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Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Adventurers that engage in rock climbing require footwear with the proper precision, which offers sufficient balance up. Nevertheless, folks with wide feet may find it challenging to get climbing shoes that fit right. Still, you can find the best climbing shoes for wide feet available in the market.

Perhaps you need to conduct some dedicated search and look out for footwear with excellent comfort and stability features. Kindly note that not every climbing shoe out there can cater to the needs of your wide feet. But, you can look through this review to enable you to make a more natural choice.

Features of a Good Climbing Shoe

Footwear that fits your adventure buddy may not be the right fit for you. If you have wide feet, kindly look out for shoes that would suit you right and also help you master the art of climbing.

With that in mind, you should look out for climbing shoes with the following features.

Beginner vs. Moderate Climbing Shoes

Whether you a beginner or moderate climber, the goal is to get shoes that would work well for your feet. Nevertheless, you can find most beginner climbing footwear having flat soles that appear stiff. Such constructions come in handy for offering support as you plan on developing your muscles.

But, as you keep up with the adventure and your muscles start becoming developed, you may need something more. Thus, a shoe for moderate climbers has toes that appear slightly bent, providing some more sensitivity when compared to beginner climbing shoes. In essence, the choice you make depends on your level of experience.

Support Features

Climbing is one activity that requires complete concentration, and you would not get the chance of refitting your shoes as you engage in such an adventure. Thus, the best shoes for climbing often come with excellent support features such as laces and Velcro straps that keep the footwear in place.

There are also excellent slip-on shoes that grip perfectly and ensure you wear them with ease while bouldering. It is recommendable for beginners to look out for slippers of Velcro strap climbing shoes.


It is pretty essential to choose footwear with top-quality material that would last for a long. The top of many climbing shoes ranges from hemp materials, synthetic materials to leather materials.

Again, many climbing shoes come constructed with rubber soles for extra traction. It would be best to go for footwear with sensitive rubber soles to save your feet from excessive pain during the adventure.

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Climbing shoes come at varying prices, with average costs ranging from $70 to $200. Nevertheless, you would find durable and top-quality climbing footwear coming at a higher cost. Thus, it would be best to look out for affordable options with excellent quality that would duly serve their purpose.

Styles of Climbing Shoes

There are various types of climbing shoes, depending on the climbing pattern the adventurers intend to do. Hence, here are three major types

  • Neutral Climbing Shoes: These climbing shoes provide a relaxed fit and keep the feet comfortable all day long. These options seem pretty recommendable for beginners, much more with a flat profile. However, since the sole appear stiffer and thicker, it may not come in handy for overhanging routes.
  • Moderate Climbing Shoes: These climbing shoe options differ from the neutral type with their outstanding camber (downward shape). Thus, the feet remain in a stronger position and aid folks climb through challenging routes. But, most of the shoes within this category do not come designed for performance activities.
  • Aggressive Climbing Shoes: This shoe climbing category comes with excellent features and has much heel tension subjected to the feet for powerful positioning. Unlike neutral and moderate climbing footwear options, aggressive climbing shoes come with fewer comfort features.

Climbing Shoes Sizing Guide

Size is an essential factor for choosing a shoe, much more for folks with wide feet. It gets pretty challenging purchasing a shoe online, as you can only get the right fit if you follow an excellent shoe sizing guide. Thus, it would be best to get a proper measurement of your feet.

You have to measure your foot’s length and width. Nevertheless, it would be best to take a critical look at the following.

  • Fit: the fit from a climbing shoe may not necessarily come from the size you see, and as such, it depends on individual wearers. So, even when you look out for sizes, you should check out brands that fit better.
  • Foot Shape: You can find three primary foot shapes; Egyptian, Roman, and Greek. There is also the Hallux Valgus, and it would be best to consider this factor when sizing a climbing shoe.
  • The Heel Fit: like the foot shape, you should also consider the type of heel you have and choose shoes that support them. There are often climbing shoes for wide and narrow heels; thus, folks with wide feet should go for footwear designed with a wide heel.
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What are the Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet? Top 4 Reviewed

Here are some of the best climbing shoes for wide feet.

