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PF Flyers Vs Converse: What’s The Difference?

Pf flyers vs converse? Confusion? Wait! You know, the two brands that are the most popular for shoes, in my opinion, are Nike and Converse. They both have their pros and cons but what is your favorite? I personally love Pf flyers because they last me a long time and they go with everything. In a few words, Pf flyers and converse are both popular sneakers but if you prefer sizing, comfortability and durability, pf flyers always win over converse. Lets deep down.

PT Flyers Vs Converse: Head To Head Comparison

FactorsPf flyers Converse 
OutlookDouble-ply canvas is bonded around the edgeDouble-ply canvas but not glued together
Outer layersIntensifies a little more structure to the eyeletsAppends up with the highlights. 
CounterRubber counter containing a canvas coverHigher rise counter
InsolesHas an extra layer of memory foamContains a layer of canvas, an additional layer of foam, a wedge of air-infused rubber for the heel
Cover builtStrong and solid binding tape with a toe guardTwo layers of binding tape
Toe rangeWiderNot too wide
SizingTrue to sizeGenerally made a size bigger.
Durability More durable Average durability 
ComfortabilityMore comfortable Average comfort 
PricingA bit higher than converseA bit lower than Pf flayers
Pf Flyers Vs Converse: Head to Head Comparison

PF Flyers Vs Converse Sizing Differences

  • The Pf flyers naturally run true to their size. Sometimes a Pf flyer can be smaller than its actual size for some users. But that rarely happens.
  • On the contrary, the converse is generally made a size bigger. So the converse doesn’t provide the actual shoe sizing like regular Sneakers
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PF Flyers Vs Converse Durability Differences

  • Pf flayers are more durable because they have a powerful and substantial binding tape along with a toe guard around the top. Also, the insoles of a pf-flyer have got an extra layer of memory foam above the actual insole. 
  • On the contrary, the converse is generally less durable because the  inner part of the converse which contains the insole and outer sole are stuck with glue but the glue doesn’t accomplish well.

PF Flyers Vs Converse Comfort Differences

  • Pf flyer is way more comfortable because it has a wider toe range and extra memory foam on top of the insole to prevent the ankle from hurting.
  • On the contrary, Converse toe range is not much wider and it doesn’t contain any memory foam. This can cause feet hurt while walking and running for a long time.


Which Came First Converse Or PF Flyers?

Pf flayers come first and was more popular than converse.

Are PF Flyers The Same As Converse?

Yes it is but Pf flayers are more comfortable, durable and cool looking than converse.

Final Words

I think, in ”PF Flyers Vs Converse” discussion; you got the answer. In shorts, pf flyers seemed more convincing than converse. Whatever, both of the shoes give great service and widely used all over the world.

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