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Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet: Comfortable Fit

Cycling shoes come in various sizes and attractive designs for both male and female cyclists. But, cyclists with wide feet find it challenging to get shoes that fit them properly. There are fewer options available when it comes to wide cycling shoes. Nevertheless, you can find the best cycling shoes for wide feet that would keep you comfy.

Cycling shoes are an essential part of your biking as it contributes to your performance. A poorly fitted shoe worn while cycling will affect your performance and may also injure your feet. If you want to know some of the best cycling shoes for wide feet, we have listed them below.

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Features of a Good Cycling Shoe for Wide Feet

You need to look out for some features when buying a cycling shoe to ensure it provides you all the support you need while riding. Those features include:

Stiff Soles

Cycling shoes helps to improve pedal efficiency, and its sole has to be stiff to perform this function. The stiff soles take full advantage of the energy from your legs to the bike’s pedal, helping you pull up the pedal. It also protects your feet against cramping and fatigue.


Your cycling shoes should be comfortable. Look out for the one that has a good fit; it should not be too tight as your feet need a little space for blood flow, neither should it be too loose to make the feet lose balance.


Always go for cycling shoes with well-positioned cleats as their positioning is vital. When the cleats on your cycling shoes stay in an improper position, they may shift your feet to the point that could cause pain from the ankle up to your back.

Boot Width

Different boot widths come with designs that suit various cyclists. There is a wide range to help various cyclists choose a perfect boot with the correct width.

Types of Good Cycling Shoes

If you ever spend some time riding a bike, whether often or once in a while, it is necessary to have a pair of cycling shoes. The reason is that cycling shoe adds to your pedaling skills and add to your fun. There are two significant types of cycling shoes, and they are:

Road Cycling Shoes:

These cycling/bike shoes have light weight and look more slender, making them fast and thermodynamic. They have firm soles with screws underneath them and come with cleats that clip to the bike pedals.

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Mountain Cycling shoes:

Mountain cycling shoes appear more rugged and heavier with lugged soles designed to go through uneven surfaces and terrains. Although they can grip rocks, their soles are not as rigid as the road bike shoes.

They are less rigid and have recessed cleats that make the shoes easy to walk in. individuals who do indoor cycling, touring, and cyclocross usually chooses mountain cycling shoes.

Cycling Shoes Sizing Guide

Buying cycling shoes that fit perfectly is essential in cycling because the wrong fitting will give you discomfort and pain. However, you need to know your correct shoe size to purchase the right shoe, and you can take the following steps to determine your size.

Measure your foot:

To measure your foot, place a piece of A4 paper on the floor and let it touch the wall. Position a foot on the sheet of paper and let your heel lean against the wall. Then, draw a line connecting the tip of your longest toe to your heels.

Then use a measuring tape to measure the line you have drawn. The result is your foot’s length in centimeters. You may have to measure your other foot to be sure you have the same size but if its length varies slightly, use the bigger measurement.

Check Top Brands for your Shoe Size:

Having known your shoe size in centimeters, go to the website of top shoe brands and check for shoe sizes that match with yours.

Check your Foot’s Width:

You may have to check your foot’s width to know your shoe width. To do this, put a tape around the widest part of your foot to measure your foot circumference and what you get is your shoe width.

Knowing your foot’s correct measurement in length and width will make it easy for you to find the right shoe size.

What are the best cycling shoes for wide feet? Top 4 Reviewed

Some of the excellent options that you can find in the market include:

1. Lake CX 241 Men’s Cycling Shoes for Wide feet

Key Features

  • Carbon fiber sole
  • Abrasion-resistant upper material
  • Dual IP1 BOA
  • Premium choice for wide feet

The Lake CX 241 cycling shoes have a stylish design and come in two different colors to choose what suits you. It has a BOA closure system that lets you customize how the shoe fits your feet, and they come made to last long.

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This cycling shoe has a Nufoam lining that cushions your feet. It has a sleek appearance, and its full-grain leather on the upper side and carbon soles make it stand out from the rest. With this shoe, you are sure of a fantastic cycling experience.

What We Like

  • Its sole is stiff enough and supplies comfort for the transfer of power and better performance.
  • The shoe is very durable.
  • It has a BOA closure for comfort and perfect fitting.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is pricey but I must say, all premium products have high price

2. Sidi Alba 2 Mega for Wide Feet Women

Key Features

  • Polytex material
  • Millennium 4 carbon composite sole
  • Wire-velcro and BOA closure system

The Sidi Alba 2 Mega is great for cyclists with wide feet. It is designed with materials of top quality to ensure the shoe serves you well. You are sure of the best snugness because of its two Velcro straps and BOA closure.

The shoe has ventilation holes that make it highly breathable as they allow the correct flow of air into the shoe, especially in the sides of the feet that tend to become hot when covered. It keeps you comfortable, and its solid Polytex material makes it last for a long time.

What We Like

  • The shoe has adequate ventilation.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • Its toe vents and anti-slip heel pad are replaceable.

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t walk around with this shoe as it has no walking sole.

Dominator 7 SR 17 MEGA MTB Cycling Shoe

Key Features

  • Thermo-formed EVA pad
  • Microfibra microtech material
  • Various size choices

The Dominator 7 SR 17 is lightweight and fits your feet comfortably. They offer you support and stability while you ride in the mountains. The synthetic Microfibra Microtech material used to make the upper part of this shoe makes it very breathable.

Its Thermo-formed EVA pad provides you with the necessary comfort, and the soles ensure you walk on any terrain with much ease. It also has Velcro straps and a mini adjuster to provide you the perfect fit, and it comes in various sizes for everyone.

What We Like

  • You can easily walk in them.
  • It comes in various sizes.
  • Their sturdy build makes them last for a long time.
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What We Don’t Like

  • They are bit pricey.


Key Features

  • Carbon fiber midsole
  • Lace-up closure
  • Multiple color choice

The Shimano SH-XC5 is excellent for male and female cyclists with wide feet. It is well ventilated to make your feet cool, and its lightweight feature makes it comfortable to wear. Their sole grip makes it easy to walk around in them, and the reinforced spikes withstand walking on any terrain.

The shoe comes with a lace-up closure system making it different from other shoes for cycling. It comes in 4 different colors, so you can choose the one that’s best for you, and you can trust this shoe’s functionality.

What We Like

  • It has a lace-up design.
  • Its soles are easy for walking around.
  • They are budget-friendly.

What We Don’t Like

  • The lacing system means you can’t adjust it while riding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which shoe brands make the best wide cycling shoes?

Many popular brands produce cycling shoes for wide feet, as most of them produce shoes with standard fits. But, some brands manufacture wide cycling shoes for individuals with wide feet. Brands that make the best cycling shoes for wide feet include:

  • Lake
  • Shimano
  • Bont
  • Tommaso
  • Giro
  • Sidi

Which is best between wide and high-volume shoes?

Wide shoes have more space in the toe box area to make them comfortable for individuals with wide feet, while high-volume shoes have extra upper material to help the feet spread out, causing a spill-over that keeps the feet uncomfortable.

Cycling shoes with spill-over don’t seem to last as long as the ones with a wide width. So, it’s best to choose wide cycling shoes.


Getting the proper shoe for your cycling will help you employ the muscles of your leg and feet for an excellent performance. The wrong shoes will reduce your performance, keep you uncomfortable, and may injure your feet. So, if you are a cyclist with wide feet, you can check out this list of the best cycling shoes for wide feet and select the one for you.

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