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Different Types of Wedding Shoes for Men

If you’re planning a wedding ceremony, you’ll choose the right outfit that goes with the day’s mood and meets your expectations. Part of the arrangement should never miss shoes.

Remember, shoes bring out a statement about your fashion sense and make you look sharp.

So, which are the wedding shoes for men you can choose for your grooms’ men? Here are the different types of wedding shoes you can settle for and look marvelous on that great day.

1. Monk Strap Shoes

If you’re looking for men’s shoes without laces, consider monk strap shoes. They’ve got fashionable buckles that will make you uniquely styled. If all the groomsmen put on the monk strap shoes, you’ll be uniform.

However, if you decide to wear it alone, you might get too much attention from the crowd, making you uncomfortable.

These shoes best suit a wedding with a more casual theme, but they’re stylish and will make you have a European look. The most popular monk strap shoes are the brown ones. But you can get black, burgundy or oxblood.

Match any of these shoes with a perfect suit and have a sharp look at that wedding. Remember to put on your socks with the monk shoes to any wedding unless it’s happening in an informal setting like by the beach.

2. Wholecut Oxfords shoes

Wholecut oxfords best suit a wedding where the men are in black tie. These shoes are made from one-piece leather, making them look presentable and attractive.

The high-quality pair is lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy every moment at the wedding.

These shoes stand out because they’ve no stitches or decorations, making them a simple pair that gives you an elegant look.

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The laces of wholecut oxfords don’t open up, preventing dirt from getting into your shoes. However, before you buy these shoes, be ready to dig deeper into your pockets as they’re expensive.

Since they come in various colors, you can select one that matches your theme, pair it with the right clothing, and step out with a lot of confidence.

You can go for suede if you want something casual, but if your wedding is more formal dressing, you’ll not miss the right pick.

3. Cap-Toe Oxfords

Another popular wedding shoe for men is the cap toe oxfords. These shoes are not limiting, and you can use them after the wedding to any formal business meeting or night date.

You’ll not have difficulties finding black cap-toe oxfords since they’re the most common ones. So, if you were to wear a black pair of shoes, this should be your choice.

Even though this is an oxford, it’s different from the others because of its toe cap. This is because it’s got an additional leather across the toe box that joins with the upper part and has seams all through to the welt.

It also has heel caps, and you can get them in your favorite style and color, depending on your taste. To stand out from the rest, go for dark-colored cap toe oxford when it’s cold but do a lighter shade when warmer.

4. Loafers

There are many types of loafers shoes you can wear to a wedding. For example, a tassels loafer to a wedding will make you look stylish. But gray slacks or chinos are also a perfect pick. Choose the Belgian loafers for a formal wedding. It has a small bow at the vamp.

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Loafers will make your feet comfortable throughout the day in a wedding. All you need is to choose a high-quality matching pair with your suit or dress code and walk confidently to the wedding.

If the wedding is along the beach, loafers’ shoes for men without socks should be your choice. Ensure they’re fitting to avoid struggles while walking along the sandy beach.

If possible, go for a pair that’s ½ size smaller than your normal shoe size.

Depending on your wedding’s theme color, you can opt for navy, gray, brown, black, or oxblood loafers and keep the focus away from the ladies.

5. Boots

Boots for a wedding? Yes. You can wear boots to a wedding depending on the dress code. Opt for chukka or Chelsea boots and see how unique your combination will be.

If you’re looking for a formal boot for men, go for unlined calfskin chukka, which is ankle-high.

You can pair them with a blazer but with matchy colors that don’t make you look colorful. For example, if your boots are light-colored, go for dark pants to tone down the look.

But don’t wear boots and shorts to a wedding and carefully select the type of suit that will match your chukkas.

Tips To Use When Choosing the Color of Men’s Wedding Shoes

You need to be stylish to stand out at the wedding. To achieve this, you’ve got to choose the colors of your shoes right.

Here are hacks to pull this:

  • Settle for a pair of shoes that’s darker than your suit. For example, a blue suit and black shoes or a light gray suit and tan shoes. However, avoid wearing black or brown shoes when you’ve got a black suit on.
  • Choose a pair of shoes depending on the suit’s style.
  • Go for a color that matches your wedding theme and the formality of the wedding.
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Should you wear formal or informal shoes to a wedding?

The kind of wedding you’re to attend will dictate your choice of shoes. If you’re going for a casual themed wedding, you’ll have to go for a casual shoe. But a formal setup wedding requires you to be in formal shoes. However, your dress code also determines your choice of shoes.

Which are the best wedding shoes for men?

The best wedding shoes for men depend on your personality as it affects your choice. It can be any comfortable shoes that fit your feet and good soles.

What matters when buying wedding shoes for men?

The main thing that matters is the quality of the shoes, then comfort and how stylish they’re.

Bottom Line

You’ll have several options when buying wedding shoes for men. However, you need to consider their color and comfortability to stand out on this occasion.

But also let your personality and formality of the wedding influence how you select your shoes.

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