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4 Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

Hockey skates are essential in hockey, but people with wide feet find it difficult to find the right hockey skates that fit them properly. Using hockey skates that are too tight causes discomfort and sore feet, and nobody wants that.

But recently, technology has evolved, and there are now skates for individuals with wider feet. These skaters provide you support to focus on your game and have an exciting time. We have reviewed some of the best hockey skates for wide feet to help you make a choice.

Features of a Good Hockey Skate

You need a good pair of skates for your excellent performance in your hockey game, and you need to look out for them when shopping for hockey skates to ensure you get the right one. Some features of a good hockey skate include:

Good fit

A significant factor to consider while buying a pair of hockey skates is how well it fits you because how well you move is determined by how well your skates fit you. Also, when a couple of skates don’t fit you well, you may get lace bites and terrible blisters on your feet.


A good pair of ice skates should be stiff and responsive to help your speed because the less responsive ones will slow you down. Choose stiff skates that can respond fast when you need to make swift moves or turns.

Blade Runners

The blade runners are an essential part of a hockey skate because they offer support and take in all the pressure from the player. Therefore, they should have good quality and last for a long time. 


You cannot afford to wear ice skates that keep you uncomfortable because they would distract you from the game as you will always try to adjust your feet. So, go for skates that are comfortable for your feet.


Your feet’s protection while in the field is necessary so you should select skates that have protective features. They should have sufficient padding and other features that’ll protect you to avoid injury.

Types of Ice Skates

The usual types of ice skates are:

  • Recreational Skates: this type of skate is for individuals who skate at leisure. The skates do not have the kind of padding and support found in professional skates. Recreational skaters may choose to rent their skates if it takes them long before they use them.
  • Hockey Skates: these skates look athletic as the manufacturers design them to withstand the rugged nature of the sports. They have a lightweight that enables swift movement and enough padding to provide support and comfort. They also have curved blades that are the same length as the boot for enhanced movement.
  • Figure Skates: these skates have a customized fit and flexible around the ankle. Their blades are a bit longer than the boot, and they have serrated curved fronts for better performance.
  • Speed Skates: these skate types are made with a unique design that make them stand out. They have lightweight as they are made for fast and forward movements. Their materials are flexible in letting the foot make natural running moves.
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Their blades are up to 16 to 17 inches longer than the boots, and a hinge attaches them. Speed skates supply the skater with more pushing power and momentum.

Hockey Skates Sizing Guide

The wrong hockey skate usually gives players an unpleasant game experience and hurting feet. The reason is generally because of improper sizing, as the player may have bought skates too wide or too tight. Some tips to get the correct skate size.

  • Check sizing charts: usually, skates that fit correctly are between 1 to 1.5 smaller than your regular shoe size. But, you may also check the sizing chart of most manufacturers to know your correct size.
  • Toe space: when your foot is inside the skate, ensure your toes lightly brush the toe cap when you’ve not laced it. The reason is that when you lace up the skates and stand straight, your toes will move back a little, and you’ll be comfortable.
  • Skate width ratio: knowing your skate width ratio also helps you to understand the correct size. You can find it by measuring your foot’s length and width and using the width value to divide the length. This ratio will help you know if you fall in the high volume, medium volume, or low volume category of hockey skate fits.

High volume is skate width ratio lower than 2.5, which means a wide foot, medium volume is skate width ratio lower than 2.5-30 meaning a standard foot width, while low volume is a skate width ratio that is more than 3.0 indicating a narrow foot.

4 Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

Which skates are best for wide feet? Want to know? Here is a list of the best skates suitable for folks with wide feet.

1. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates

Key Features

  • Reflex classic pro tongue
  • 3D curv composite boot
  • LS Plus blades

The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro is excellent for hockey players with wide feet. It is lightweight, comfortable, and adds to your power. It has a 3D curv boot that works with the power boot cut toe cap to make the lower part of the skate stiff and more stable.

