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How to Stretch Crocs? Its Simple

The right shoe size does great help to your feet, keeping it pain-free. But what happens when you buy footwear that appears a little tight? Perhaps you didn’t pay close attention to the sizing chart, and you ended up buying Crocs that are too tight. Then, it would help if you learn how to stretch out crocs and make them fit better.

3 Effective Ways To Stretch Crocs

The good news is that Crocs can start stretching after a while of wearing. It would also interest you to know that some conditions can make your Crocs shrink, and you can also work to return them to their original size.

If you need to stretch your Crocs, here are three ways you can do so.

Heating with A Dryer

Heat does a great job in increasing the size of Crocs due to the material for their construction. You would need a quality hair dryer for this purpose and turn it on to release the highest heat level it can provide.

Then, place the dryer in the shoe, monitoring it frequently to prevent any damage to the materials. After supplying the heat for a while, turn off the dryer and let the shoe cool for a while. Kindly note that you would not leave your heated Crocs to cool down completely.

Instead, you would wear them while they are still warm and appear flexible. You should wear the footwear with your socks on and walk in them for a few minutes (5-10 minutes). During this process, you would notice that the footwear would seem stretched to an extent.

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Dipping In Hot Water

You can increase the size of your Crocs by dipping them in hot water. Kindly bring the water to a boil and dip the footwear for a minute. It would be best to time the process correctly, as you wouldn’t want the heated water to damage the Crocs material.

Once the shoe is out of the water, you should try to heat them from the outer surface. As the footwear appear warm, wear it and walk around for a few minutes to allow them to stretch and fit your feet.

Using Thick Socks

Another effective method you can use in stretching your Crocs is wearing them with thick socks. Please double the socks or wear up to four pairs. Such action would unshrink the compressed shoe and make them fit better.

Once your wear the socks, try walking in the footwear for a while. With time, you would notice your Crocs stretching slowly and fitting nice.

Final Thoughts

Crocs are a popular Italian shoe brand that is famous for its comfort features and trendy design. This shoe line is multi-functional and highly relaxing for the feet. Still, you would need to get the right size to keep the feet comfy.

Crocs are appreciable if they fit right and don’t seem overly tight. Nevertheless, you may find this footwear stretching over time as you wear it. However, there are few ways you can quickly unshrink Crocs, and you can check this article on how to stretch out your crocs?

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