La Sportiva Women’s Rock Climbing Shoes

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • Classic design
  • Quick lacing system

One of the most iconic options you can find in the market is the La Sportiva Women’s Climbing Shoe. It works well for the female folks that are keen on taking on climbing adventures. Many are pretty outstanding at accepting this shoe and often ‘worn’ by Adam Ondra, the professional climber.

This fantastic option comes with excellent comfort features that keep the feet relaxed and possess a fast-pull lacing harness for added support. You would like the fact that the shoe has an aggressive profile along with an enhanced softness to keep feet active all day long.


  • It has soft and malleable features for slabs
  • Excellent all-round footwear
  • Comfort paddings


  • The straps tend to break easily

Butora Acro Comp Climbing Shoe

Key Features

  • Rubber toe patch
  • 3D molded heel cup
  • Triple fork adjustable closure system

Butora Acro comes with a downward angle toe that works well for climbers who venture into an overhang territory. This option is excellent for folks that engage in vertical acrobatics and would offer them great support.

Thus, it maximizes the transferred power from your feet to the wall. Interestingly, the shoe comes with excellent breathability features, allowing air to the feet, and it also has an elastic Velcro closure system. The Velcro strap ensures that the shoe remains fastened to your feet as you keep climbing.


  • Elastic straps
  • Sticky rubber to support the feet
  • It has excellent comprehensive options


  • Some folks find them fitting excessively tight

CLIMBX Rave Performance Women’s Rock Climbing Shoe

Key Features

  • Padded collar and heel
  • Mesh material
  • CLIMBX X-Factor rubber

This option is one of the best climbing shoes for women available in the market, as it comes padded for all your climbing activities. The interiors of this footwear have soft paddings that offer additional comfort to the feet.

Again, your feet can enjoy excellent breathability with the shoe mesh material and hemp-lined insole. Thus, your feet remain dry and free from odor all through the adventure.  The rubber outsole offers sufficient traction, as it sticks well to various surfaces.

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  • The comfort features are outstanding
  • It is pretty affordable
  • Durable and lightweight


  • It often runs small

La Sportiva Climbing Shoe for Men

Key Features

  • Leather top material
  • LaspoFlex midsole
  • Vibram XS Grip2 rubber outsole

This option is suitable for aggressive high-performing climbers, and it would work well for folks that seek top performance while bouldering. The extra sensitivity that stems from the midsole makes it more suitable for this climbing adventure.

The leather top of this footwear is durable, and since it appears wire-free, the leather practically lacks any weak spots. Again, the shoe comes designed with a P3 platform that provides a shape for maintaining the toes for an extended period.


  • It has a Velcro strap closure
  • The sole is of super sticky rubber
  • It fits right for aggressive climbing


  • It is pretty pricey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do beginners need aggressive climbing shoes?

Beginners engage in climbing activities to improve their muscles and may not necessarily need aggressive climbing shoes. Thus, footwear with a stiff sole is recommendable, as it offers the necessary support.

How do I tell which climbing shoes fit best?

The first step of knowing the right shoe is taking your foot measurement. Then, you can walk into a shoe store and try any that matches your feet’ size. You can test a variety of options to ensure you get the one that fits best.

Is there a need to get another pair of shoes for outdoor climbing?

If you’ve been engaging in indoor climbing, you should know that such activity helps you build strength. Nevertheless, outdoor climbing comes with increased rigidity and would need a shoe with a more durable sole.


Folks with wide feet often find it challenging to choose shoes that fit right, and it is the same for climbers with wide feet. However, this review on the best climbing shoes for wide feet can help you make a better choice on shoes that would protect your feet and keep them comfy.

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