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4 Best Pointe Shoe for Wide Feet and High Arches

Ballet dance requires various preparations and getting the right shoe is essential. Dancers often find it tasking picking the right footwear that keeps them stable on the dance floor, much more when their feet appears broad. Thus, this piece would enlighten you on some of the best pointe shoes for wide feet and high arches.

Feature of a Good Pointe Shoe for Wide Feet

When you become more familiar with the various features of a good Pointe shoe, it won’t be challenging to find the best pair of Pointe shoes that will serve you better and stay fitted.

●  Platform: This is the balance unit of a Pointe shoe. It is a flat horizontal part of the shoe but appears at the shoe tip.

●  Vamp: This resides at the middle of the platform and the shoe’s drawstring.

●  Shank: The shank helps the feet arch and contains a rigid cushioning. 

Pointe Shoes Fitting and Sizing Guides

Kick ignorance out of your door today and follow the below steps on how to get your preferred pointe shoe size.

  • Get a comprehensive paper without anything written or printed on it on the ground.
  • Place your leg on the paper.
  • Trace out your feet using a pencil.
  • Do the same to your second foot.
  • Keep your measurement in cms for the length of your feet and get your size.

You can as well make use of a Shoe size chart. Your feet should appear accommodated firmly into the shoes having only a little space to twitch your toes.

Types of Pointe Shoes

Russian Pointe:

The Russian Pointe focuses mainly on specific individuals with broad toes (and slim from metatarsal to heel). They are designed to have a narrow heel. The theory is that your foot won’t fall out from the heel grip when you go deeper in size on the pointe shoe to avoid a wound.

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Freed Pointe:

The Freed Pointe are handcrafted and are designed accurately, producing a pair with good density and proper fit. They are a popular set of brands, quite known and used in London commonly with over 90 years in operation.


You will find another famous hand-made pointe shoe, and they are called Grishko. They are made with natural fabrics containing satin, so their beauty is no joke, as well as a cushioned drawstring that keeps your feet safe from tendonitis.

It possesses almost all the best pointe shoe features that will support your performance and keep you steady.


Lastly, there is Bloch, another famous pair of pointe shoe designs. Bloch is handcrafted with high quality and has numerous pointe shoes that support amateur dancers and professionals on their improvement. 

What are the Best Pointe Shoe for Wide Feet?

Grishko 2007

These Pointe Grishko 2007 shoes are the popular option in all types of foot and skill levels. They imitate the shape of U in the upper, medium, and platform profiles. Are equipped with durable sewn seeds and have a conical front and long edges, so it is recommended for inverted feet.

All they are particularly suitable for solid feet and are dotted shoes that are size to meet different needs. These are the appropriate shoes for the “conical and width” feet.


● Comfortable and ideal for wide feet

● Sturdy material

● It is also available in narrow or medium


● It is not ideal for regular use 

Russian Pointe Entrada Pro Pointe Shoe

Entrada Pro is a 4-way stretch canvas shoe with an adjustable cut to provide more room for the arch and metatarsal area. Thin crossover straps increase support for turning, and the toe cut reduces pressure on the foot’s arch. 

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They have excellent form and function and are made entirely of natural materials. The pre-made structure mimics the shape of your foot, accentuates your arch while exaggerating acupuncture points.


● High shank durability 

● Support the arch in coming out

● Controls the cause of the break-in


● High Crowning

Grishko Elite

If getting your preferred type of pointe shoe like the tapered one is getting exhausting, then the Grishko Elite is best recommended for this situation. The Grishko Elite is designed with a quality cotton cord instead of elastic thread to prevent tendinitis. Depending on your preference, these can have medium or rigid stem strength to provide flexibility and support.


● Amazing quality

● Sustainable

● Excellent finish of the fabric


● Crowning is high

Capezio Women’s Pli li Pointe Shoe

Are you part of the people finding it hard to get your fitted pointe shoe size? You end up getting the one that fastens close to your feet or even loses. The Capezio shoes are the best fit for conditions like this as they were designed to accommodate all kinds of wide feet. However, they are also best for wide feet and affordable as well.


● This shoe is suitable for individuals with Bunyan-esque wide feet

● Properly cushioned for a pleasing feel

● Long lasting 


● Less Ventilation


Do pointe shoes have a left and right foot?

The new pointe shoes do not distinguish between the right and the left. Like soft ballet flats, pointe shoes will gradually adapt to your feet to form the right and left feet. Make a mark on both pairs of shoes after wearing them to make sure they are worn correctly.

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Why do my feet cramp in pointe shoes?

If your pointe shoes have foot cramps, it is most likely due to muscle overuse. Your feet develop the necessary strength and causing foot cramps, even if they don’t exist. Before toe training and after toe training, ensure your feet are in good condition and healthy to prevent stress and cramps.

To tackle this effectively, you can make use of any of the following to wear away unnecessary muscle in the foot; 

● Foot Roller

● Ball

● Your hands to massage

● Epsom Salt.

Can I wash my pointe shoes?

Please do not wash your pointe shoes. Even after noticing a few stains on them, do not be too forward to clean them. They are not designed to be washed because they contain satin, and you don’t want a bad outcome. Make use of a pointe shoe paint preferably as this will give your shoes a new look.


During your search to get a pair of wide-toed pointe shoes, you need to focus on the type that contains satin rather than nylon. The satin surface is breathable, allowing you to jump more without scratching. Nevertheless, this review on the best pointe shoes for wide feet can help you make a better choice.

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