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What Color Shoes to Wear with a Green Dress?

Unlike other dress colors, green dresses might be challenging to get the right shoes to wear them with as the dress is already bright. But don’t worry. We’ll make this easier for you. Continue reading this post to get various shoe colors that match any shade of green.

So, What Color Shoes to Wear with a Green Dress?

Black Shoes

If you don’t want to struggle to look for the right shoes to wear with your green dress, go for your favorite black shoes. A pair of black shoes will rhyme with any shade of green as it acts as a neutral color. It also helps tone down the bright green color, which neutralizes your look. You can put on black heels, black flat shoes or sandals depending on the type of green dress you’ve got.

Metallic Shoes

You’ll also not get it wrong by wearing metallic shoes with your green dress. A forest green dress and a golden pair of shoes will make you stand out from the rest. But also, a silvery shoe is a perfect match for any shade of the green dress, which enables you to pull that trendy chic look. A champagne hue pair of shoes and a hunter dress are perfect for that date in the summertime and make you look beautiful.

Blue Shoes

Do you think you’ll look weird in the blue and green combination? Then you need to try this out and see how unique you’ll be. You’ll be a force to reckon with as your boldness will be on another level. Blue shoes go well with an emerald green dress as it helps tone it down. Go for navy-blue shoes or royal blue pair of shoes and bring out your personality in a playful way.

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Yellow Or Red Shoes

Have you ever tried yellow or red on green? These two colors will help you look marvelous for any function regardless of time. Red brings boldness in you, while yellow helps you bring brightness to something dull. The contrasting colors will make you the center stage of any function as they’re bright and beautiful to the eyes.

Patterned Shoes

Your floral or polka dot shoes will also not disappoint you if you wear them with a green dress. It makes you look creative and stylish with colors. Such shoes go well with a lime green dress, but you need to carefully choose the floral print colors on your shoes so that they blend well.

Gray Shoes

A pair of grey shoes can match most shades of green dresses, and it doesn’t limit your choice. You can wear grey slip-on or lace-up shoes with a casual green dress to church or a simple function and look classy. Since there are different shades of gray, go for the one that pleases you and walk in confidence.

White Shoes

You will not go wrong wearing your green dress with white shoes. White sandals or heels will go well with a green dress as long as you’re comfortable in them. When going for white shoes, don’t be afraid to put them on with any shade of green as white is a neutral color that goes with almost everything. But you can go white boots with a short green dress if you don’t want to show much skin.


Will I go wrong by wearing purple shoes and a green dress?

No, purple shoes will give you that wild look you’ve always longed for. So, don’t be afraid to put it on.

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What of beige shoes for a green dress?

This earthly color will give you that stunning look without drawing attention from your green dress.

Can I put on sneakers and a green dress?

As long as you’re comfortable in it and the color matches your green dress go ahead and put it on.

Will a green dress limit the color of my shoes?

Colors are a way to show your personality. All you need to do is be playful and creative with them to pull a look.

Bottom Line

A green dress only requires you to be playful with the color of shoes you want to wear it with. When doing this, decide whether you want to make the shoes the center of attraction or not then you’ll be good to go.

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