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5 Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet: Mens and Womens

Workouts often involve various movements, and as such, there is a need to get the best shoes to keep your feet prepared. As a Crossfit exerciser, you may find it challenging to get the right pair of shoes, much more if you have wide feet. Thus, it would help if you looked out for the best cross-training shoes for wide feet available in the market.

 Cross-training workouts are great, and as such, many exercisers are adding such to their exercise routines. However, you would need the right pair of shoes to keep your feet comfortable throughout the various movements involved in Crossfit workouts.

Features of a Good Cross training Shoe

  You would often find good cross-training shoes having an excellent construction, designed with functionality in mind. Thus, the following are a few features of suitable cross-training footwear.

Shoe Tech

Most of the top options that you can find available in the market come with excellent construction perks that make them peculiar. These additions include the Flexweave that you can find in many Reebok models and Nike’s Flywire and Flyknit.

Again, you can find some of these shoes having extended midsoles for additional cushioning and even TPU inserts. These characteristic features are often present in the best cross trainers and are often considered signature features of the various brands.

Outer Construction

Top manufacturers of cross trainers construct their shoes with excellent outer materials that offer durability and versatility. Thus, you can find them withstanding heavy lifts, jumps, and rope climbs. These materials often include nylon, TPU, cloth, and leather.


Various cross-training shoes come with a different outsole designs and you can find good options appearing firmer due to the workout routine. Some good cross trainers have their outsole often constructed with rubber or TPU-esque material.


This layer of footwear appears between the top and bottom of the shoe, and its construction varies. There are excellent cross trainers that have foam padded midsole to provide great cushioning.

Cross-training Shoes Sizing Guide: How Should Cross Training Shoes Fit?

Shoe sizing appears to be tasking, much more when you decide to shop online. Thus, it would help if you had a suitable shoe sizing guide to ensure you choose footwear that fits right. Ending up with an incorrect shoe size would leave your feet in severe pain and discomfort.

So, it would be best to consider the following to ensure you end up with the right size of cross-training shoes.

  • Foot Length: Kindly note the length of your foot by measuring it and matching it to the shoe manufacturer’s sizing chart. Doing such would ensure the whole process of choosing the right shoe appears more straightforward.
  • Foot and Shoe Shape: The shape of shoes varies from brand to brand, and no two person always ends up with the same foot shape. For folks with wide feet, kindly avoid cross trainers with small and pointed toe areas.
  • Seasonality: It is common for folks to have swollen feet during summer, and as such, measuring your foot at that time may come in larger.
  • Half Sizes: Some folks have half-sized feet, and it is recommendable for them to look out for cross-trainers that come in half sizes.
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How to size your cross training shoes

Best Cross-training Shoes for Wide Feet? Top 5 Reviewed

Only the proper footwear can protect your feet and prevent them from developing injuries. The following are some excellent options that you can find in the market.

Reebok Men’s Nano 8.0 Cross Trainer

Key Features

  • Flexible flex grooves
  • Excellent heel support
  • Flexweave technology
  • 4mm heel-to-toe drop

The Reebok Nano Cross Trainer is an excellent option for folks with wide feet, as the toe box appears pretty broad. Thus, your feet would thank you for space at the shoe’s front and remain comfy all day long.

If you are a non-high impact exerciser that engages in cross-training, this shoe would be suitable for you since the sole’s bottom appear hard. the Flexweave design at the footwear’s top makes it highly breathable. Furthermore, the added cushioning keeps you stable and offers excellent flexibility.


  • It offers better stability compared to some options
  • The wide toe box keeps the feet free from pain
  • The stiff sole offers sufficient traction
  • It is highly flexible


  • The stiff sole may appear less suitable for high impact routines

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21

Key Features

  • DNA LOFT Crash cushion pads
  • PDAC A5500 certified
  • Synthetic and mesh material
  • 3D Fit Print

This cross trainer is an excellent option with an exceptional lightweight design that ensures you move freely. For added cushioning, this footwear comes constructed with DNA LOFT Crash Pad.

