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4 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

Today, indoor soccer has been given the utmost attention, and I would be introducing you to the best indoor soccer shoe for wide feet. These options in the review below would suit your playing style, with your performance aided. After so much searching for a perfect fit for those impressive feet of yours, this piece would enlighten you to ensure you make a better choice.

Features Of A Good Indoor Soccer Shoe For Wide Feet

You will find various kinds of indoor soccer shoe designs and brands. However, let’s look at the right features an excellent indoor soccer shoe should possess.


You should always consider the fabric of the type of shoe you want to purchase. This factor will significantly affect your performance while playing. The material tells whether the soccer would either be flexible, sharp, cushioned, or weighty.


Getting a fitted pair of indoor soccer shoes is not something you should ignore, and they are pretty different from other sports shoes, where a few inches are needed to avoid choking the toes. They require a better fit to your feet tightly but not too suffocating that results in injuries.


First, you must consider the pitch or playing ground you intend to play on because there are various soles for different conditions. Their ruggedness and traction ability differ.


Indoor Soccer shoes tell more on flexibility as well. Not all designs and brands of shoes can adjust to stay firm when worn continuously. Some remain the same without any changes and altering proficiency. 


Your style of game can determine what shoe weight you should purchase. Although Lightweight shoes are pretty popular because of easy carriage and all, this still can’t assure a perfect performance on all occasions as some weighty shoes have their benefits. As I said, it depends on your style, strength, weakness, and playing conditions.

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Every soccer lover in practice loves to have their shoes gripped to their legs from the top to the bottom of the shoe. Although, the soles of your shoes depending on the grip on a specific playing field.

Types Of Indoor Soccer Shoes

Types Of Indoor Soccer Shoes


The turf shoe doesn’t contain enough thickness, having a small stud, unlike the artificial turf. These options are found in a gymnasium playing surface, primarily indoor.

Firm Ground or Molded Cleat:

These options can be used in an indoor soccer playing surface and outdoors. It is made of rugged plastic and a rubber sole. They are highly recommended for those who are starting to play soccer as they possess quite some advantages.

Futsal Shoe:

This is the typical type of indoor soccer shoe completely indoor, and they look like the regular lurkers because they are not designed with cleats. After all, they are indoor. They are modified with gripping power rubber soles.

Indoor Soccer Shoes Fitting And Sizing Guide

I have been able to list out the easy procedure you can follow on how to get a fitted soccer shoe size for those of you still having issues with discovering what their sizes should be using an indoor soccer shoe.

  1. Get a blank paper wide enough to accommodate your feet and a pencil.
  2. Trace out both feet with the pencil on that empty paper one after another with your soccer socks on carefully because you don’t want to mess it up.
  3. Use a measuring tape to measure the length of your foot from the heels to the longest toe.
  4. There are cases where one foot might seem longer than the other. Take the longer one as your primary shoe size.

What Are The Best Indoor Soccer Shoe For Wide Feet?

1# Adidas Mundial Goal Indoor Shoes – Best Indoor Turf Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

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Key Features

  • Gum Rubber Sole
  • Kangaroo Leather
  • Boot opening up to 3 inches

Adidas Mundial possesses strong materials that help it tackle cleats from shrinking after playing on wet surfaces. These shoes are highly recommended for users with wide feet. They are easy to adjust, and their features guarantee good traction and grip.


  • Materials contribute to ball control
  • It gives an excellent grip and traction 
  • Flexible


  • Overall feel and look.

2# Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic – Best Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

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Key Features

  • EVA midsole
  • Unmarked rubber lining
  • 100% leather lining

The Adidas Performance Samba classic is one of the most durable soccer shoes and for wide feet. It is secured, comfortable when worn, and easy to put on and pull off. They are found in almost all futsal courts and gymnasium playing fields.


  • Really durable.
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Provides excellent grip and traction


  • They are considered massive.

3# Joma Mens DRIBLING Indoor Shoes – Best Mens Indoor Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

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Key Features

  • Polyurethane sole
  • Ankle paddle collar
  • Joma Flexo system
  • Super Soft Fibertech Upper for Comfort

Joma Men’s dribbling is also a good option for wide feet soccer shoes. They provide fantastic comfort to the feet due to the paddling collar and cushion support in them, plus ensuring extra grip.

This option stormed society with style, presenting various colors and designs for both genders. And their fitness to the feet is second to known, with its part operating as natural as ever.


  • Are truly attractive
  • Well-cushioned for your comfort
  • Grips and Tractions are outstanding 


  • There exist some concerns about their durability. 

4# Kelme Star 360 Leather Soccer Shoes- Best Cheap Indoor Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

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Key Features

  • TPU outsole
  • Leather material
  • EVA insole

This brand of indoor soccer shoe comes in numerous sizes, so those of you with wide feet should rest assured that you also will benefit from the Kelma Star 360 shoe. 

They contain modern tech touch in them and are also designed specifically for durability. Kelma Star 360 is constructed well, giving it a matured look and padded with an EVA insole, although it is non-removable.


  • Suitable for wide feet because of how large they are
  • Durability ensured
  • Light-weighted


  • Insoles are not removable.


For Ankle Aid, What Is Something One Should Consider In Soccer Cleat Purchase?

That’ll be purchasing shoes with ankle parts. Making sure flexible cables and unique modified ankle socks follows the purchase. Your ankle will remain secured and backed up regardless.

Why Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Various shoes for their specific use. As Pot is for cooking, so is a Pan for frying. Each product is designed to meet certain activities’ performance and support users’ goals. 

Can I Use My Soccer Shoes For Open-Air Soccer That’s Meant For Indoor Use?

The choice is based on individual interest; although it’s advisable to stick with what the shoes are made for, it’s still okay. However, some indoor soccer shoes look like they can function well outdoors based on their features anyways.

Final Words

In this article, it has been clarified for you on the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet either as a beginner or professional to meet your performance success, with size, style, and understanding various features of indoor soccer shoes.

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