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Different Types of Wedding Shoes for Women

Your wedding is just in the corner, and you’ve identified the right dress which will make you look beautiful on that day.

But which types of shoes should you settle for on this great day? Remember, the wedding is a one-time event that requires you to be the center of attraction from your hair to the toes.

So, you need to be stylish in all aspects and leave everyone in awe. However, you need the right pair of shoes to be comfortable to dance and walk around without any discomfort.

Read on to learn more about different shoe selections you can opt for on that occasion.

1. Flats

You will not regret choosing this type of shoes for your wedding as the comfort that comes with them is heavenly. Flat shoes are famous women’s footwear and ideal for any wedding setup.

Flats are a good pick for women who fear walking in heels but want a classy and beautiful look. Your feet will not swell or strain from putting on flats as long as you’ve got the right size.

Consider ballet flats which are simple yet stylish shoes that will make you comfortable throughout the day. Currently, women are creative and bold enough to wear sneakers to the wedding.

If you’re that kind of a bride who doesn’t fear trying out something new, do sneakers with beautiful designs or sparkles and stand out from the rest.

2. Stilettos

Some women like high heels to boost their height and make them feel much more confident and comfortable.

If you’re one of them, go for stilettos on your wedding day and walk with your head high as you grace your day.

These sexy heels, which may not be very high, come in different variations giving you a variety to choose from. You can go for the 2- or 3-inch stilettos or the 5-inch ones.

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Your color choice will depend on the wedding theme. But you can get open or closed-toe stilettos in summer or winter design and rock your day.

3. Boots For a Cowboy Themed Wedding

Even though boots for a wedding are not popular, you can go for them and have a unique dress code.

If your wedding theme is cowboy, you can do boots and have a spectacular look. Buy cowboy boots for you and your bridesmaid and enjoy walking in them.

Boots are suitable wedding shoes for women during the winter or for an outdoor wedding in the bush. Settle for comfortable heels in your favorite color and pair them with the right dress for your wedding.

4. Wedges

You will not go wrong by wearing wedges to the wedding venue as they’re much comfortable and versatile. Wedges allow you to match your shoes with the bridesmaids and are a good choice for those looking to boost their height.

You will put on your wedges all through the day without the fear of losing balance and trip as their heels don’t get trapped as those of stilettos.

Go for white wedges to complement your wedding gown. But wedges shoes are ideal for a summer wedding.

5. Sandals

Sandals for a wedding? Yes. You will not only be comfortable but also have a chance to walk in confidence as sandals offer enough support to your feet.  

Wear sandals to a beach wedding or an Indian-themed wedding. Sandals are also a good choice for a summer wedding where your feet are likely to expand due to heat.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Wedding Shoes for Women

Before you settle for any women’s shoes for a wedding, you need to consider some factors to get the best deal. They include:

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Comfortability Of the Shoes

Comfort comes first when you’re choosing your wedding shoes. So, don’t be fooled by the common saying ‘beauty is pain.’

Remember, you’ll be wearing those shoes for long, and you should be happy, not in pain.

So, give comfort the priority and go for any of these shoes, which helps you achieve this. If it’s the flats, go ahead but if you’ll be comfortable in stilettos, wear them and be happy all day.

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue will determine the kind of shoes you wear on this occasion. Some types of shoes will make you look odd in certain settings, while others will make it hard to walk in some areas.

The bride knows the location before the d-day, which guides them in selecting the right shoes to match the wedding theme.

If this is an outdoor wedding in a stony/hilly area, your shoes should be able to withstand such an environment.

Additionally, you won’t be able to walk with heels on a sandy beach as you’ll keep sinking.

If the wedding ceremony and reception are in two different locations, it’s advisable to have two pairs of shoes and change when going to a different setting.

Your Budget

Another thing that will affect the choice of your shoes is your budget. Working within your budget will enable you to get the right wedding shoes within no time as you’ll request to have a selection within that range. You will also not strain financially if you have a set budget, especially if you’re a shoe person who can get swayed easily. You need to be patient while shopping for wedding shoes to get what’s within your budget.


Should my wedding shoes show through the dress?

This is majorly an individual choice as some people love to cover their shoes while others want them to be visible. But in most cases, the dress should give the shoes some allowance to avoid accidents as you can easily step on them and fall.

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Must I wear white shoes on my wedding day?

Not really. The color of your wedding shoes should depend on your style and wedding theme. If you want a colorful pair of wedding shoes, go for it as your happiness comes first on this day. But if you’re going to conform to most wedding traditions, you’ve got to wear white shoes.

Which are the most comfortable wedding shoes for the bride?

For ladies, any wedding shoes can be comfortable as long as it’s a perfect fit and the owner is okay with it. It can be heels, sneakers, or flats. All that matters is your preference and comfort. It’s, however, advisable not to wear certain shoes like heels for the first time to your wedding.

Bottom Line

A wedding is a special occasion that happens once in a person’s lifetime. So, it’s good to show up looking elegant and classy for the day.

However, you need to be in a comfortable pair of shoes to enjoy the colorful event. Prioritize your comfort and choose a shoe that matches your wedding theme and allows you to walk in the venue without struggle.

Don’t forget to work within your budget to avoid financial strains.

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