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Different Types of Formal Shoes for Men [Explained]

Men have various types of formal shoes which they can wear for any formal occasion. Some are modern, neutral-toned, while others are striking formal shoes for men. This gives you a variety to choose from regardless of your age, shoe size, or style.

However, before settling for any formal shoes for men, you need to consider the weather.

For example, will you be putting them on during the cold season or when it’s hot. Also, you need to put in mind your budget and type of soles.

But what are the types of formal shoes for men that you should opt for? Read on to understand more.

Different Types of Formal Shoes for Men

# Loafers

If you’re looking for an easy to find men’s formal shoes consider buying loafers. You can find them in various shoe stores, and it’s one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes you’ll enjoy putting on.

The flat-soled shoes are inspired by Native American moccasins and have short heels.

Loafers have been existence since around the 1930s, and it’s believed that it was an idea of Norwegian shoemaker who tried to blend the native American moccasin and Norwegian footwear.

The best thing about loafers is that they come in different styles.

They include:

1. The Penny Loafers

These loafers have a decorative strap at the front with a slit the size of a penny.

2. Tassel

As the name suggests, these shoes have tassels on the vamp. The tassels are exactly where the straps with the penny on the other type of loafers are.

3. Bit loafers

This type of loafers has a metallic band across the vamp.

What Makes Loafers Stand Out

  • You can wear loafers any time as they’re the most comfortable formal shoes for men because of their flip flop design. They’re also lightweight, increasing their breathability and portability.
  • The raised seams around the loafer’s toe section make it visually appealing and unique.
  • Have a low-lying vamp that doesn’t cover your ankles.
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# Oxfords

Another type of formal shoes for men which have existed for years is the oxfords. The closed lacing and the outstanding design of these shoes will make you look ready for any occasion, especially when paired with the right clothing. The closed lacing also ensures the shoes fit you well, giving a more sophisticated look when paired with the right cloth.

The history of oxfords dates from way back to the 17th century, and some people believe its origin was in Scotland. But others claim that it was initially boots that later got slits. Its popularity came because it was the favorite type of shoes at oxford university. Oxfords have eyelets and matchy shoelaces that will give you a clean look when pulled together.

What Sets Oxfords Apart

  • One major thing that sets oxfords apart from the rest is the closed lacing with neatly sawn eyelets below the upper part of the shoes.
  • The oxfords clearly define the shape of your foot, giving you a detailed silhouette than the other men’s formal shoes.
  • They have low lying heels

Types Of Oxfords

There are different types of oxfords. However, the main difference between them is on the seams. For instance, the cap-toe oxfords have seams that run horizontally from the toe section of the vamp. However, the wingtip oxfords consist of a cap with seams, two arcs, and a point at the middle.


If you’re not into loafers or oxfords but still looking for formal shoes for men, consider derbies. It has open lacing and is much comfortable on the legs. Some years back, derbies were sporting shoes and had been in existence since the 19th century. There’s also a time when soldiers used derbies before evolving to the current design.

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Why Go for Derbies?
  • The main reason to buy these shoes is because of their comfortability and relaxed nature compared with oxfords. In addition, the open lacing design gives you enough room for your wide foot, which makes them an ideal choice for a hot day when your feet are likely to swell.
  • It has slightly raised heels, which are ideal for boosting height.
  • It’s both formal and sporty shoes. This means it won’t limit you to formal occasions only as you can wear them on a sporty day for a casual look.
  • Derbies’ design leaves your ankles exposed, making it the right choice for those looking for a pair of formal shoes for men during summer.

# Chukka Boots

Finding formal shoes for men for the rainy or cold season can, at times, be a hustle. But with chukka boots, you’ll be good to go.

The comfortable boots also allow you to use them for casual occasions but maintain the classy look.

These short boots have got open lacing and have about three eyelets. You can pair the chukka boots with your tailored trousers and have an outstanding combination.

Features Of Chukka Boots

  • Have rounded toe area
  • Chukka boots are suede or leather-made, giving you a sharp look when paired with the right clothing.
  • Have open lacing, which prevents your feet from being uncomfortable.
  • The boots are ankle height which can help you protect the hem of your trousers from dirt when you tuck in.

What To Consider When Buying Formal Shoes for Men

Your Budget

If you want to buy formal shoes for men, consider your budget to avoid straining financially. Then, go for the affordable pair but which are comfortable.

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The Soles of Your Shoes

If you want to enjoy wearing your formal shoes for long, go for those with rubbery soles. This kind of soles will increase your safety while walking on slippery surfaces and support your weight with ease.

The Insoles

Go for shoes with soft insoles that will prevent your feet from injuries.


Which is the best type of formal shoes?

Any formal shoes for men are best as long as you’re comfortable in them. All you need to do is go for the right heels, size, and color.

Between leather and suede, which one looks more formal?

Leather shoes for men look more formal than suede.

Where do you wear formal shoes for men to?

You should put on formal shoes for a formal event. Since there are several formal shoes, you’ll have unlimited choice to pair with your clothes.

Bottom Line

Formal shoes for men give you a perfect look for any serious event you’re to attend. However, before settling for any of these shoes ensure, you know the right size which won’t make you uncomfortable.

Also, work within your budget and choose the lacing right depending on your preference.

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