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Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet: Comfortable Fit

Looking for basketball shoes that suit the wide feet is a genuine torment. Most execution shoes are sliced marginally limited to guarantee a tight fit for competitors with routinely wide feet. Are you searching for shoes for your wide feet? Don’t worry! Here, I will discuss the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

If you have wide feet, this can be genuinely irritating as a normal pair of shoes will most likely fit awkwardly. Moreover, it would help if you managed rankles and pressure marks. However, luckily, I found the top 5 basketball shoes for wide-footers.

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5 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet:

If you’re Short on time, checkout the quick list of most comfortable basketball shoes for wide feet . No worries, you’ll find the detail review below

BrandSkill LevelGender
Adidas Dame 5Intermediate/ AdvancedMen
Adidas OwnTheGameBeginnerMen
Nike LeBron Witness IIIAdvancedMen
Adidas N3XT L3V3L Basketball ShoeIntermediateMen
Under Armour LockdownIntermediateMen
Quick Chart of best basketball shoes for wide feet

1. Adidas Dame 5 basketball shoes for wide feet

The Dame 5 is an excellent shoe for basketball players—regular feet or wide feet—these shoes contain the highlights to support their specialty. It is an extraordinary collection when you’re searching for a couple of shoes that offer both capacity and design.

The foothold functions admirably on clean courts. But you should remember that the clear elastic adaptations are dangerous on dusty fields.

The whole length Bounce padding gives an extraordinary equilibrium of responsiveness. Again, it will also ensure effect assurance.

The materials are really agreeable and steady. You need to use the shoes carefully because it gets messy quickly.

Additionally, you will find inclusion all around the shoe base. Regardless of how rapidly you make a diversion, the Dame 5 is with you in every step.

The item has additional padding for extreme solace. You may likewise change the lacings to accommodate your inclination. The shoe is adaptable enough with numerous openings planned into the shoe!

Overall, it is an extraordinary product, particularly at a truly moderate retail cost of 115 dollars.

What We Like:

  • Footing for wellbeing
  • Has an elastic sole which is extraordinary for turning on the field
  • Incredible plan
  • Sturdy
  • Responsive Bounce padding
  • Entirely agreeable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Tricky on dusty fields

2. Adidas OwnTheGame Wide Basketball Shoes

We all know that Adidas is a big name in the shoe industry. Furthermore, we can indiscriminately trust its name since it is the perceived and widely acclaimed athletic apparel brand. The ‘Adidas Men’s Ownthegame’ is a unique addition to the company.

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The shoes are made with an elastic sole for overseeing and keeping up the weight and the effects that it gets at the hours of playing. The item contains a Cloud-foam sock-liner and padded sole. So, you will get urgent solace highlights and a pleasant fit. Additionally, these highlights make the shoe amazingly lightweight, assisting you with flying on the field.

The fit guarantees that the foot remains safe all through your game. Moreover, the shoe is additionally planned with adaptable padding at the footbed, which gives you a definitive solace. Again, the product is planned with an elastic outsole that offers an incredible foothold and amazing grasp.

Suitable for more extensive fit with center-cut guarantees, the people with more extensive feet can appreciate a ton of agreeableness. The players will feel more secure wearing this Ownthegame shoe with the trim fixing conclusion to get the best degree of fitment with fixing it to your favored position.

This budget-friendly item will carry you to the highest point of your game, planned with an upper made of calfskin and texture. You will find holes for additional ventilation and lattice for additional wind stream. So, you can stay cool in all the situations of the game! Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet? Well, then you can choose this item without any doubt.

What We Like:

  • The whole shoe’s plan is breathable
  • Extreme solace with adaptive padding footbed
  • The material is lightweight yet solid and strong
  • Extraordinary foothold with an elastic outsole
  • Agreeable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Somewhat hard at the use

3. Nike LeBron Witness III basketball shoes for wide feet

The legendary basketball player LeBron was the poster boy of Lebron Witness III. This item will give you all the highlights you need to play out your best. It is a magical shoe, especially for wide feet.

The surface of the shoes is of mesh and manufactured material having a strong weave. It offers sufficient help and fit. The finished look appears to be stylish just as the tones may interest everybody.

Additionally, you may know that the shoe is light. So, it helps keep your feet new, sweat, and scent-free. At the same time, the heel thinks of two circles, making it simple to put on or off the shoes. The lower leg collar is comprised of quill set to give firm and agreeable help during the ongoing interaction.