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The reflex classic pro tongue with molded inserts helps give your feet a personalized fit and extra comfort. This pair of hockey skates increase your speed while offering you longer strides. You can trust this pair of skates to improve your hockey game experience.


  • The shoe has durable premium LS plus blades that increase a player’s height.
  • It is comfortable.
  • Its reflex classic pro tongue gives you a custom fit.


  • It may not break-in immediately.

2. CCM Super Tacks 9380 Skates

Key Features

  • Ortholite footbed
  • Dual-density asymmetrical build
  • SpeedBlade XS stainless

CCM Super Tracks 9380 hockey skates come designed to give you great comfort. It is lightweight and has a beautiful quality as it’s made from MetaFrame technology and RFM composite crafting. Its Total Dri Liner moisture and extra heel padding keep you more secure and comfortable.

You can easily switch the blades with the SpeedBlade XS holder and SpeedBlade Xchange System.  Aside from these, the SpeedBlade XS Stainless runner helps you perform excellently by giving you an edge that lasts long.


  • It comes with an ortholite footbed that supports the foot.
  • It has a superb fit.
  • The skates are affordable.


  • Pro players may feel it’s not very stiff.

3. Bauer Supreme 3S: Best ice hockey skates for wide feet

Key Features

  • Power cut
  • Comfortable
  • Exceptional flex

The Bauer Supreme 3S helps to give you an incredible performance. They are responsive, stiff, and also comfortable. The comfort gets better with the Performance fit system as its 3D lasted flex boot gives you an easy flex. The skate is also stable because of its Power cut.

This hockey skate has a tall LS+ stainless steel blade with 4 zoned power profiles letting you take long strides at the ideal speed. It is affordable and yet offers excellent stability and support while you make those aggressive strides.


  • It is pocket-friendly.
  • It has a Pro 48 ounce felt tongue that lets you do forward flexing.
  • It offers an exceptional flex.


  • It may make the feet uncomfortable when worn for a long time.

4. CCM Super Tacks AS3 Hockey Skates

Key Features

  • Swappable skate tongues
  • TotalDri Pro+ Liner
  • Speedblade XS1 black runners

The CCM Super Tracks is known for its fastness. It lets you transfer energy to your feet and the ice with ease. It has a 360-degree fit from the forefoot to the ankle, which helps you do the energy transfer and ensure no negative space inside the boot.

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The skate has multi-density memory foam, TotalDri Pro+ Liner, and Smooth Contour Pro, all providing comfort making it one of the most comfortable skates to wear. Its SpeedBlade XS1 black runners are treated with oxide and have an extra height that enhances speed during play.


  • It has a 360-degree anatomical fit that ensures there’s no undesirable space in the skate.
  • It lasts long and has a light weight.
  • It offers great comfort and support.


  • Some beginners may find it too stiff.

Frequently Asked Questions

I see EE labels in hockey skates. What do they mean?

There are various sizes of hockey skates, and the EE label shows its fit for the widest hockey skates.

Which ice skates are the widest?

The Bauer Nexus has many skates of high volume, especially their Nexus 2N skates. The Nexus ice skates wrap your ankles completely; they have a deep heel pocket, high instep, and a wide toe box. So, the Bauer Nexus 2N is the widest ice skate.

How can I quickly break in my new hockey skates?

You can quickly break your new ice hockey skates by putting them in the oven for about 5 minutes. It is best to wait around to monitor the skates while they are in the oven and remove them after the 5 minutes. They would become softer than they were before you put them in the oven.

Why are hockey skates so uncomfortable?

No worries, it gets comfortable very soon. When you first get in a hockey skates, it feels stiff and tight and not been broken in yet. And this is a good thing because it allow the skates to form to your foot as they break-in within few days.


The task of searching for the best hockey skates for wide feet is not a simple one because you need the right fit to ensure outstanding performance at every game. You can check out the skates in this list to help you narrow down your choice and finally get the best hockey skates to improve your game.

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