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Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet: How to Choose?

The best soccer cleats for wide feet are agreeable and steady in all aspects of the feet. They contain typical widths that are more extensive than different spikes. The correct one should have an adjustable collar that permits a more specific section into your shoe.

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Do Soccer Players Wear Cleats?

Yes, soccer players wear cleats. It is a significant component that a player should rehearse and contend effectively and securely. For each soccer player, soccer spikes are a fundamental piece of gear you will require each buy. You will need a couple that conveys incredible foothold, backing and feel of the ball.

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This article will plunge further into soccer spikes and framework a couple of interesting points while assessing which spikes to buy and share some knowledge into which spikes the top proficient players wear on match day.

Why Do You Need To Wear Cleats?

The cleats can keep you on the feet during terrible climate play since they may hold the ground. The spikes are planned explicitly to diminish the measure of mud and grass you get going around the ground.

Spikes permit the feet to hold the turf. Soccer includes a ton of running and abrupt alters in course, and spikes dive into the grass. Yes! Now you are better ready to begin, pause and cut on the grass. It likewise lessens your probability of wounds from slipping and sliding everywhere on the turf. Spikes, particularly those made of cowhide, additionally give you more erosion when dealing with the football.

How Do Cleats Help You In Soccer?

Spikes are perhaps the main bits of hardware for soccer players. In a perfect world, they need a couple that gives unrivalled foothold, brilliant help and a decent vibe for the ball.

The knocks nibble into the dirt or grass at the lower part of your spikes, which help you run. This thing attempts to guarantee your shoes don’t wind up with grass or mud at the base end.

You’re merely playing during a soccer match, and invest a ton of energy running. Furthermore, you don’t want the feet getting injured while you run. The excellence of advanced soccer spikes is that they won’t harm the feet.

This article will discuss what are the best soccer cleats for wide feet? that you can purchase for yourself!

5 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet In 2022

BrandSkill LevelWeight
Adidas Copa MundialIntermediate/ Advanced11.7 oz
Nike Mercurial Vapor 13Intermediate/ Advanced6.8 oz
Adidas Nemeziz 19+ FGIntermediate/ Advanced8.6 oz
Adidas JR Nemeziz 19.1Intermediate8.5 oz
New Balance Tekela V2Beginner8.8 oz

1. Adidas Copa Mundial: Best Adidas Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

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Adidas Copa Mundial is a big name in the soccer boot industry. These are one of the most loved sets of numerous competitors around the globe. The upper part of the shoe has a dark plan with excellent staying across the forefoot zone. The pair’s sewed creases don’t merely make the boots look astounding, yet they additionally help you better control the ball on the principal contact.

The company made these shoes utilizing delicate and adaptable kangaroo calfskin. It makes them ideal for individuals who have wide feet. Additionally, the spikes will, in any case, figure out how to accommodate your feet. You will find no manufactured material, no mix, or any weave utilized in this pair. These are brief calfskin spikes.

The exquisite and smooth soccer spikes are exceptionally delicate and agreeable for the users. The calfskin material additionally permits these spikes to give you a much longer administration season than the vast majority of the shoes. Again, the company made the spikes with shaped studs to perform better on hard and dry ground.

The stud shape on the spikes is tapered with focal binding, which is the thing that you would anticipate from most soccer spikes. They are additionally unisex, so comfortably work for male or female both players.


  • Fits even the amplest of feet
  • Obliging kangaroo calfskin


  • Needs some present-day highlights

2. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13: Best Womens Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

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Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 spikes were intended for Cristiano, one of the best football idols. They are astounding for wide feet. Experts take this item as one of the best Nike soccer cleats for wide feet.

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The plan of this shoe is more extraordinary. You will find a safari print in white and dark, giving you pleasure. The top portion is made out of delicate, Flyknit equipment that is thicker than most different spikes.

These spikes are suitable for the quickest players on the field. They are lighter and may allow you to move more quickly than you might envision.

It is mostly because of the 360 degrees Flyknit utilized in the top portion. Additionally, it may provide you with a richer feel than different spikes you may have attempted previously.

The chevron studs are incredible for quickening and decelerating rapidly during a match, guaranteeing that you get the quickest feet out on the ground.

Add that to the factual case and the Podular outsole. Then you will get an amazingly responsive soleplate with a sort of footing that must be alluded to as forceful. Presumably, these are the best spikes for wide feet players who are in action.


  • Flyknit top portion
  • Chevron studs
  • Firm Chassis
  • Quality outsole


  • The extravagant contact may not suitable for all soccer players.

3. Adidas Nemeziz 19+ FG: Best Mens Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

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Do you want the more superior soccer fitting that fits wide feet? I will suggest Adidas Nemeziz. The company made these spikes particularly for touchy quickening and high-velocity control.

The plan of the Nemeziz spikes incorporates a split outsole plan that flexes with the foot. This item assists with decreasing the weight keep on the boots, expanding your increasing speed capacities.

