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How To Clean Cork Shoes? Few Steps to Follow

Cork shoes are fashionable shoes currently, with most people opting for them. This material makes shoes lightweight, elastic, waterproof and fire-resistant. However, to have your shoes serve you for long, you need to maintain them in good shape by regularly cleaning them. But how do you clean cork shoes? Read on and find the best way you can use to clean your cork shoes with ease in this article.

How To Clean Cork Shoes? Few Steps to Follow

Assemble All the Cleaning Materials

Before you start cleaning your cork shoes, it’s advisable to assemble all the materials you’ll require to clean them. Bring a bucket, water, vinegar and detergent. You’ll also need to use a scrub brush or an unused toothbrush. But if your shoes aren’t that dirty, you can use a rag or towel to clean them.

Make Your Cleaning Solution

After having everything ready, the next thing you need to do is make a cleaning solution that you’ll use to wash the cork shoes. Combine around half a gallon of warm water and five drops of washing detergent.

Use a mild cleanser as the stronger ones may destroy your cork shoes. But if you don’t have any mild detergent, go for mild dish soap. Then gently mix the water and detergent until they foam bubbles. After that, add about half a cup of vinegar and slowly stir the mixture.

Remove Dust and Dirt

Using a damp rag, wipe your cork shoes to remove dirt or grime from them. Ensure you dampen the cloth on the cleaning solution. Doing this will help you have an easy time scrubbing the shoes as you’ll have removed stubborn stains. Less scrubbing also means your shoes will remain in their perfect shape for a long increasing their lifespan.

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Scrub Your Cork Shoes

After that, you need to scrub your cork shoes to remove any remaining dirt. Do this gently and in a circular motion to help get rid of all dirt. But ensure you dip the scrub brush on the cleaning solution and allow it to absorb much, not excess that can wet your shoes. Also, rinse the brush after some time to remove any dirt on it and avoid smearing them to other parts. If you can’t easily reach some parts with the scrub brush, use a toothbrush.

Wipe Off the Shoes

You need to rinse your cork shoes to remove soap, suds or any remaining dirt. If you notice some grime after doing this, do scrub the shoes again to get rid of them. But don’t scrub more than twice as you risk spoiling your cork shoes. After that, thoroughly wipe the shoes and let them dry.

Check If Your Shoes Are Fine

Then you need to check if your shoes are sparkling clean as you’d wish. You shouldn’t rinse these shoes as the vinegar will help do away with the stains. But if you feel like doing so, use warm water to rinse off the cleaning solution. Make sure you allow your cork shoes to dry off for at least a day before using them.

Sand Your Cork Shoes

After your shoes are dry, the next step is to sand them. Sand one area repeatedly but without applying a lot of pressure. Sanding will help you get off of any remaining stains on your cork shoes and is an ideal process when they’ve got heavy, stubborn stains. Do this gently and a few times before putting on the shoes.

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Bottom Line

If you want to maintain these fashionable shoes in perfect shape, it’s advisable to clean them regularly. However, cleaning cork shoes are slightly different from other types of shoes. So, follow this step-to-step guide and have your shoes serve you for the longest time possible.

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