saliva.

What does the gum on my shoe refer to?

It’s similar to being in the streets with something stuck to the sole of your shoes. It’s a painful feeling that you feel when you put gum on your shoe, and it kind of sticks to your shoe with each step. You’re always watching your feet, scuffing around trying to remove the gum off your SHOES.

How do you remove gum off of your shoe?

Goo gone, or an oily like an oil cleaner made of orange, or cooking oil. Allow it to sit for a while, and then attack it with something that is abrasive. Once the gunk has gone, wash the oily residue with alcohol or dish soap.

How can you wash white shoes?

Make a solution for cleaning of one part bleach and five percent water (adding excessive amounts of bleach can make your shoes yellow) then work it into your shoes by using brush strokes with circular movements. Once you’re done you can use a damp cloth to remove the solution and allow it to dry for at five hours at the most.

Bottom Line

Removing gum on your shoes should not give you a headache as this is a simple to-do process. Identify the best method that suits you, then carefully follow the instructions to avoid messing. Some of these methods will not require you to spend money as the items are things you can get readily in your house, like peanut butter.  

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