The company motivated the Nemeziz spikes’ plan by sports taping; hitting each spot requires additional help inside your projection. Subsequently, they may fit cosily around the feet, similar to a subsequent skin.

The highlights for this item incorporate nimbleness stud designs. The studs are set so you may have more command over how the feet may move. It may permit you to go back and forth easily.

These spikes are likewise laceless, which takes into account a versatile fit. This is particularly significant when you require an item for the wide feet.


  • Laceless for a versatile fit
  • Nimbleness stud arrangements
  • Split outsole plan
  • Touchy increasing speed
  • Motivated by sport taping


  • They never lockdown as other laceless spikes, suitable for high vol. feet

4. Adidas JR Nemeziz 19.1: Best Youth Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

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Wide feet are not limited to grown-ups. The most significant soccer spikes for wide feet in youth sizes are the Adidas Jr Nemeziz spikes. Similar to the grown-up variant, these spikes are suitable for execution.

This item has an extraordinary plan. The plan is similar to the senior partners, including a split outsole plan that flexes with the foot. This thing assists with lessening the weight put on the boots, expanding the speeding up capacities.

This item may fit cosily around the feet, similar to a subsequent skin. Additionally, this item contains split outsole for adaptability. You will like deftness stud design of this item.

The spikes have some incredible highlights, for example, their dexterity stud designs. The studs on the spikes are put with the goal that you will have more command over how the feet may move. This item may permit you to go back and forth easily.

The spikes additionally have a stretchy pressure around the bands. It permits for a home fit. Having the feet, safe may assist with quick rotates and fast developments.


  • Strain tape around the trim for exceptionally fit.
  • Split outsole for adaptability
  • Readiness stud setup
  • Secure lockdown and lower leg steadiness
  • Unstable speeding up


  • The bands require to be supplanted frequently.

5. New Balance Tekela V2: Best Kids Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

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A few players need somewhat more space than wide spikes can give. If so for you, I suggest the New Balance Tekela V2 soccer spikes. The company made this item for extra-wide feet.

The plan of this item incorporates a shallow profile. It might be pleasant when you don’t care for the spikes to come up too high on the feet. They accompany an Ortholite embed with dynamic sewing to build your general solace.

These items arrive in a green shade, which isn’t precisely just about as brilliant as different spikes that I have assessed. This may be engaging for specific players.

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The toe-off surface that accompanies the V2 Pro spikes makes a moment misguided blast. It permits you to move rapidly, however, to move effectively too.

The company made these items with a microfiber upper to help keep your feet dry inside the shoes. Joined with the 360 lockdown, the feet may carry on precisely as you need them to, providing you absolute authority over the football.


  • Ortholite embed
  • Microfiber upper
  • Motor fasten
  • Toe-off surface for the blast
  • 360 mechanical lockdown


  • Toebox limits toward the end

Top 5 Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet Buying Guide

Like different boots, not each spike is made for each soccer player. Players who have more extensive feet would know this better than those with narrow feet. Wearing some unacceptable kind of spikes can make playing soccer awkward, and even lead to long haul issues in the feet.

In any case, since you have wide feet don’t mean you need to abandon soccer. The individuals who love playing the game yet have wide feet; the standard soccer projection size will not fit them.

They need to get cleat models that are explicitly made for their wide feet. This is the motivation behind why I have made a guide, especially for individuals with wide feet. If you want to purchase the best brand of soccer cleats for wide feet, you should carefully follow the below directions.

Check Your Feet

When you are uncertain whether you have wide feet or not, I can help you get out of all the disarray. It is essential to decide whether you have wide feet before you settle on the pair of soccer spikes you ought to purchase.

The quickest method to sort this out is to ask yourself an inquiry – do you consistently have issues discovering shoes that fit you well? I am discussing footwear as a rule – not merely soccer spikes.

Individuals with wide feet frequently face troubles finding the correct size since ordinary fitting shoes do not have the option to oblige their foot shape well. Do you require explicitly arranging shoes or getting them from a store? Yes, it implies you most likely have wide feet.

Highlights To Observe In Wide Soccer Spikes

Soccer spikes for wide feet are currently getting increasingly more mainstream because of their expanding request. As we see more about our feet and our bodies, proficient players who had no choice except to manage with ordinary fit spikes, regardless of having wide feet, are presently ready to perform better due to wide soccer spikes.

Obviously, similar to the way that not all soccer spikes will suit everybody, not all spikes for wide feet will suit everyone. An enormous number of spikes are not named or showcased as spikes for wide feet players. The similarity of soccer spikes to the players with wide feet doesn’t generally have to rely upon the producers’ mark.


The equipment utilized in planning soccer spikes has an enormous effect on how successful they can be for you. When purchasing soccer spikes, you should pay particular consideration on how good the pair can conform to the state of your feet. The capacity of adjusting the feet is the most basic contemplations to observe when you have wide feet.