Thus, your feet can remain comfy all through the workout routine without leaving them tired. You can also enjoy the added traction from the rubber sole, and the footwear further provides excellent support for your heel.

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  • It offers excellent cushioning
  • It comes with EVA foam and rubber sole for support
  • It possesses natural additives that prevent odor
  • It is pretty spacious


  • It may not offer sufficient stability for high performance

Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.3

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Synthetic leather top
  • 15mm heel height
  • Die-cut (high-density) midsole

For Crossfitters that primarily engage in weightlifting, the Adidas Performance Powerlift.3 seems like a suitable option. The outsole comes constructed with unique Adiwear, which offers sufficient traction across various terrains.

It is lightweight, and as such, all movements during the exercise routine becomes more bearable. If you are a beginner in cross-training, you should consider getting this shoe, as they appear very flexible.


  • It is very durable
  • Large toe box
  • It has a midfoot strap that prevents the laces from coming off
  • It is quite affordable


  • This shoe lacks arch support for other exercise routines

Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Cross Trainer

Key Features

  • Flexweave top
  • Reebok Floatride material

This footwear comes constructed with sturdy and high-quality materials, and as such, it lasts for an extended period. The TPU heel offers excellent traction for added stability as you engage in your workout activities. Since the top of this shoe is made of breathable material, you can rest assured that your feet would get sufficient air.

Thus, your feet would stay cozy, free from sweaty moisture and odor. Furthermore, this Cross Trainer possesses the Reebok’s Floatride midfoot insert, providing excellent cushioning and flexibility when you run.


  • It comes with a spacious toe box
  • It can withstand long hours of workouts
  • It possesses excellent cushioning
  • It offers great stability


  • It is pricey, compared to some other options

Buying Considerations for Cross-training Shoes

There are many factors to consider when buying a shoe for your cross-training workout routines. With such factors in mind, you can easily pick the best option available. These factors include:

Shoe Construction

Crossfit training would require that you have all the stability you can get, and as such, your shoe plays a significant role in achieving such. It is recommendable that you look out for shoes that do weigh more and not excessively light.

The outer construction of many CrossFit training shoes comes designed with varying materials with excellent breathability. Thus, it would help if you looked out for options that would keep the feet comfy all day long.


For folks with wide feet, you would often find yourself struggling with narrow footwear. In essence, you would need to consider the width of your feet along with their length. You would need a shoe that can effectively accommodate your feet and keep them comfy throughout the routine.

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If you find yourself in a shoe store, you should try some options before purchasing the footwear. While trying the shoes on, kindly look out for fit and comfort and ensure that the cross-training shoe comes with excellent cushioning.


Rubber outsoles are excellent for providing stability, durability, and superior performance. Thus, it would be best to find Crossfit footwear with a rubber outsole, as such construction would offer sufficient traction as you lift weights.

Arch Type

Not every exerciser has the same arch, and as such, the shoes that fit your workout buddy may not fit you right even though they appear the same size. Some folks have high arches, normal arches, or even flat arches. So, it would help if you looked out for shoes that would fit your arch type to prevent pain on your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What features do the best Cross-training shoes have?

 The best cross-training shoes come with outstanding support features that ensure you have excellent stability as you lift weights. Again, this footwear have added cushioning that keeps the feet free from injuries and pain.

Can one run in cross-training shoes?

Crossfit shoes often come constructed to appear weighty than regular running shoes. Nevertheless, they can work well for small runs but wouldn’t be suitable for longer runs. Thus, if you want to add running to your workout routine, you should consider getting a separate pair of shoes for running.

Can one wear Cross-training shoes regularly?

Crossfit shoes come having various outstanding designs that make them suitable as regular shoes. Thus, folks can wear them every day since they seem comfortable and offer good support. Various execisers also wear their cross-training shoes every other day outside their Crossfit sessions.


So, get the answer about best cross training shoes for wide feet? I think, yes. No matter how wide your feet but just choose your perfect fit.

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