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How To Get Paint Off Shoes? It’s Easy than Before

Do you have your favorite pair of shoes that’s stained with paint, and you fear putting them on again? Don’t worry. This guide will help you learn how to deal with wet and dried paint on your shoes. Remember removing paint from your shoes can be challenging. But this majorly depends on the type of shoes and the paint stain. For example, acrylic paint is thick and messy when wet but hard to crack when dry. So, you need to learn the tricks to deal with both types of paints. To do this with ease, continue reading this informative guide.

# Removing Paint Off Your Canvas Shoes

If you’ve canvas shoes, here’s the simplest way to do it:

· Remove The Excess Paint

The first thing you need to do is cut away the excess paint on your canvas shoes using a knife. Doing this when the paint is still wet will leave no stains on the shoes. But if it’s dry, use elbow grease to help you get rid of the excess paint. This will give you an easy time when wetting the stains.

· Wet The Shoes

Then you need to wet your shoes using a wet cloth (soaked in warm tap water). Soak the affected area to soften the paint and enable it to come out with ease. Note that you need to soak it with lots of water for the paint to melt away. Also, maintain the water warm throughout to remove as much paint as possible.

· Scrub The Shoes

Using a soapy sponge, scrub the canvas shoes to help you remove more paint from them. Don’t forget to use warm water only when doing this. Apply additional force where need be to remove the paint that has deeply been absorbed. Also, be cleaning the sponge after some intervals to avoid re-staining the shoes. Do this until you’re satisfied most of the paint are gone. But if the paint stains prove stubborn, consider repeating this process until you achieve the desired results. Be cautious not to damage your shoes in the process.

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· Coat The Shoes with Nail Polish Remover/Acetone

After you’re done doing the above process, the next thing you need to do is coat it with a nail polish remover. The remover works best on alcoholic-based paints, and it will help you remaining bits of the paint on the shoes. Then allow it to dry off.

# Removing Paint on Your Leather Shoes

If you’ve got a paint stain on your leather shoes, you need to be careful while removing it off. This is because leather shoes are fragile and absorb the paints faster.

But doing this can be helpful:

· Dab The Shoes

First, remove any wet paint with clean cloth by pressing it gently on the shoes. Gently dab the affected area until you get as much paint as possible. But don’t rub as this will only spread the paint to other areas. If there is dried paint, use a knife to scrape them off carefully to avoid damaging your shoes.

· Soak The Spot with Oil

Using a cotton swab, you can use cooking oil or baby oil to dab the affected area gently. Ensure you equally spread the oil on the paint stain and allow it to absorb for some minutes. This will allow the oil to hydrate the paint.

· Scrap The Paint Off

Use a blunt knife to scrape off the remaining paint from your shoes in smooth motions. However, if the paint is soft enough, your fingernails can help. Do this until all the paint gets off the shoes.

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· Wash Your Shoes

Then wash the shoes to eliminate excess oil using soap and water. Afterwards, rub it to remove any leftover oil on the surface.

· Let It Dry

Finally, allow your leather shoes to dry off in a place with plenty of air but not excess sunlight to avoid damaging them.

Bottom Line

You can restore the look of your shoes after it gets paint stains. However, this process depends on the material your shoes is made of. Use the above guide to help you make your leather or canvas shoes look better again after harboring paint stains for long.

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