Again, its sole contains a stun engrossing cushion. The cushion enables to play unendingly with retaining any effect. Furthermore, a textured lining is likewise present at the shoe’s inside, which offers an agreeable and delicate experience.

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Don’t you want to keep your feet new? Well, these shoes have air-underside extends across the entire shoe, which keeps the feet loose. To be specific, the sole of these shoes gives wonderful footing. The XDR elastic of the sole gives a strong hold and development control.

The footings are as herringbone formation which is more than you imagine! Besides, the padded sole is of phylon, which gives the mildest feel to the feet.

What We Like:

  • Interesting surface and tones
  • Air-sole sections
  • Sturdy
  • Agreeable
  • Breathable sole
  • Effect retaining
  • Great foothold

What We Don’t Like:

  • Hard to clean
  • The surface isn’t gorgeous

4. Adidas N3XT L3V3L Basketball Shoe

Don’t you like to tie laces? At that point, the Adidas N3XT L3V3L shoe is the one for you. Being the most beautiful yet agreeable shoes ever.

The item has a fantastic ribbon-less plan that has a full lockdown option for the feet. Prime weave will take the foot in a bolted position and not letting it in reverse or forward.

Without a ribbon framework, the help it gives is mind-blowing. In addition, the majority of the shoes without bands feel the movement of the heel. These Adidas shoes will never provide you a slip of heel.

The light strike padding may ingest stun and is responsive too. The padding is delicate yet fun simultaneously, giving magnificent effect ingestion. With an ideal fit and socks-like framework, the shoes fit the feet well!

The materials are additionally pleasant, utilizing an all-sew upper that is agreeable by walking. The absence of bands functions admirably, and the upper adjusts to the foot.

The support of the shoes is incredible, and the commentators had no issues with the heel.

In general, the N3XT is an extraordinary update from the past model. Well, at less than thirty dollars, it is the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

What We Like:

  • Agreeable
  • Stable padding
  • Sturdy material
  • Firm foothold
  • Effect verification
  • Advantageous

What We Don’t Like:

  • Footing endures on dust
  • Difficult to put on when new

5. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

The Under Armour Lockdown 4 is another incredible shoe that we must include on our rundown today. When you’re searching for a definitive combination of solace and fantastic security, look no farther than the Armour Lockdown 4 Shoe.

The shoe includes excellent lower leg backing and heel lockdown. It isn’t just extraordinary for fast-moving players, yet it can help any player. It will be safe on the court and provides safety in their developments.

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Players effectively lead to lower leg injuries, turns, and wounds—in any event, focusing on knee shortcomings. These shoes provide you that additional lift in security to feel more secure while playing.

The shoes are extraordinary to play regardless of what the surface. Viable with indoor and outside courts, the foothold of the bottom and shoe isn’t influenced by any residue. Again, you may perform under tension.

Likewise, the shoe’s plan isolates it from different shoes in its group, both stylishly and execution insightful.

What We Like:

  • Solace and quality with regards to execution
  • Extra-wide
  • The incredible foothold for both outside and inside fields
  • Extremely responsive padding and emits a court feel inside the shoe
  • Incredible foot insurance

What We Don’t Like:

  • The materials from the item may feel excessively firm.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Purchasing a shoe for your wide feet is a challenging task. So, when you decide to buy the best basketball shoes for wide feet, you need to consider the below things:


The simple method to handle this element is to get the feet expertly fitted. You may find countless various sorts and sizes of basketball shoes to look over. You should track down the one that fits you.


Regardless of the playing surface of the next game, you’ll have the option to look over a couple of shoes explicitly intended to perform.

The four unique parts of foothold—the ground type (regardless of whether you’re playing indoor or open air—or both), the plan example of the bottom, the surface proportion of the size and investigating the elastic structure. This equation is intended for accomplishment in shoe quality.

Shoe Material

Like some other athletic shoe, the solace and fit can assume a gigantic part in your exhibition.

With regards to basketball shoes, the plan and shoe material both is important. We would recommend searching for high-quality shoes with regards to the most ideal sort of lower leg backing and giving you a truly agreeable fit.

Wrapping It Up

If you have wide feet, this can be truly irritating as a normal pair of shoes will most likely fit awkwardly. But don’t worry! We described the best basketball shoes for wide feet above. If you buy these shoes, you must get a better experience than ever!

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