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Different Types of Shoes for Men – Facts to Know

Even though most men like keeping things simple, they need a bold fashion sense statement through their shoes. Different types of shoes allow men to be comfortable in every setting or occasion.

Do you know any shoes for men that are not only simple but also fashionable?

Men have various shoes they can wear to the beach, office, or date, depending on their dress code. You can wear shoes to keep it formal or informal depending on where you’re going and the occasion.

Read on and get to learn more about this.

1. Loafers

Loafers are one of the comfortable types of shoes for men you should consider for either a casual or formal look. They’ve got flat heels and are slip-on, which enables your feet to get in without much struggle.

There are various loafers’ styles, so these shoes won’t limit you to a particular design. But their versatility will enable you to stand out.

Since you can wear loafers without socks, you’ll enjoy walking with them during hot days when your feet are prone to expand, making them uncomfortable in the shoes.

Loafers have no laces making it the right choice for those who like such shoes.

2. Oxfords

If you want those fabulous pair of shoes for men, consider oxfords. Oxfords have closed lacing and are a perfect pick for a formal dressing.

They’re neat and beautiful shoes made of one-piece leather. The oxfords have pointed cap toe which makes them look fancier and unique.

These shoes are low heels and come in different styles, giving you several options to pick from. You can pair oxfords with the right clothing and wear them to the office.

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You can also put them on to a respectable function like a wedding.

3. The Chukkas

Another type of shoes you should plan to have in your collection is the chukkas. Chukkas consist of soft suede or calfskin and have about three eyelets making them classy.

Chukka and derby are almost similar as they’re both ankle boots, but one has open lacing. The laces help hold these shoes into place as you walk and make you comfortable.

You can get chukkas in various colors. So, you go for your favorite color and walk with confidence.

4. Chelsea Boots

Are you looking for a comfortable slip-on boot? Choose Chelsea boots that have elastic side panels with pull tabs at the back.

You will not struggle to wear these boots or pull them off because of their unique design. You can wear these boots with casual clothes and go out with your friends. Or wear official clothes and Chelsea boots to the office.

5. Derby Shoes

You might confuse derby with chukka as they’re almost similar but with a notable difference. Derby has open lacing instead of the closed lacing on chukkas.

Initially, these shoes were worn by those on hunting sprees or out for fun riding. However, they’re currently one of the best choices for men who want to look classy.

You can go for any color that compliments your skin or clothing, pair them with the right clothing, and be the center of attraction.

6. Sneakers

Do you want men’s shoes you can pair with your casual clothes and stand out? Go for casual sneakers, which you can pair with your shorts or jeans to the beach or date.  

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Also, you can get active sneakers and use them during exercise sessions or on a sports day in your organization.

Sneakers are versatile and feel-good shoes designed to give you enough support on any surface. They are also lightweight and comfortable on the feet, enabling you to have them on for long during the day.

7. Sandals


Men who love sandals can also get a suitable pair and easily walk around. One such sandal is slip-on slides, and you can wear them to any setting. There are some with single buckles while others have double buckles.

Whichever your choice is, you’ll be comfortable walking in them and allow your feet to breathe freely. These sandals are a good choice during summer or when you’re visiting the beach.

Toe Post Sandals

Another type of sandals you can opt for are these. You can wear them while going out for a stroll in the evening or to the beach.

Toe post sandals have shock-absorbing soles, which prevents your feet or ankle from injuries or strains. They’re also lightweight and stable, increasing your comfortability while using them.

How Many Types of Shoes Are There for Men?

There are several types of shoes for men, giving them a chance to up their shoe game. You can opt for formal or casual shoes, pair them with the right clothing and look attractive.

However, your choice of shoes greatly depends on your taste or preference and the occasion you’re to attend.

You can opt for either loafers, oxfords, chukkas or derby shoes. But don’t fear putting on sneakers or sandals if you want to keep it simple and smart.

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What type of men’s shoes are now the trend?

Most people prefer oxfords, and it’s now one of the most popular types of shoes worldwide. However, Chelsea boots are also a force to reckon with. Not to forget sneakers which people prefer for various functions as they offer enough support and are comfortable on the feet.

Which are the most stylish shoes for men in winter?

Most people prefer boots during the cold season to keep their legs warm. Chelsea boots are the most stylish boots/ shoes during winter.

Which type of shoes is the most comfortable?

Loafers are the most comfortable shoes any man can have. Depending on your preference, loafers allow you to put on socks or not.

Bottom Line

Men have various types of shoes to choose from. The shoes for men come in various styles and designs, enabling you to go for what meets your demands.

If you want a pair with open lacing, go for it. But there’s also those with closed lacing while others have none. It’s advisable to have several different pairs of shoes and be trendy.

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