As a competitor with wide feet, you need something that has a pressing factor without losing your adequacy.

Cowhide is a famous material with regards to soccer spikes. You may find a few various types of cowhides utilized for footwear. They come from various sources. The most prestigious calfskin utilized for soccer spikes is sourced from calves.

Different sorts of calfskin produced using engineered materials can likewise offer you immovability and backing. It will not reduce their underlying uprightness. Bonafide calfskin is very costly, and it holds a great deal of significant worth on the lookout.


You must not accept larger than usual shoes. Purchasing larger than average soccer spikes can demolish your experience. Purchasing the correct size is still lovely simple since soccer spikes do come down the middle sizes. Not any more settling on the measure since it is either excessively little or excessively enormous. You may find a couple that fits you totally well.

Obviously, getting half sizes doesn’t quickly take care of the inconveniences of individuals with half measures. The estimating for spikes made explicitly for individuals with wide feet probably won’t be equivalent for standard soccer spikes.

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Different Soccer Cleats Types For Wide Feet

Low profile spikes:

Low profile spikes

Low profile spikes are ordinarily utilized by players who need a lightweight fit. They have the option to run at high velocities unrestricted. Players feel that there is more opportunity around the lower leg. These are picked by the two protectors and midfielders who like the more second-skin feel from their spikes.

Mid profile spikes:

Mid profile spikes

This kind of soccer spikes offers somewhat more soundness than you get from the low profile spikes. They are liked by guarded backs, wingers, and right-backs. They are stronger yet, at the same time, have a high mobility level.

High profile spikes:

High profile spikes

These spikes come up higher on the lower leg than different sorts. They offer the most help for sidelong developments, which functions admirably for advances. But the majority of the various positions are probably going to discover them excessively prohibitive. Players with wide feet may discover them more constrictive.

How To Maintain Wide Soccer Cleats

Talking about solidness, the upkeep of soccer spikes is a basic part of possessing a couple. The spikes will display indications of outrageous mileage sooner or later. Regardless of how costly your shoes are, they will get harmed. Do you want to stretch out their life expectancy? Then you should deal with them and keep them fit as a fiddle.

Here are the essential tips that can help you keep these shoe ideal for quite a while.

  1. Utilize spikes just on a superficial level they are planned for. Delicate ground spikes are not appropriate for hard turf. Utilizing delicate ground spikes on hard ground will harm your soccer spikes a lot quicker.
  2. Relaxing the bands at the second-last eyelet is appropriate for your feet and spikes. It puts less weight on the feet as they acclimate to your feet.
  3. Ensure you get spikes that are anatomically intended to fit the state of your feet. Cowhide spikes can form to the state of your feet. The spikes’ structure guarantees that the material doesn’t extend a great deal and can better easily.
  4. In a perfect world, you should possess more than one sets of spikes for soccer. This can diminish the odds of abuse.
  5. Stud substitution is additionally a vital piece of possessing a couple of soccer spikes. Supplanting destroyed studs will assist you with keeping up equilibrium while playing soccer. It will guarantee that different segments of the shoes don’t get harmed.
  6. Kindly don’t utilize your spikes or focused energy activity following getting them. Wear them and afterwards practice for a piece to get rid of their unique snugness. It is critical to allow the spikes to extend a piece, so they don’t get harmed.
  7. Ensure you take the correct measures to keep your shoes clean. Wash them as the maker suggests, and permit them to dry out appropriately before you put them to utilize. Clearing the spikes includes taking out the inward sole and bands, washing them independently, and drying them. You can clean the remainder of the spikes independently.
  8. Wear spikes just when you get to the field. Wearing them and utilizing them on hard surfaces for broadened periods can accelerate their mileage.
  9. Never utilize a dryer for drying out your spikes. Continuously air dry them.
  10. Try not to utilize boiling water to wash the upper. Utilize cool water blended in with mellow cleanser and a delicate brush. Kindly don’t lower the spikes in water since that can make them break as they dry out.

When you are purchasing a couple for yourself, you need to maintain the shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Which Pair Of Spikes Is Most Appropriate For Protectors?

Answer: Among medium profile spikes, the Adidas brand is the smartest option for safeguards.

Will Runners And Sprinters Utilize The Spikes?

Answer: Unquestionably you can.

All the up to referenced spikes are viable with substantial running.

Benevolently go for low profile spikes.

Wrapping It Up

Have you observed the above guide carefully? Then you will want to select a couple of soccer spikes that turn out consummately for your wide feet.

 I comprehend that a few people purchasing spikes unexpectedly may, in any case, get overpowered by the quantity of decisions. This is the reason I have referenced five of our top picks to limit your alternatives. Enjoy the best soccer cleats for wide feet and let me know your opinion in the comment section below!

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