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4 Best Baseball Cleats For Wide Feet

Baseball is an exciting game that ensures you have fun and stay fit. But, as you may know, the game could be pretty demanding, and as such, requires that you are fully kitted to perform at your best. So, apart from the helmet, gloves, clothing, a critical kit you must consider is your cleats.

Nevertheless, it becomes pretty challenging to find the best shoes, much more if you have wide feet. Not to worry, this review on the best baseball cleats for wide feet would help you make a more natural choice

Features of a Good Baseball Cleats

Are you still wondering how to get a good grip and traction during a baseball game? Getting a good and solid baseball cleat is a great way to achieve this. These shoes come in beautiful designs for both men and women.

A metal cleat or a molded cleat would most times guarantee your toughness on any terrain for your baseball activity. Nevertheless, you must look out for some fantastic features that make you have a pleasurable experience. Thus, here are a feature features of excellent baseball cleats

  • Comfort: Nobody wants to feel uneasy when he is trying to outrun flying balls. Suitable baseball footwear provides the necessary cushioning you need to move around the base area freely.
  • Speed: By now, you should know that you need to do a lot of moving around when you are trying to steal bases. Thus, getting a good cleat would help break your fall, preventing you from tripping off while playing.
  • Protect against injuries: Regardless of whichever role you play, you need optimal flexibility during play. For example, an excellent athletic cleat is roomy enough to protect from accidental injuries. 

Styles of Good Baseball Cleats

Apart from the flexibility good cleats give you, there are other enjoyable benefits, and you can be confident you will enjoy the required agility throughout the game. However, it is equally important you find out the types of cleats available and the ones that will suit your need. Thus, it would help if you learned about the following kinds of cleats.

  • Metal Cleats: Due to their rugged nature, metal cleats are recommended for best traction. Since they can dig deeper and harder into any soil while providing maximum support, they are pretty expensive. But, these options are not permittable for use in youth leagues.
  • Plastic Cleats: Though the plastic cleat does not give you much traction like the metal cleat, it can work better in muddy areas, and it is less expensive than metal cleats.
  • Turf Cleats: This is more recommended for practice as they do not cause damage to the field like the metal cleats. You cannot use them in significant competition games because you could get yourself injured. Also, its soft material makeup may not provide you with enough stamina for the game.
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Baseball Cleats Sizing Guide

Getting the right size of your athletic shoe is necessary because you need the perfect size for comfort and flexibility. Before stepping out for shopping, here are few helpful clues you need to pay attention to:

  • Comfort: This should be your utmost priority. Style may not count when your feet are hurting. Go for cleats that give you top-notch comfort, which would prevent your feet from sustaining injuries.
  • Check your Measurement: Knowing your measurement can save a lot of heartaches. For example, the space between your toe and the end of the cleat should be at least a quarter-inch to afford comfort.
  • Go for the tighter fit: If you are at the crossroad of which size would best suit you, go for the tighter fit. Cleats tend to expand over time as you use them, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want your shoes falling off during the game.

4 Best baseball cleats for wide feet: Top 4 Reviewed

There are different baseball cleats, but getting wide feet baseball cleats may not be easy to get by. Nevertheless, here are some best options that you should consider

Adidas Men’s Icon V Bounce TPU Cleats Baseball Shoe

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  •  TPU outsole
  • Regular fit

The Adidas Men’s Icon TPU baseball cleats are the definition of grand style intertwined with flexibility. It allows you to gain mastery of the whole game because of the stability it offers you. In addition, the soft cushion gives you extra comfort as you can freely outrun your opponent or steal bases with a swift approach.

The unique TPU outsole gives a firm grip on the grass or dirt, making you more agile on the field. The TPU in your studs makes your cleat more durable and resistant to wear. The sock-like feeling makes you move your feet in a split second to outrun your opponent.  The tough toe-cap at the tip of the cleat helps you maintain your balance and prevents wear while trying to pivot your ball.

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The lace allows for custom control of the firmness of your feet in your shoe, thus supporting your ankle.

What we like

  • Flexible
  • It affords comfort
  • Firm grip on any soil

What we don’t like

  • It might be a bit expensive

New Balance Men’s L3000V2 Metal Low Baseball Cleats

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • Double density midsole
  • Camo lining
  • MLB spike plate

New Balance is a famous brand that has grown relevant in the production of athletic shoes. The L3000v2 baseball cleat is another fantastic product from the brand which incorporates comfort and balance in a single piece. Talk of the double density midsole, accompanied by cushioned foam; you are on your way to winning the game.

Another fantastic feature is the REVlite foot padding specially made to reduce the pressure of the spike stud. L3000v2 is specially made with the intent to make baseball players achieve their dream. As the athlete laces up his cleats, he is infused with new vigor to win his opponent.

What we like

  • It offers enough toe protection
  • It appears true to size
  • It offers great cushioning

What we don’t like

  • Some folks dislike its design

Under Armour Women’s Micro G Pursuit Baseball Shoe

Key Features

  • Synthetic sole
  • EVA midsole
  • 100% Synthetic

With its 100% synthetic nature, Under Armour Women’s Micro G baseball shoe is excellent for its durability and stability. The upper part of the shoe is made with synthetic leather, which furnishes optimal comfort and support because of its toughness.

In addition, the unique thin breathable mesh tongue is sure going to keep the feet cool and dry throughout a game. The incredible EVA midsole is created for a practical cushioning effect as it distributes the spike pressure evenly under the feet.

With Micro G baseball cleat, you can be pretty sure that maximum traction and firmness are inevitable during the game.

What we like

  • Provides added comfort
  • Great grip
  • Offers your ankle the needed support
  • Perfect price for an excellent product

      What we don’t like

  • It might be a little tight.

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Velo V1 TPU Molded Softball Shoe

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • Foamy midsole
  • Synthetic TPU reinforcement

New Balance has earned popularity amongst other athletic shoe producers because they live according to their name. They focus on research and anticipate the needs of athletes and baseball players and manufacture the long-desired satisfaction.

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The cushioned laden Velo V1 provides you with superb comfort in your feet. With the molded plate, you are equipped to run around bases, as it gives you the needed traction. In addition, you can be relaxed because you have got a solid cleat to carry your weight and make you outperform your opponents.

What we like

  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Improved traction
  • Makes your feet feel fresher
  • Creates a firm grip on any soil

What we don’t like

  • It might be a bit tight if it is not your size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many questions might have erupted in some folks’ minds about the complexities of possessing a baseball shoe. But, not to worry, we have shed some light on some common questions below.

Can I wear metal cleats on dirt?

In a dirt field, you need something that gives enough traction. Metal cleats will do just well to provide you with this stability compared to other types of cleats.

What differentiates a baseball cleat from a soccer cleat?

The answer is not far-fetched. The shape of the studs for soccer cleat is round, while baseball is rectangular. Soccer cleats usually have double studs at the front spread apart, which does not apply in a baseball cleat. Most times, soccer cleats are a bit heavier than baseball cleats. The studs used in making soccer cleats are a bit longer compared to baseball cleats.

Is it a bad habit to wear a metal cleat on concrete?

Metal cleats are made for dirt or grassy areas to allow for optimal traction. Wearing them on a concrete floor will not only cause regrettable damage to your cleats, but you may also end up losing your balance. Plastic cleats are better on concrete floors


Good baseball cleats afford the needed traction you need around the bases. Your agility is refueled when you know you have a firm footing. Getting the wrong size can make you slid and not break.

Wearing a poorly fitted cleat may alter your performance and inflict injuries on you. Therefore, regardless of your personal choice or price tag on a cleat, you must be apt to find the one that is most suitable and comfortable for you.

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