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How To Polish Boots at Home Easily?

Polishing your boots will enable them last longer and look better. However, you need to know the correct way of polishing your boots to achieve this.

You also need the right materials like shoe polish and a buffing brush. Read this informative article to understand more about how to polish boots.

How To Polish Boots at Home Easily?

1. Clean The Boots with a Horsehair Brush

Before you polish your boots, you need to clean them well to remove dirt and debris. First, remove the boot’s laces to allow you to reach all corners of the boots. This will also give you an easy time polishing the boots.

But to create an even workspace, stack newspapers or shoe trees. If your boots have tall necks, consider wadding up some towels, then tightly pack them around there to have an easy time polishing your boots.

To clean all the dirt with ease, use a horsehair brush. Note that you should Clean your boots even when they appear clean to remove hidden dirt.

If your boots require deep cleaning, use saddle soap and a damp cloth to do this. But baby shampoo can also work well in place of saddle soap.

Don’t oversaturate your boots, as this will damage them. Surfaces like the welts and the eyelets will need you to use a welt brush and water to clean them. Ensure you don’t soak your boots with water in the process, and then give them about 15 minutes to dry off.

2. Prepare Your Work Area

As your boots dry off, prepare where you’ll work while polishing your boots. You can spread a towel on the floor/ table or newspapers to avoid staining it.

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3. Apply The Polish

You can use a wax-based polish or cream to polish your boots to give them a better shine. However, if you’ve got oil-tanned leather boots, use conditioner or oil to polish them. Suede boots will also require you to use a special spray to have them shine.

A lint-free rag will enable you to polish your boots without difficulty. Dip it in your polish, then gently spread the polish on your boots in a circular motion. Do this from one area of the boots to the other to avoid skipping some spots. While doing this, ensure you use a thin layer of polish for easy absorption.

Then use a welt brush to polish the welts of your boots. You can also use the brush on the heels and other small areas you can’t reach easily.

Give your boots around 10 minutes for the polish to dry off. But do check the time you should allow the polish to dry off as each type has its drying time.

4. Buff Your Boots

Then buff the boots gently with a horsehair brush. Do this on each boot, and don’t forget any spots, as this will make your boots look funny. Buffing enables you to have an even distribution of polish on your boots.

5. Shine The Boots

Once the polish is all over your boots and you’ve levelled out, the next thing you should do is to shine them. Use the cleaner end of the cloth to do this.

Sprinkle some drops of water on the cloth/ towel, and then polish your boots in circular motions. You should be able to get a perfect shine after 10 or 15 small circles on each boot.

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If you want to get more shine on your boots, sprinkle more water. But don’t soak the cloth with water as this will not make them shine.

Instead, be adding drops of water after every shine. If you don’t get the desired results consider repeating this step.

Bottom Line

Having shining boots shows how neat you are. But not everyone is capable of achieving this on their boots. To have an easy time polishing yours follow this step-to-step guide and maintain clean and durable boots.

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