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How Should Cowboy Boots Fit?

Footwear is crucial in keeping individuals comfortable, as it does a lot in keeping the feet free from pains and blisters. The same issue lies with Cowboy boots. When you decide on getting one, it should come in the proper size. If you are unsure about the appropriate fitness of your Cowboy boot, it would be best to read through this piece. After reading this article we will know how should cowboy boots fit.

Measuring Your Feet Size

Unlike your regular sandals and sneakers, you would find Cowboy boots appearing different than usual; thus, they fit differently. Nevertheless, your boot should remain snugly around your feet without much discomfort. In essence, there should be sufficient room around the toes, and you should notice a slight lift (about ½ an inch) around your heel as you walk. See the sizing chart here

However, you would need to determine the correct size of your feet to ensure you pick the right Cowboy boot. Kindly follow the steps below to measure your feet.

Step 1: Kindly get a sheet and place your foot atop and employ a pencil in tracing the outer area of each foot while holding the pencil perpendicularly to the sheet.

Step 2: Once done tracing, you should get a measuring tool (preferably a ruler) and note the size of the circumference of the ball area of the foot and that of the root’s instep.

Step 3: Working with the length of the foot, measure from the back of the heel to the middle of the ball of the foot. Also, take note of the width, measuring the widest part to get an accurate result.

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How Should Cow Boy Boots Fit

Once you get the measurement of your feet, you should find the proper Cowboy boots with the help of a shoe size chart. Again, you can decide to test the boot; that’s if you purchase from shoe stores (not online). When you choose to test the Cowboy boot, kindly note the following.

  1. The Instep: Commonly termed as the vamp, the instep is the area covering your foot. Thus, it is a significant determiner of the boot fitting right or not. It shouldn’t be overly tight or too loose.
  2. The Ball: The ball of the foot usually remains at the boot’s widest part or where the footwear takes a bend while you walk. It would be right to get a Cowboy boot that allows the ball of your foot to remain at its widest part.
  3. The Heel: New Cowboy boots often have heels that appears spacious, with an additional ¼ to ½ inch. But, this space is crucial in ensuring the boot fit right. As time goes on, you would find leather conforming and adapting to your foot’s shape.
  4. The Toe Box: The toe box should always have sufficient space to mount less pressure on your toes. When you test the Cowboy boot, ensure you wiggle your toes and confirm that the toe box is not excessively tight.

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Boot Sizing Indicator

Ladies boots are normally sized from A-C:

  • A = Narrow
  • B = Average/Medium
  • C = Wide

Men’s boots are sized in B, D and EE widths:

  • B = Narrow
  • D = Average/Medium
  • EE = Wide
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Final Words

How should Cowboy boots fit? Well, it would help if you get a pair of boots that fits snugly around your feet, without appearing excessively tight to too loose. Kindly follow the instructions in this guide to help you pick a more natural Cowboy boot.

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