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How To Stretch Leather Boots in Different Ways?

You buy the latest fashionable leather boots only to realize they’re too small for your feet. What do you do in this case? You can stretch your leather shoes and have them fit with ease. Read this article to learn how you can do this with ease.

# Use A Leather Boot Stretcher

If the width of your leather boots is small, you can use the 1-way stretcher to make them stretch. You can buy these stretchers from shoe stores or online. Your shoes can expand to about ½ wider their original size with them.

Alternatively, you can use the 2-way stretcher to expand your leather boots. This stretcher will help you elongate and widen your boots within no time. You can opt for the wooden 2-way stretchers, which are durable and will make your boots smell good. But they’re much expensive than the plastic ones. The plastic stretchers are also portable.

How To Stretch Leather Boots with Stretchers

First, place any stretchers inside the leather boots while it’s un-expandable to stretch them. Place the stretcher until it reaches the toe room (furthest end of the boots). Then expand the boot stretcher until you feel there’s no more space left.

Using the stretcher’s handle, turn it anti-clockwise to enable the boots to start stretching. Do this until you see your shoes stretch from the outside. If you don’t want to over-stretch, your boots don’t apply too much pressure.

Don’t remove the boot stretcher until after 6-8 hours to get the desired effect. But if you want to get a bigger space on your boots after stretching, consider leaving it for up to 3 days. However, you can try on your boots every morning to see the progress.

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# Spray The Stretching Spray

You can buy this spray online and use it to stretch your leather boots. Some of these sprays are for external use while others internal use. So, the method you’ll use will depend on the type you’ve got. But you will have to spray the boots then allow them to soak for some time. Don’t forget to follow the user guidelines to avoid damaging your shoes.

# Freeze Your Boots

This DIY project will enable you to stretch your shoes without spending cash; that’s when you’ve got a freezer. You need to fill water in a sealable plastic bag then insert it on your leather boots. Do the same to the other boot and ensure you put the plastic bag in the area where you want the boots to expand.

After that, place your boots in the freezer and give them time to freeze. As the water expands in the freezer, so will your leather boots. But make sure you protect your food from germs that might be from your boots by placing them in a plastic bag. Be careful not to destroy your shoes with water in the process.

# Use Newspapers to Expand Your Boots

If you’ve got old newspapers at home, use them to stretch your leather boots. Crumple up the newspapers, then carefully wet them. After that, place them inside your boots and let them dry there. As the newspapers dry up, they’ll swell and harden, making your boots expand.

You can use this method repeatedly until you get the desired results. For example, you can wear your boots, then after removing them, stash the wet newspapers inside them to help them stretch.

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# Why Not Blow-Dry Your Boots?

Leather expands under extreme heat. You can use this principle to help you expand your leather boots using your blow dryer. First, wear your thick socks, then put on the boots. Then gently pass the blow dryer over the boots on the areas you’ll wish to stretch.

Set the blow dryer on a high or medium heat setting to enable you to get the best results. Do this for about 30 seconds. Allow your boots to cool off while still wearing them. After that, remove them and try them on without the socks or use normal pair of socks. If they’ve not stretched well, repeat the process.

Bottom Line

You can stretch your leather shoes at home without seeking professional help. Buy a boot stretcher and put it in your boots. Alternatively, you can freeze the boots or blow dry them. Don’t forget to be cautious for whichever method you choose, as leather boots can spoil under extreme pressure.

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