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How To Stretch Suede Shoes? Few Proven Methods

Do you have suede shoes you no longer put on because they’ve outgrown your feet? Or did you buy a pair that’s not fitting? If you’re in such a situation and your suede shoes are still in perfect shape, this is for you. Read this informative article and learn how to stretch your suede shoes easily.

How To Stretch Suede Shoes? Anyone Can Do!

# Spray Your Suede Shoes with A Stretch Spray

Use stretch spray if you want to use chemicals to stretch your suede shoes. These sprays contain chemicals that help stretch your shoes permanently. Even though they’re mostly for leather shoes, they’ll work perfectly on your suede shoes.

Before using the spray, ensure you carefully read the instructions to avoid messing with the chemical. Some are meant for internal use, while others are for external use. After spraying the stretch spray, put on thick socks, wear the suede shoes, and walk around in them. Doing this will help stretch the shoes with ease. But if you can’t walk, consider moving your feet around the shoes while siting as the spray works effectively when some force is applied.

Within 30 minutes, your suede shoes will have stretched. If there’s no difference afterward, reapply the stretch paint inside and outside the shoes. Then repeat the whole process until you get the desired results. This can help you stretch your suede shoes up to ½ their initial size.

# Use Socks to Help Stretch Your Suede Shoes

One of the easiest ways to have your suede shoes stretch is to put on thick pair of shoes with them. Or stack several pairs of socks, then wear your suede shoes. This will help stretch the shoes as your feet’ length and width will increase, forcing them to expand. After some time, you’ll realize your shoes have adequate space than they had before.

You can do this a night before putting on your shoes. Walk with them around the house for some hours, then take the socks off and see if the suede shoes have stretched. Put on the socks and repeat this process until you get the desired results if they’re still tight. But ensure your feet are safe and comfortable on them. Also, give room for enough air circulation and avoid straining your legs.

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# Opt For a Shoe Stretcher

Initially, people used to stuff newspapers or socks on shoes to help them stretch their small pair of shoes. Currently, stretchers come in handy and do this within no time. The stretchers come in various sizes and designs and help expand your shoes’ width or length according to your wish.

Note that some stretchers can widen the toe area. Others will expand the length, giving you enough room for your feet. To use this stretcher successfully, carefully read the user instructions. But you can also spray the stretch spray to get better results. Leave the stretcher on your suede shoes for about a day and check if they’ve expanded enough. However, keep checking on them as the stretcher can accidentally damage your shoes when left for long. If you realize any stress on the shoes, remove the stretchers to avoid further damage.

# Do You Have a Hair Dryer?

If you have a hairdryer, it can save your back as it can help you stretch your suede shoes. Remember, heat makes objects expand. So, if you use a hairdryer, it will make your suede shoe stretch, giving you some toe room. Don’t overheat your suede shoes when doing this, as this can damage them. Your shoes can either discolor or crack after drying out.

To achieve this, you can use the following process:

  • First, put on thick socks, then wear your suede shoes.
  • Then put the drier on low heat and pass it over your suede shoes. Maintain a six-inch distance between your shoes and the drier.
  • Move the drier all over the shoes repeatedly for about thirty seconds. Check if it has stretched to your desire.
  • If not, repeat the process but be careful not to damage the shoes because of excess heat.

Note that your shoes can go to their initial size if you use this method. So, you can also use the stretchers to help out.

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How can I stretch my shoes quickly?

Rubbing Alcohol Spray the inside of the shoe and then wear them for 20-30 minutes. You can also rub the alcohol onto the areas of the shoes that require being stretched, or feel particularly tight. After rubbing the areas that are tighter by using the alcohol on them, place your shoes on when they’re wet and then wear them.

Do suede shoes stretch in width?

“Leather and suede stretch very well,” the expert says. “Patent leather does not. Not nothing, it will give a little bit.” However, by a tiny bit perhaps one quarter of a size for a shoe — or a few millimeters.

How can the suede shoes stretch to create broad feet?

Seven ways of stretching your shoes. Wear them in the evening. If your footwear is uncomfortable, you can try wearing them around your home. … The socks are thick and there is a blow-dryer. … Frozen zip-close bag. … The potato peel trick. … Shoe trees that can be adjusted. … Stretching of the shoe fluids, sprays. … Look for a professional in shoe repair.

Are you able to put your on shoes that are frozen to help stretch?

Ice can be just as effective as heat in solving a problem with shoes. Fill an empty sandwich bag and put it on the area in which the shoe is tight. Place the shoe into the freezer. When the water is frozen into ice it will expand and stretch the shoe out.

How can you stretch your the shoes using hair dryers?

Adjust your blow-dryer to medium temperature and then point it towards the spot that is pinching your foot. Make sure you move the dryer in a circular motion while keeping the nozzle just a couple of inches away from the area to avoid burning the shoes. The area should be heated for 2 minutes while moving your toes and stretching your feet.

Do wet newspapers stretch shoes?

How to stretch shoes using newspaper that is wet. Another method to make your narrow shoes more roomy is to use wet newspaper. Squirt wet newspaper into your shoes, then allow to dry. The newspaper will expand as it dries and your shoes will have more flexibility.

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Can I stretch out shoes to a half size?

In general the stretching of your shoes can increase by a quarter to a half-size increase in size, David Mesquita, owner of The Leather Spa, a leather repair shop located in New York City, tells SELF.

How can I stretch my tight sneakers at home?

Begin rummaging through your sock drawer to find an unworn pair of socks. Place them on and then squeeze to fit into the shoes. Then, grab the blowdryer, and use it to apply hot for approximately 30 seconds on the area in need of stretching, and bend the shoes in the process. Once the shoes are cool down, put them on to see how they fit.

Do I have to place suede into the freezer?

It turns outthat the freezer is an incredibly effective device for cleaning leather shoes (and your jeans ICYMI). Certain types of debris, including gum, as well as other gooey, intangible substances, are difficult to get rid of manually without some assistance. Put your suede shoes inside the refrigerator for a few hours until they’re frozen.

Does suede stretch or shrink?

The suede jackets will not shrink unless they are exposed to water exposure for prolonged periods. A suede jacket naturally expands its own fabric if worn frequently enough.

Does the suede shrink in the presence of water?

To shrink suede, leather and canvas shoes you can dampen the material and then apply heat to cause the material to shrink.

How do you stretch suede fabric?

How to stretch Suede Shoes Wear thick Socks with new Shoes. Walk in the Shoes Often. Try a Shoe Stretch Spray. Use a Shoe Stretcher Overnight. Stretch Suede Shoes by rubbing Alcohol. Warm the shoes with an air dryer. Buy Adjustable Shoe Trees. Ask a Cobbler for Help.

Bottom Line

Don’t throw away your suede shoes if they no longer fit. Instead, use the above tips to help stretch them. You can also incorporate more than one tip to get the best results. For example, using stretchers and spray stretch.

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